Hello readers, Have to apologise. I try to get a post out every month, but I am having real trouble getting the hang of this new sight. Although this last week the broadband was going real slow, a problem that I believe was pretty much over a inter regional area. So 2 posts out to night. Oops was last months post and Stress is last weeks.

I see my mate (sic)  Don Brash and a whole heap of wealthy and influential people are wanting to sponsor a political party to sort out the over arching theme of this blog . The corruption of democracy and law , esp with regard to the RMA and LGA’s.  They have suggested NZ first may be the appropriate vehicle, political party for such a under taking. NZ First has a policy against separatism that Central and Local Govt is fostering within our political institutions and upon the unsuspecting public.

I wondered just how Winston Peters would react to such a media statement, as he and his party are sure to pick up a lot of rural voters really concerned about their property rights.

Yep there it is. on the inter-net. to-night. NZ First to phase out 1080. Abit of a double edged sword?

See you later in the month