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The reason I started this blog site was that during my time as a Regional Councilor, I found that I could not get adequate media coverage of Local Govt affairs. If at all. The purpose of my blog is the dissemination of information and Regional Council news that the media will not print. All comments made are my views with regard to the chosen subject.


Hello people. I am writing this early ,14th of the month. I had to in case i forgot the subject matter later. The subject is same similar to the theme of this blog. It seems that NZ farmers are not the only ones being bullied into history. This last week ,11th of July...

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Mana-o te-Wai . Slipping into Anarchy. pt. 2

It is with a heavy heart I write this post. Despite being intertwined with both sides of the story I feel for my Grandchildren here in NZ. What future are they to grow into. What will they think of their grand parents and their father despite the fact that he him self...

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Hello readers. I got behind with this /last months blog and then found a 502 Bad what ever attached to the sight and could not access. Fortunately that went by the by its self and here i am. I was going to forgo this blog but watched the AM Show this morning. Probably...

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Getting to the bottom of Hearsay. Kiwi Saver. EV,s

Hello again readers. As I said above i have gotten to the bottom of hearsay as described in last months post. The land for sale 23.6 hec has all been sold. But much to the amusement of the vendor , some of it has been sold twice even before title was given, mere days...

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The Realm of Hearsay.

Goood morning all. Going to be another hot one. Whilst up in Taumarunui  for xmas most mornings were perfect for sitting on the deck in the early morning sun sipping that first coffee. I was lamenting the fact that there was always a breeze wisping through making the...

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