Our dear sweet PM Jacinda is wooing the TV hosts in the grt US of A. Posing with bag of beef ,all smiles. Flashing teeth. making rash statements, such as NZ,s Beef is carbon neutral. Grt .But surely that is a subjective statement, and  think about the methane this govt so concerned about. Surely she has taken the micky out of the American media and just what will be their reaction when they get their hands off it. Good God Mike getting abit crude. Well why not. Frustrating is building across the nation . Jacinda is living in another world and to my mind Latham Baker (anti mandate protest organizer) is bang on. The Labour party is a cult . My wife says the politicians in power and indeed in Parliament now are mostly members of a cult. And are of the same cult I delt / fought against during my time in Horizons. Stand up to them and you are ostracized, ridiculed, demeaned, undermined and generally put down every time you open your mouth at any opportunity. and Median.   Occasionally totally unexpected somebody will say . Are you the Man. Happened last week at the Chelty. Down town today. Shop Keeper said. Similar. Are you? Went to school together. High School. Chap i have got to no via sport. You no what’s going on aye Mike. This brings me back to Latham Baker. He had a post on face book last nite. “Cult”. Sharron was gob smacked. His description of a cult was every thing I had to endure during those 6 yrs. And for evidence of that read Mike Plowman on google ,pg 2. Murry Guys rant as reported in the media. This chap Latham Baker is a hero. Believe me Latham. You will be remembered long after you are gone. Shame of it is No Political Party. No Local Govt office or private company will want a bar of your presence. Just as I have found . Because we are not a member of the cult and cannot be bent!!! to, or cohersed to join.

Enough of Latham and me. There it is front page of the Rural News March 29th 2022. Predetermined  out come. Farmers blasting Dairy NZ CEO . Make a mockery of the submission process. In short Macky undermined his employers. The farmers. miss a lot of detail. He says. Farmers say Dairy NZ dismissed all alternative proposals. Castes doubt on the integrity of the process. Well you have read all  this in this blog ever since I started it. On page 14 ,Opinion . Editor says same as those of us in the “un” Cult world. Serious questions need to be asked of HWEN proponents. No mention of tools to help farmer’s mitigate their emissions. A must read. Makes a claim of deliberate incompetence on the part of regulators and MPI  leading to the abandonment of a trial and destruction of the product. The hound ,same page sudjests that Jacinda and her cult are “playing farmers” No chance of changing their anti farming policies. On page 15 same. Jock Allison says. “A buggers Muddle”. All HWEN will do is leg rope agriculture and have no other effect other than to reduce NZ,s standard of living. Front page Farmers Weekly May 16th 2022. Long Road to inhibitor approval. Progress on getting regulations in place painfully slow., whilst products in other country’s are becoming available to their farmers. Gas consortium head Mark Aspin says the process has become more complicated. I include the GE Ryegrass recently featured on the AM Show. NZ plant breeders developed bred it in a trail situation at a research center, but failed to get approval for field trails leading to release to the industry. Now being trailed in America, where one will say it will stay and benefit everybody else but NZ Farmers. Low methane emissions in animals when fed, plus drought resistance.    Pg 12 Rural News February 2022, Beef and Lamb chair Andrew Morrison disagrees. No other option than the HWEN proposal. Methane is 28 times less than a ton of Carbon. I agree with Jock. A crock of shit. And those of you who are long term readers of this blog will understand the objective. Land Use Change. Who will own the land at the final conclusion. My evidence points to Maori.  How will we feed a growing population? and will the cult turn to population control. How / what form will that take . You will no my opinion. Disease, Starvation, War. Authoritarian Rule.

Ground Swell are planning another round of protests aimed at District Councils NZ wide with regard to the 3 Waters proposal . The Cult is determined. Next election a year away. Will the Otago Daily Times again  run the same article again.

I case you think i am ssssoooo negative. I had a Banker Friend staying week or 2 ago. BNZ. She said to Sharron whilst i was was not around. Mike Has incredible foresight. I remember him talking of all this 10 years ago. It is all coming true. I also said back then. Plant a veg garden. You are gonna need it. If you are in debt. Get out of it. If you cannot, consider all options.

Mean while I have been picking the goss surrounding the Dairy Farmer and their winter grazing. Seems the odd one has lost their winter grazier for their cows. Off they went to the bank for a loan to help buy a run off for that purpose. Told better talk to Horizons Regional Council Land Management team. Sorry boys. NO. No consent. Outcome. ????? Have to say less cows. Or. More fertilizer. More mud ends the same. Less cows.

Of course the Feds have the answer, but then they believe in the less cows, more milk syndrome but ultimately that leads to cut and carry outcomes, automated milking  and can only be afforded by the least indebted farmers at that time. But what happens if we end up in a local trade situation . Jock and I agree. A lot poorer NZ.

Food for thought