Good Moaning. Yes it is raining cats and dogs so i am sitting down to this. This Blog will be my last this year . I will post the next end of Jan 2022. I hope you recognise the heading as those of posts gone by. How right was I . Now with a manufactured Covid, deliberately released by big brother (my view) designed to destroy economy’s via lock downs, introduce passports to track peoples movements. Not yet but it will become obvious. And to limit social contact. My favorite phrase some years ago with regard to the drink drive campaign supposedly to stop people killing themselves on country roads, remember. Was. Big brother wants to stop us congregating. Well big brother has got rid of 100,s of country pubs, and now they have turned their attention to our Urban cousins.. Govt is using social media to sudjest a cashless society, and If you pee them off they will most certainly control people. Nobody wants to wake up and find the  eftpos card will not work.

Climate change. Winter has come early to the Northern Hemisphere. Cargo ships of all sizes are trapped in early ice in the Arctic circle. 1 month early. Northern Spain has been covered by a very rare fall of snow. Climatologists now revising their thinking on climate change to that of global cooling. Not that our compliant media are reporting any such thing. It appears it has been 120 years since the suns sun spots have been so weak. Covid is said to be rampant in double vaxed citizens of American and European nations. Russia is massing 170,000 troops on the Ukraine Border. America and its allies Stand ready. China is threatening Taiwan and anybody else who disagrees with ???.

Recently i read article somewhere on the benefits Fertilizer has bought to the Human race. Thanks to fertilizer, the world now supports 48% more people than it would have if we relied on on the regenerative way. Could it be that the powers that be want reduce the human race by 48%. Lets face it . You have read my thoughts. The worlds population is unsustainable with regard to how the governmental regulators are treating the producers of FOOD.

The climate conference in Scotland got off to a flyer. The IMF wants a minimum universal carbon price of $75/t. How high can the carbon market go. Carbon prices must rise steadily over the next 30 yrs $120- 130/t. It appears that big oil and steel producers will drive it.

Alan Emerson’s Opinion pg 28 Farmers Weekly Nov 8th 2021 is a good read. It exposes the hypocrisy of it all. Claiming climate talk feasts will achieve little but add more pollution to the sky. The average NZer had a annual global CO2 foot print of 7.5 t. Minister Shaw flying business class to Glasgow contributed 16.15t to the air ways. He flew with 10 officals and the total carbon foot print of was 178t. There was 200 countries attending most with same similar number of officials .You work it out. Some of the worlds biggest polluter’s did not attend  .China 30%. The conference aimed to secure global net zero by midcentury and keep global warming to 1.5 degrees. They hope to achieve that by switching to electric vehicles? stop using coal and stop deforestation. Last year our Govt imported 1 million t of the stuff.   In 2015 we exported 3.4 million t. So important is coal to our economy that during lock down workers in coal were classed essential workers. Internationally 38% of electricity is produced from coal. You have read in this blog a country by country analysis of. It just is not going to happen. The conference will not achieve any thing but photo opportunities and media raps back home. NZ could make a far greater contribution to saving the planet by the entire delegation staying home and working to increase our hydro- generation capacity.

Came across a interesting chap. A engineer. Nos abit about the wind generation turbines. Says the foundations they are built on are not up to scratch. They are only designed to last 25 yrs and then they become the landowners prob.

Can you believe it. Well lets waite and see.

Merry Xmas. It might be your last.