Recently I checked out the stats department. 55,000 malicious log in attempts. 87,000 spam attempts stopped. I am up setting somebody? That person cannot stand the truth being dispersed.

Will Jacinda use the terrorist’s attack in Auckland to close down blogs such as this? Govt knew he was out there. They knew he was a real threat. Were they waiting for just this such happening by this person or persons under observation so as introduce regulation interfering in our daily lives or recreation activities. Only time will tell.

Holy molly. It keeps coming true. Every where I go now the conversation  seems to move towards the sad and sure destruction of our rights and democracy. I have consistently said since my Regional Council days.. NZ is a communist state. People now are saying NZ is a Facist State. Some are making out these times are similar to Germany pre WW2. I just say nothing. But I travel past people from many different walks of life and Jobs. They are all saying the same.. Next election will be very interesting.

3 Waters has people talking. Some not so forth coming. 1 or 2 high profile National Party reps are abit quite. Either they no this was in the wind  from a few yrs ago and now that it has hit the news they are ducking for cover, or their ignorance during their time in the sun enabled their political mates to run all over them. Or in the interest of clipping the ticket and pocketing the $ subverted their allegiance to the people who elected them. What do you think. It appears a large number of District/City Councils have told this Govt to pee off. Its ours. The odd one supportive such as Ruapehu. Then what would you expect. The Mayor Don Cameron ,I am told spends a lot of time in Wellington. I have seen this guy in action and been subjective to his inverted racist nonsense. I reported on this many years ago. Then he will almost certainly be supported by Rural Councilor Lynn Neeson. She is the wicked witch  I referred to in a previous blog. One of her ugly step sisters I will refer to next.

There it is written well into a article. Farmers Weekly September 13, 2021 pg 11. B+LNZ wary of map changes There they go pretending to have been caught out with regards to Farm Enviro Plans they pushed down farmers throats for many a past yr. “WE did not think the Govt would use them as a regulatory tool.” Come on. They read the One Plan(s). They claim they reluctantly supported the the Govts Plans for mandatory certified farm plans. They new all right. That organization is riddled Govt lap dogs. Farmer reps are the same. The odd one that stood up to them got dumped next election and some such as Kirsten Bryant representing middle Nth Is knew which side of the bread to butter. She is the one of the ugly sisters. And the one responsible for helping in my demise. Found herself in many forums where she contributed negatively to fresh water quality legislation.

There we are. Bif &Bam are pretending to be concerned about the low-slope maps pg 21. But given their admission with regards to EFPs would you believe them? More about carrying on the pretense.

Overseer is on the rocks. Media, page 21 of the above are reporting on various alternatives and indeed the role the tool could still be used for. But knowing the out come sought. Govt will be looking at a fool proof method ,and one is .Straight out regulation using Land Use Classes identified in EFPs. The Feds are very quite, but then they need Farmer subs to survive and must be squirming with The Rural News making Official info requests to the Govt seeking correspondence between them and. It seems Andrew Hoggard has been caught. and more is to come. Watch this space. There is a lot coming out in the rural media, and that somebody must be reading my Blog.

catch ya.