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The reason I started this blog site was that during my time as a Regional Councilor, I found that I could not get adequate media coverage of Local Govt affairs. If at all. The purpose of my blog is the dissemination of information and Regional Council news that the media will not print. All comments made are my views with regard to the chosen subject.

Fantasy v Reality. 110F.

Discusses the topic. AgriZeroNZ. North Otago farmer Jane Smith is questioning the modus operandi of AgriZeroNZ. The industry and govt partnership working to find a solution to reducing farm methane emissions. Smith is a founding member of the Methane Science Accord,...

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New Collaboration. Freezing. That Document

Before you read this blog. Please re-read last months blog. In fact start at the very beginning. There it is printed in the Horowhenua Chronicle. Friday Jan 12th 2024. pg 6. Runanga delighted with win on waterways nitrate. 3 waters gone, . NPSFW in the holding...

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3 Waters. Carbon Battle. Regional Council Reform

News Flash. This Morning 8th Dec. $588 million shock to the Coalition Govt. 3 Waters. Whilst the Election process was going on in Oct through to the formation/confirmation of a new govt, Govt bureaucrats were busy spending up huge on legislation, contracts, Maori...

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A New Govt. NewsHub.

Here we are. The 24th Nov and we have a new coalition Govt. Certainly dosn,t look like for every 1 new regulation Labour Greens introduced ,National would get rid of 2. Maybe the Fresh Waters and 3 what ever Waters  are on the back burner. Co-Governance seems to have...

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The World. Abernese. Wellbeing’s.

The Worlds Economic Cycle Interest rates up Stocks collapse House prices collapse USD collapse Gold up WAR Alliance meat processor come's forward. Multi Million $ loss. to be announced.(76mil. Talking to a meat worker . They were told 91mil) Blames drought and other...

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New Broom

The election been and gone. I have to say i voted for the main stream party's this time. Billy T is in jail. Got 3 years for leading the anti vaccine march through Auckland. Govt then turned around and canned the mandate. Chippy,s gone to ground. Sulking in his...

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Hissy Fit. All Things.

Well it seems my little hissy fit re the super 15 final was mirrored through out the country. Talking to several people from all over. They did the same. If they could they, turned the telly off at the 20min mark, or turned over to the League. All agreed. Shocking...

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For Gods sake

For gods sake . Somebody give that ref the RED CARD. Normally got alot of time for him. But tonite he definitely is wearing the RED jersey.

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