Today I traveled up to Fielding to listen to Beef and Lamb give their take on this Govts environmental reforms , the NPS on Fresh Water and the associated National Environmental Standards for same.

I came home really depressed. Biff and Bam have always been to the left of farmer politics supporting the trendy greeny stuff, and today was no different. The presenter, Biff and Bams policy analysist expressed support for Horizons Regional Councils Sustainable Whole farm Business Plans, encouraging those present to buy into.

She did not cover the hard back country requirements, barely mentioning, I suppose because it was in Fielding and directed at the lowland audience. Bio-D got a mention particularly swamps and what constitutes a swamp, and do not be fooled it can be a wet patch with a few bull rushes.

But I got the message Biff and bam are not going to court over this ,but rather were relying on farmer submissions. Most of course will be emotive, when cold hard economic facts will rule the hearing.

If you have some science from years gone by ,that would help, but most there were just Joe and Betty, Mum and Dad. I noted a farm consultant from Baker Ag, but of course he is just rubbing his hands. $$$$$. I recognized a Farming mag reporter from yrs gone by, I guess he will have plenty to say.

The presenter to my mind is a real planner, talked of the industries need for social environmental and then economic outcomes to sustain communities into the future? Thus all of those present are going to submit accordingly. I have covered the order of the Well Beings as per the LGA in previous post(s) even going to the enviro -court. No. Look for your selves.

Do not worry I had plenty to say and was backed up to a extent by a chap from the East Coast. But of course as you should no ,I had my say and thus did not seek to hog the floor. Yes feel better now. But I definitely came home worse for the wear.

No mention of the Feds. No Obvious reps there. Conspicuous by their absence. I have had my say on them in ,again previous posts. AND, just look for those.

I am getting a sniff or a wiff that all is not well in the Labour Caucus, seems there is a revolt? going on surrounding the govts intention to include Agri-C in the emissions trading scheme.  farming media and my OMF carbon report have both reported on it. The carbon man of course is anti the idea, but then of course he in only interested in the trades it will generate. Selfish pratt.

I printed off the MfE proposed NPSFW and associated NES standards. Maori document. Te Mana o te Wai. To me that is the important one. Will read it over the coming days. The real issue will be how Regional Councils around the country implement the final draft. I believe most farmers will simply ignore the requirements. And talking to one such person , have to ask if the proposal’s will achieve the outcome sought. It would seem that most streams on farms are less than one meter in width and dry up in the summer. Good luck to the dreamers behind this but I do not like your chances. The Maori and their European lackeys’ driving this are getting really confident and now the media are openly printing such policy’s. They are not printing the objectives sought but I believe that farmers are slowly waking up. Yes there is real concern out there. I have tried to get a letter to the editor FW and a opinion piece printed. But. You no. Only interested in his and his supporters view.

I made enquires with the appropriate people about putting my name forward to the Local National Party’s branch re  the selection process for a new member of Parliament. I did not get a great deal encouragement. Seems I am seen as not being local, even though I am responsible for the out come Hort NZ and Fed Farmers had in the High Court. Seems the NPS and proposed limits have caught up on them. But I have noticed that Horizons, the Feds and Biff and Bam seem to be squashing any mention of my name and if it comes up they are discouraged from any positive out come. Oh well. That is how the penny drops. I am pleased that land users had got a few years more grace before it turns to custard. I am not going to prattle on today. Frankly I am pissed off. Had a good talk to our out going MP Mr. Guy. After brief discussion he asked if I got Muriel Newman’s weekly news letter.  Thus I new then and there that no right of center candidates are wanted. The party will select a puppy dog who will sit there nod their head eat their lunch and hold out their hand on Wednesday. Constituents will continue to be treated with contempt until one day they wake up and realise that their world is no more and they are in a hell of a predicament. Of course I  could be completely wrong in my assumption and Maori decision makers could provide a equitable balance to society.  But I have been in some horrible places within local government and heard what the real hardened racist Maori have said to me. They are seeking Utu. Revenge.

Well bye for now and please find as promised Kyoto debt wiped. Nick Smith. What happened? below.         Kyoto debt