Before you read this blog. Please re-read last months blog. In fact start at the very beginning. There it is printed in the Horowhenua Chronicle. Friday Jan 12th 2024. pg 6. Runanga delighted with win on waterways nitrate. 3 waters gone, . NPSFW in the holding tank????. Is this the format for the future. ? Yes. Collaboration. Recent court of appeal decision, regarding phosphates and nitrates in Horowhenua waterways  found in favour of local Iwi. The decision  is a important step in finding away to balance between protection of the environment and strengthening the local economy. ??? Local Iwi said it was important for the litigants to demonstrate how seriously they take their roles in protecting the environment for every one who lives in the area. This decision demonstrates that when Iwi/Māori work together, how Māori can achieve important outcomes. Maori are hopeful this appeal decision can be seen as a starting point for future collaborative work with Vegetable growers and local industries, to see if we can work on solutions together . The vegi growers previously said the garden would not be grown if they had to adhere to the limits imposed in the One Plan. Thus they were granted a exemption. Most importantly this decision has created case law, and before long other Iwi are going to be lining up. I cannot help but think that voters and democracy have been scammed by the coalition govt. Remember the bill boards around the region pre the election. National will repeal/replace. A leopard never changes its spots. My view. Plant a good garden. You are going to need it. Keep a few chooks for proteins, for this will go far further than vegi. Land is expensive. For now. International carbon farmers are sure to be licking their lips in anticipation. The coalition govt. The Feds, Beef and lamb and Hort NZ are strangely silent. Or has the media forgotten to ask???. Lots of talk about the health of the local economy. Now Maori have to walk the talk. That is going to be very interesting.

I once knew a Maori chap. Involved in the Treaty settlement process. Told me how collaboration would work. Māori wanted control of land use. Once they achieved that, they would come to farmers and ask them how they wanted to be able to farm. Could this be why Govt ministry’s and woke agricultural participants have been so busy pushing alternative agri methods. Believe me. Our national economy is in dire straights. Going the wrong way will have catastrophic consequences for the very people and their local economy’s, Maori purport to be so concerned about. Chuck in the renewal of water takes which now have a common catchment expiry date, 2030. The emphasis will be on “conservative”  Things a going to get alot more interesting.

Jan 15th. America is freezing. Coldest winter ever. This is following on from the previous 2. Temps down to minus 41 degree’s across huge swaths of the country. Does not sound like global warming to me. March 1999. I placed a thermometer on the post for the garden fence ,4.30 in the afternoon. It cracked 48 degrees. Pretty sure it has not got that hot since. My wife was scoffing at TV1,s latest attempts to keep up the global warming crap. RED areas on the national weather map. Reading face book posts, one has to say that TV 1 is rated lower than politician’s. Seems to me that more and more people are awaking to the realisation that global warming is more about indigenous peoples, and poor ones at that, than rising sea levels. News flash. A giant ice burg has broken free from the Antarctic ice cap in the southern ocean. No it is not as a consequence of global warming. But a natural phenomenon. 63 km across  weighing trillions of tonnes, it is melting at a rapid pace. No not a disaster, but rather beneficial to the environment in that it carries heaps of nutrients in the form of dust that is beneficial to the natural environment. TV 1 News 17/01/ 24.

On the positive side. I no a young lady who was a devout vegan. Seen the light. Must have been all that yummy fat on the barby.

Well well. Here we are back to arguing about article 2 of the Treaty of Waitangi. All people. Yes that what it says. But somebody in Govt has managed to produce a copy saying other wise. And Maori have latched onto it as gospel, despite historical written evidence by Maori them selves confirming “All People”. ACT supported by NZ First have a bill before Parliament to confirm that is the legal interpretation. Tonite it is front pg news TV One. 19th Jan 2024.  Tikorangi Morgan, you remember him as the underpant man, front and center hands in pockets, saying yes that is what it says, but Maori do not accept. 2 wanna be Maori are up there saying the same and racial friction will be the out come. Threats. NZ is being governed by are small minority wanting Maori soverenity, but the rest pay ?? The Maori King is saying same.  Seems the bill was leaked by the Minister of Justices Office, who is the Minister of Justice. Same minister who used the Principle of the Treaty of Waitangi as per the RMA, to interfere in the local Iwi appeal to Horowhenua as referenced above. And introduced “collaboration”. to land use control.???. National has said as per the coalition agreement, it will support the bill to the select committee stage and then you are on your own. So it is not going any where. Next election Maori, the Greens and every other wanna be activist will be prepared. What a sham. I stick to my assertions as per this post and previous. A leopard never changes its spots. National is a party in decline. I keep thinking back to what Charlie Pederson told me ,when he was still talking to me. Ex Feds President back to 2007. Mike. I told John Key he could have his scabby ONE PLAN, but we farmers wanted compensation from overly restrictive rules and regulation. Well for a little while it was written into the Local Govt Act, clause 282, from memory, some time since has been amended to something quite different. There we have it. The Feds said . John you can have your ONE PLAN. Nothing has changed. A Party in decline and a economy in decline. Cannot argue against that.