It is May the 14th, and Grant Robinson has just his delivered his Coronavirus budget. The NZ $ fell pretty much straight away thus telling us what the foreign exchange markets think about it. Mr Fix it Man in the previous Nat Govt, Jerry Brownlee,  says that the Govt has some good guys advising them. ???? Remember x party consensus.

Cameron Baigrie says it is a Splash and Hope budget.

Lots for tourism. and lets face it, it is both Govts, Labour and the Nats  number 1 pillar for the “New” economy that “is” going to replace Agriculture.?

The 2nd pillar is Carbon. There on pg 3 of the local rag, Horowhenua Chronicle May 8th, is Horizons Regional Councils Chair, Green Party rep and defacto Maori party member Ms Keedwell. Horizons rate rise cut to 1%. But still full steam ahead for their Sustainable land use initiative aka Land Use Change.

Is Cameron Baigrie on the money? Only time will tell.  How can any Govt boost the internal economy whilst planting up/shrinking the export part of the economy? I reckon Baigrie will be the winner in this argument. That means we all will be the big LOSERS.

There it is announced this week, 25th- 29th May. 700 million $ to Regional Councils to be used to clean up our rivers. 84% of them are to polluted to swim in. Less than 1% of these rivers problems are in Urban proximity?

Farmers reps and Rural media are saying what a grt happening. Got me beat. For many a yr Farmers have fenced, planted, built structures to contain and dispose of effluent. and including sediment. All for naught. Not good enough. One should not get carried away with this latest $ give away. For it will never be enough for the extremists running the country. yes the Mc Gilicuddy party members.   I  A yr or 2  ago I published a reference ,and commented on Horizons Regional Councils survey on swimming habits of our regions swimmers.  of those who chose rivers. Most said they found the water quality excellent, or they did not swim in rivers any way, preferring other venues. beaches etc. It will lead to regulation of land use activity’s.

Next day out came the revised NPS on Fresh Water Quality. We got a softener in the media the week be for, when it was announced that Govt officials were in deep discussions with Maori AND Mike Peterson with regard to water quality.( pg 22 Farmers Weekly May 25 2020.) Some commentators wanted to no why Mike Peterson, and where was Fed Farmers and Biff and Bam. I want to no why Maori alone. A point forgotten by the media. But of course as I have explained in previous post over the yr,s. Maori control the Natural and Physical. The RMA gives them that authority. Indeed the RMA and the LGA more than likely gave Maori the powers to put up road blocks around the country to prevent the spread of Covis. Of course that function enabling must first be transferred from local govt too. Remember my blog, again from awhile ago when I commented on a wayward Ruapehu District Council Planner trying to devolve functions to a local Iwi authority under the guise of dog control, with out councilors recognition. All smoke and mirrors.

Page 21 of the same mag same date we have Graeme West, Chair of Bay of Plenty Farm Forestry Association. Giving subjective examples of the profit of trees $/hec v farming.  Got to remember that there is big machinery involved in forestry operations, moving from tree to tree in a wave across the landscape. Trucks galore all emitting carbon. It is my experience that it is the harvester and the trucky getting the lions share. The bigger the area the flatter the land, the better the returns. It is the small wood lot that misses the boat $ wise. Indeed I do not have to look far to determine thus.

Then this week out comes the updated NPSFW. Nitrogen caps, Phosphate limits. Regional Councils controlling the effect of the use and development of LAND. sec 31 of the RMA. The RMA and the LGA are quite clear. That function. The Control of the Effects must first be transferred to from sec 31 RMA. It appears that is not the case in most instances, and indeed Property Rights in NZ inc proved in our High Court appeal against the Bio- Diversity provisions of Horizons Regional Council One Plan, that not only was this a requirement of the acts, but that this transfer had not taken place, thus Regional Council was limited to controlling the effects on the beds of rivers and lakes, and then only for infrastructural purposes. Of course we were helped by the then Minister of Conservation (National) ,Kate Wilkinson’s submission to the Environment Court, where she stated that Horizons Regional Council had “Assumed” the role and she was quite happy about that. End of Kate Wilkinson. Some of you will remember she disappeared after that. of course the party will have a alternative view.  I will publish our appeal. Long appeal but well worth a read.

You will wonder then at the bloody minded stupidity of the present administration. Limiting the productive capacity of Agriculture at the very time when our country and our people need the export income and a awful lot more of it, that agriculture generates. Why would such a govt continue to pursue such policies when clearly there is no scientific evidence to support such assertions, but plenty to state the opposite. Did I say limiting? Good god the Mc Gulicuddy party are hell bent on its demise.

No body in NZ (except me) saying thus. Plenty of media comments from Australia pointing out that Jacinda and her team are throwing our economy under a bus. I have said so my self in previous posts.

I have determined from a Farmers Weekly article, again May the 25th, pg 21 that Govt has put a floor under the price of Carbon. $20/t. Or should I say that the Tax payer has. I have published the cost to the consumers and referred to it time and again. No body in the media has picked it up and are demanding answers. Bring it on. Labour has had a really rude awakening to the real world and all the best plans can go awry in a moment. The wheels are falling off the Mc Gilicuddy party’s plans. This financial crisis is only just starting and carbon will be next. Such a policy tool is unaffordable to the NZ public. The Population has not woken up yet. They may not wake up to the afore but they will get sick of a very constrained life style in monetary terms. The issue is the destruction to the engine room(Agriculture) that will have already happened.

Then during the week another bomb shell. There it was on the televised media. A sociologist calling for a limit on our population growth. Sorry to keep blowing my trumpet. But I allured to this in a previous post not long ago. Yes 8th March. Vegans and Ethnic Cleansing. I dare say I lost some readers as a consequence. But. Where on earth are we going to get the food to feed a ever growing population unless there is some sought of. “Control” Lets face it. Tourism will never be the same again. Many health specialists are saying we will never rid the world of Covis or indeed many more such virus’s still to come.

Carbon. The world cannot afford such a policy. You have read my doubts about man made climate change. Certainly changing. But man made. No. A natural cycle. Something that has happened before and is well documented. Yes. And there was no known human activity large enough to cause. All dinosaurs, T Rex’s and such.

There is a lot of money to be made in speculating in carbon according to my OMF Carbon report. Figures are abit dodgy, so will not state. But I am sure plenty of speculator’s have made a $ or 20, especially if they bought when carbon was at $2.70c

Got 2 go . Have a good one.