I thought I had better comment on the above. I have been a bit slack on this really ,but then I find it all abit tiresome. This is my view. The odd very speacial catchment such as the Horowhenua lake will get abit of attention. The vegi groweres will go along with it. I see that the Waikato Regional Plan has been amended to allow existing land use to continue pretty much as is, and whilist the NPSFW says, Regional Plans must give effect Te Mana o te Wai i am not to be concerned about this. Why. Because look at pg 6 of part1 paragragh 1.3 point 5c. The Well beings of the NPSFW are in the correct order as per the LGA 2001. Social. Economic and Cultural . END. Nothing about the environment. Poor old James Shaw must have been sick when he read the final document.  I need say no more. Lots of talk about fresh water quality. BUT for the benefit of all people. So urban sewage and waste water will be the focus, most intensive farm land has water ways fenced albeit not to 3 meters, and as i understand slope over 20% is exempt. Of course there will be initatives aimed at soil stabilisation, but i will say ,all pretty ho hum and bussiness as usual. Regional Councils unlawfully assumned the roles of the District Councils, but this Govt is not going to give me the pleasure of “told you so”, The feds have been shut out of the consultative process .(Rural News June 2nd 2020 pg 20) The reason is they leaked precious info to who ever, but then that is the price you pay for dancing with the devil. They would have been far better off supporting Property Rights in NZ in the High Court, as per my previous posts, and indeed doing a far better job of the Environment court appeal. Honestly it was bad. Poor research, poor presentation ,weak in every way.

But it now seems that Beef and Lamb is taking over the role of the Feds. The organisation is stuffed.(Federated Farmers) It was inflitrated by the trendy greeny left decades ago, is way past its used by date and this Govt has signed its death notice. But my view is that the Govt of the day will tolerate Biff and Bam for as long as it is relevent to the out comes sort. For my view it is chocka full of the same people that undermined the Feds.

Who will take that organisations place? Te Mana o te Wai. Why do i say that. Because i have just written about it.

We have Covid to thank for the Social, Economic and Cultural Outcomes sought in the NPS. This Flu has destroyed the Govts plans for the economy. Tourisim and Carbon were to be the big income earners for the future of the Nation. Covid has completley kicked the legs right out from underneath the platform. For now there is a realisation that “What will the next virus, disease look like” Thus vacination will only protect against Covid. The conclusion is international recreational travel will be limited. And in NZ,s case, why the tax payer may even find they are alot better off. Oh my god just how many $ billions are we spending on the promotion of tourism internationaly and even internally. It would seem to me that the industry cannot exist without Tax payers $. I also am concerned that all the Tourist hot spots in the Pacific that i relate to are very very poor countrys. Cheap Cheap in every way. Seems to me that the tourist operators have got very good at cooking the books. Just how many pies can 670 odd Fairly residents and a hand full of camper vans eat in a day? 2000.. And this govt is still chucking $ at the industry. $511 million to date in this yrs budget. Statistics NZ claims   that domestic tourist ,yes you and I spent $23.7 billion every time we ventured forth last yr. Crickey that means every pie I buy up the road gets clicked down to a tourist. Farmers Weekly Aug 17th 2020 pg 30.

Holy Molly. News Flash.This has not been reported in mainstream media. I recently read in the Rural News July 28th, 2020, pg 18 The Hound. Buyer,s remorse.

He says in print that the trendy lefty,s fervent belief that man made climate change is destroying the plant has been overcooked. This relevation came about as one of their mates, US based environment campaigner, Michael Shellenburger, very highly respected and long time climate change man. In a written apology said. On behalf of environmentalists everywhere i would like to formaly apologise for the climate scare, we created over ther last 30 yrs. Seems the only people concerned are his mates. But my point is the 2nd leg is cracking. $ Carbon.

Lots of misinformation out thre regarding how much land the Politicians want planted in trees. To quiten any concerns their urban voter base may have they and their lackys are saying that “Do not worry.It is only class 6 land” In Ruapehu,s case in excess of 70%. For the rest of you. Will be similar. Because class 6 is the start, then class,s 7 and 8 come next. But class 6 land can also be nice flat paadock with a few rocks in it.  Bring it on.

Have you noticed that the televised media esp channel 1, 7 Sharp, are persisting with this Fake News. I have commented on this phenonem in the past. Remember last election all this fake news about how bad the rural economy, esp Dairy. Dairy was the bain of the environment. Killing the environment, causeing climate change, oh my god we are all going to die. Here we are now. Dairy and agriculture is the darling of the NZ economy. Plenty of jobs out there and THIS Labour GOVT is going hard out to promote Agri as a grt industry to be employed in. Why it is even funding training schemes. The hipocracy of it all.

Well time to go. Got to say that I find central Govt a real joke. A very dangerous joke playing with our lives and our futures and that of our children. None of them have any credibility, just there nodding their heads, eating their lunch and holding their hands out on Wednesday. Opps as Ian Mc Kelvie said. Thursday. (MP Rangitiki.)

But the other bunch is local Govt elected members and Officals. Just got to shake my head.

Have to request a copy of the Monthly Policy and Stratagy Meeting, although it will not tell me much as most of the  discussion takes place in work shops.