Brurrr. I have been cuddled up under the heat pump for a lot of the day ,7th Dec. Really cold miserable day, and predicted to last for the next 2 days. I am a believer in climate change. Yes. I believe. What you say. Sure do. For a couple of years now when the subject of out of season lousey weather comes up, I just say “Its Global Cooling”. Lets get real. Back in 2013, or a yr either side of. March was the coldest March since 1938. I started saying so just to get up the nose’s of people who believed in global warming. Yes abit of a shit stirrer. I enjoy doing it to. I emailed the carbon commentator from OMF recently and told him to get his hand off it. They are still taking my money so nothings changed. Sharron works at the local school and she came home recently laughing away, and said that the kids at school are now chucking off at this global warming stuff ,saying “No” It is global cooling silly. That gave me quite a buz. To think I started a new movement. Lets look at some historical facts.

When I was a kid just knee high living on the family farm over Dannevirke way my grand dad made hay in November. Beautiful sunny days, too much wind and they spent a lot of time pitch forking the grass out of the gully’s. Now? Hmm. When I was older still and going to primary school, we started swimming straight after labour weekend. Every year. Not now. No way. Far to cold. The season’s have shifted north. Has the planet moved on it’s axis, or is the Sun dying?. If this is so, then the powers that be, need to say. Or are they trying to protect us from mayhem. Give us the real goss so we can embrace the issue with out the garbage. Thus the climate is changing. It is getting colder so are all these pine trees the global warming scaremongers are planting, going to be needed for fire wood to warm the mass’s in a futuristic world. No of course not. To many heat pumps, but then anything is possible when you live in a state controlled society.

Just take the wool industry. If Jacinda really wanted to be all lovey dovy to every one and keep our kids warm and safe ,all the while saving the plant ,she would see that every house and building in Godszone had woolen carpet, woolen insulation and our children dressed in WOOL with woolen blankets to keep them warm at night.. But no she is busy planting farm land in TREE’s. Honestly. The hypocrisy of it all.

Then there is Stuff .Co apologizing to Maori for 180 years of abusive reporting by the paper with regard to Maori issues? . No matou te he. We are sorry. pgs 1 2 &3 Horowhenua Mail Dec 3rd 2020.

Got me abit buggered. I always thought Maori got a good deal out of media reporting. Our Truth. Is a project investigating the history of racism in Aotearoa and how our racist past has made us who we are today. I cannot possibly comment in a informed way. I was not around way back then. But I no from my Regional C days that a lot of Maori do not agree with But then I do no that there is 2 tables. Those that want to move on , move forward, who are tired of the grievance process. Then there are those who would agree with But then is this not another example of State control over the media , away of seeking to influence peoples minds so as to enable an agenda. We should ask this chap Mark Stevens, editorial director of Stuff ,how much Jacinda paid the paper to research this subject. And I suspect that research will be pretty subjective in its interpretation of material. But then the RMA gives control of the Natural and Physical to Maori so I guess the media is part of that.

As you will have guessed I missed the Dec post. I started a draft but here I am finishing it 21/01. And You guessed right again. The day is similar to the 7th of Dec. Cold. The nights are cold , the hail storms are something to see to believe. My wife is away, thus the body heat is missing. I cannot remember a January like thus. Last week really hot, summer finally here, then this. I cannot help but wonder if we have had our summer as brief as it was. But then I have a couple of fanatics in the global warming debate in the family who say ,that is what you are going to get when the planet warms????. Really. Try hard to keep my mouth shut. Does not always work, and recently gave one of the in-laws a real mouthful, thus have been blocked from all face book pages by their family. Oh well they can say what they like ,just so long as I cannot see. Its a free world. Just pissed off that they spent many a seemingly happy time for decades down on the farm. All those farm walks and evenings relaxing on the deck admiring the view. We are wondering just what they were looking at or for.

I had a interesting discussion with a client very recently. Has a PhD at Massey, but no not in Agri but men’s health. not that that has any thing to do with this. She is passionate about the environment and bio-diversity, particularly protecting Indigenous bio-d. Including Maori culture and history. Great. Where was her submission to the One Plan way back in 2007? My point is, that she failed to recognise the perverse out comes on her business that are being enacted in the appropriate NPS,s currently being enacted. She recognised  that future food production in NZ would be Nuts, Berry’s, Fruit and Veg. She said NZ signed up for this? But she did not recognize that it was highly unlikely that via overly restrictive rules and regulation ,adding cost and destroying wealth. That she would own the land in the future. I said that to her. End of conversation. Both of us had learn,t something we did not recognise. She later thanked me for the conversation. I look forward to another discussion. I am keen to learn more about “what we signed up for”. And who to.

