Hi guy’s. You probably are wondering “why” the heading. Stop and think about it. Veganism is a food message coming out of America, and “I” say the United Nations. Vegans ,particularly the following generation suffer several serious health issues, plus a low fertility rate.

Proteins in the form of meat, poultry and fish are needed for a healthy balanced diet required by humans.

We are seeing a younger generation of stupid Europeans embracing such vegan diets, and also young Maori leaders, embracing their culture and traditional practices, many of which are slowly but surely being devolved via various acts of Parliament. Such as plants, fishing practices and the foreshore and sea bed act. Co-governance arrangements with DoC which could/can also be extended to  include game meats? and the very serious, Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. Latterly we have the present Govts Primary Sector Councils vision for the future of our primary industry’s. Titled Taiao. It centers on the Maori concept on respect for and harmony with natural world.? A guiding star for decision making. pg 12 Rural News Jan 14th 2020. On pg 14 of the same the Hound says it as it is. A piece of crap, and no amount of money or PR spin will ever make a silk purse out of a sows ear. Then on pg 21 of the same we have the Govts puppy dog hitting back on complaints by Taranaki Regional Council the Overseer is not fit for purpose. I wrote about this previously.

All the while Agriculture is under serious pressure from the mass’s and Central Govt with various ever increasing environmental regulatory requirements. Whilst a Councilor ,I had a discussion with a then Agri-search chap involved with the Sustainable Farming Fund  projects. Using farmers, mostly Hill country, to prove that the project matter was unsustainable. 2 examples spring to mind that I personally had experience with, being the Bull Beef Finishing project on steep hill at Ballentray late 1990,s and the  infamous Twin Lamb Scanning project on slope over 20% run by Ms Everit Hinks around NZ. Remember I wrote an appeal to farmers to “Stop” in one of the mags, either the NZ Farmers Weekly or the Farmers Weekly at that time. Titled. Pull the Pin.

Now where I am going, is that proteins are going to get very expensive and hard to source in the future. How do we no that nuts, berry’s, fruit and cereals are going to be of a plentiful supply through out the year. We do not.

Will LUC class 1-3 grow enough to feed a growing population? I would say NO. Hence I ask the question. Vegans and Ethnic cleansing. Do not worry about Maori, they will be okey. Thus we could see the demise of the European peoples in Aotearoa.

To prove my point here in the Horowhenua. The Vegetable growers are in serious strife. They cannot meet Horizons Regional Councils Nutrient Leaching targets. Here they are ,a finalist in the Balance Farm Environmental awards, yet proposed regulations in the form of the NPSFW and Proposed Bio-d NPS still to come will spell a end to the business.

Personally I have no sympathy for the industry. They had Horizons by the short and curly’s after the High Court Appeal Nutrient Discharges and N Limits. I have discussed this appeal in previous posts. Yet they chose to work constructively with Horizons to achieve a sustainable solution. For whom. Horizons or should I say the Govt has walked away with a smerk on their faces. They got what they want. And the Hort guys have dicked them selves. I am really disappointed. Hort NZ could have exposed the criminal influences at work in the Plans making up the ONE PLAN. Hort NZ had the material provided in Johns and my Advisory Group Project, used it in the Appeal, but would not give John and I the time of day to meet to discuss the path forward. Keenan was the CEO approached.

Hard luck. No just plain stupid. Of course they could try the Magna Carter. I am sure they could imagine up a innotive appeal. See pg 1 Horowhenua Chronicle Wed 26th Feb 2020. On that note I see I am not the only one with a negative impression of our Industry good body’s and Central Govt. I read where a well known Southland agribusinessman, Keith Neylon has written a book titled “A Touch of Madness” A must read. He states” I struggle to come to terms with some of the decisions coming out of Wellingtons Ivory Towers.”

I am not being negative. A lot of people are awake. But as soon as a group stands up and seeks the masses support ,they get hood winked and then smothered by the movements henchmen. Yes Mr Neylon is on to it.

Carbon is going to go through the roof. Govt speculator  of the day will continue to push it up till it achieves the outcome sought. It will be the consumer that pays. With Agricultural commodities in a upswing for the next 30yrs ,carbon WILL get very rich $. That is unless there is a very serious financial melt down internationally and world economy’s self destruct and the masses revolt similarly to what we saw in Europe late last yr with the Yellow Brigade and as well in Hong Kong same time.

A chap I no involved in the Treaty Process for Whanganui Iwi, said to me a long time back. Mike all I see coming out of all this Treaty stuff is a lot of VERY poor people.

As with the ONE PLAN. All this emotional stuff surrounding the environment and food fads is all recognized. It all leads to the same out come. Land Use Change. With that will come change of ownership. Who will own it.

I notice that Maori have developed a close relation ship with the Chinese. Where will this lead Maori?

Did any body use my Dissenting Decision posted last month.

Think on.