Well the NPS Fresh Water will hit home 1st May. Hill country farmers cannot graze cattle on hill country from then till the end of Sept. Dairy farmers and D grazers  are already, it would seem on the front foot finding loop holes to get around ,and of course the Govt is saying they will close. I am not sure the hill country farmer is up to speed. I suspect they have just ignored the subject, and it will be business as usual. I cannot for the life of me see Regional Councils enforcing the policy statements. Number one they do not have the staff. I cannot see local Maori potting their neighbors friends and family. That leaves radicle greens’ but again it all comes back to enforcement. Many Regional C,s are telling Govt that it is all to much, and not needed,  Canterbury, Taranaki ,Otago, Southland and I no that Horizons has sympathy for that view. I suspect all the Regional C,s have similar concerns. That is a massive amount of livestock searching for a new home or off the works. That could in theory mean a lot more dorper’s on those hills, but cattle are the number one in controlling pasture growth and preparing pastures for high producing sheep. Beef is a multy million $ industry  but then if it is the first food to be replaced by Nuts, Berry’s, Fruit and Veg then I guess it will have people starting to sit up think. esp scientists . Lets watch this space.

I want to comment on the editorial and the hound in the Rural \news pg 14 Jan 12th. The editorial points out that Jacinda on election night promised to govern for all NZers and will make much needed changes to water rules after recent feed back. From day one Govt and officials have been told they are unworkable and impossible to implement. An economic report on Land and Water Management in the Ashburton District says the new rules will reduce farm profitability by 83% a year. Farm expenditure will decline $139 million a yr just in that district. Extrapolated across the rest of the country, and well, financially devastating for the economy. Will this be the first promise to be broken.

The Hound say’s it as it is. Weak and Useless. He is referring to farmer reps on our so called farmer representative bodies. The Feds and Beef and Lamb. Quislings more concerned about cuddling up to Govt and officials than their levy payers. All this will come home to roost next yr when the Govt launches its environmental tax regime. That man David Parker now a revenue minister as well as environment, has work well under way, for such . It could see farmers paying between $14000-32000 each annually. A men to those words. You have read my thoughts on our farmer reps and where they have come from here in this blog.

Thus could this be the reason for the Feds finally getting it’s  balls together and starting to publicly question misleading stats. from Govt ministry’s. Pg 9 Farmers Weekly Jan 11th. 2021.The Feds claim that Govt uses selective data and analysis to mislead  the public on the health of our waterways. I will say to implement the outcomes sought. An excuse. Examples given are the Our Freshwater 2020 report MfE and Statistics NZ using selective data in press statement’s in reports on the state of fresh water. Remember some time ago Horizons published in the Manawatu Paper the results of a public questioner re swimming habits across the region. Most people preferred council swimming pools, and those that swam in rivers and streams were happy too. Then Councilor John Barrow jet boated up the most polluted river in NZ. The Manawatu and drank a glass of water from 7 of the supposedly most polluted sites on the river, videoing it all, lived to show it with no ill effects to fellow councilors. NO media attention 2.

Habitats included  and no evidence to support the govts assertions. Only this sort of crap happened Germany pre world war 2. This should never happen in a civilized well educated democracy. But it is and believe me no good will come from it.

The Feds and Beef and Lamb have the legal solution at their finger tips. Property Rights Appeal to the High Court re the Bio-D provisions and the Magna Carter. Our founding legal document. It cannot be superseded by any other acts of Parliament . But alas it would seem both are intent on on arguing that our property rights are being denieghed us. Of course the B&L policy annalist is ex Fish and Game. So how did she get the job?

The Magna Carter could be one of many reasons that Govts of both colours  are considering moving NZ to a republic. Would our constitution adopt the English Westminster model or heavens forbid some thing akin to China.

News Flash. Water infrastructure to be taken off councils and run by 4 large BIG GOVT Agencies. Seems Govt is sick of 50 un swimmable beaches in Auckland and waste water and sewage regularly flowing over streets and into the harbour in Wellington. 40 such happenings a week, 2096 in the last yr. What an embarrassment that has been swept under the carpet by the Govts lackeys’ . The media. Source .Newsroom Pro. Jonathan Milne.

Also that Govt is looking closely at Rural irrigation schemes supplying domestic water to towns.

Well much to ponder. But we are not a democracy. Will look further into this nxt month