Health reforms of June 2022. Great fan fare ,better health out come for all were promised, but is that the case. A quick search of goggle and up pops Mo nga whalcahounga,   the Te Tiriti principles and partnerships. Better health outcomes for Maori and other groups who have not always been well served. Mention of all people but the emphasis is on the afore mentioned.

My wife works with a young lady ,who came to school quite distraught last week. Her husband had just been diagnosed with a life threatening heart condition he had lived with all his life but only now had become a issue. Refused treatment in our public health system. Told sorry. $100k for private hospital surgery and a 2 mth waiting list. Full as with similar health story’s. Last month i wrote of this outcome for not only our social services but essential infrastructure. Just the start. Medical insurance Is now a must, and you must find away to afford. Even if it means foregoing that home. Prioritizing your income will be essential in the “NEW” Aotearoa. Where is the media??.

Well as predicted Nania Mahuta pushed through her 3 waters bill. All Labour MP,,s voted for it ,now the rumor is 1/2 of them are set to abandon ship. National is promising to repeal the legislation and Replace it.?????. What more do you expect from such a dastardly party. The media is salivating at the prospect of a National Act govt after next election. Me thinks that the Nats will get up to their old tricks and run with the Maori party. You will all get the idea if they continue to pursue the 2 ticks mantra. Trust us we no best. Yea right. But it seems to me that after the 2 polls out late last week that Jacinda is shot to pieces. Is she. Well John key was on the AM show this morning predicting interest rates will go to 10+ % next year. You read it here first. My assertion is that Jacinda and her merry como team will ride in on their wolfs and save the day. How. Buy the land under the distraught home owners. Then transfer it to Ms Mahuta and her agitator mates as a full and final Treaty Settlement. Just like all these Carbon Farms. Yep all engineered just as Mr Orr said it was. A Engineered Recession. Remember you read it here first.

Alan Titford. New Zealand’s first political prisoner. Goggle it up. Buy the book. Quick before the Ministry of Justice reads this. After this Labour Govts total degradation of the consultative, democratic process  one must start to think that he was the first to recognise the subjective path of the treaty Settlement process. What Party was in govt then. Why John Key and the Nats. Quite frightening really. Why i could have been in such a position 2. Such a recognition of takes a huge toll on relationships.

Well i started this months blog beginning of Dec last year. So please bear with me. Yes just as I said above Jacinda is toast and gone. 19th of January. Why did she go. My thoughts are as follows. On the 17th of Jan My Jarden Financial monthly economic update was writing of the previous days (16th) release of the yr 22 last 1/4 economic data. That it was horrendous news. That was all. I cannot find that data on any site. What was so bad about it? Jan 18th Jacinda resigned. Of course it is all about how horrible the public are towards her. Really. Lets face it. She has let the greens really screw the export led economy over. (HWEN) And radicle Maori destroy democracy. (3 Waters). Maybe it will not be so bad for HWEN as it seems that Labour will run out of time to pass the legislation before the election. 3 waters seems to be on the back burner as well. But be assured .National is not going to tinker to much.

Some positive news? pg 15 Farmers Weekly Jan 16th. Major review of genetically modified crop research confirms that after 25yrs there have been no human health issues from human consumption of. John Caradus, CEO of Agrisearch subsidiary Grasslaanz recently published his paper in the NZ Journal of Agricultural Research. A good read. We are talking $ billions of $ in economic benefits to communities and thus economy’s. I have written in a previous blog of the economic benefits of GM ryegrass our scientists developed but had to release off shore in America for trial’s and release there. Diddly squat for NZ. Good luck John. For you and all my readers, including anybody ofay with Govt policy ,Regional And District Plan’s will realise that here in NZ. It is all about cutting food production. On the same page more positive news. Set and Forget tech may slash livestock emission’s. A Waikato company, Ruminant Bio Tech  has developed a bolus that can cut ruminant methane emission’s by 70%. Aiming to bring it to market by 2025. Grt news. AND the govt is backing the research to the tune of $7.8 million. Sure seems contradictory but there it is. All good but it seems Govt forgot to tell Pamu ,yes its own farm that. It seems the green’s running the show are out to rid tax payers property of a 1000 breeding cows, replacing them with … yes Pine trees and converting to regenerative ag to meet climate change and environmental regulations. More on regenerative Ag.

I found the following in a recent Country Wide internet subscription just before Xmas. Anybody thinking of slipping into this slippery slope should talk to these guys. A multi- award – winning Southland couple share their harrowing experience of regenerative land practices as a warning of what can go wrong. Linzi and Jeff Keen of Lumsden Southland, were keen on all this alternative agri stuff, even winning a Balance farm Enviro Award in 2005. And doing all right stuff to create the ultimate “green” farming system based on regenerative practices. The promises of premium prices for produce the carrot. 2019 The couple won a Enviro Southland community award for environmental leadership in farming and land management. The practice rapidly depleted the farms soils and by the 2nd yr plants and animals were going down hill and fast. Scanning results fell and crops failed. Fat lambs became store lambs , imported winter feed and bank balance falling. Un paid bills. Going broke quickly. Saved by the PKS solid fertilizer man. Like going from dark to day light says Jeff.

I have been watching another property in the King Country, just up the road from where I used to farm. The property had a really good fert history prior to the current owner. He has farmed it for 40 yrs with virtually no fert inputs ,carrying 6500 su. Last few years the breeding cows have done it hard in the winter months and more and more lambs have gone store. This last year the property hit the wall. Lambing % back 33% (1000 lambs). He did not say what happened to the cows but there was genuine concern in his face when he told me. Son is taking over the management of and is dropping stk no,s . Maybe farmers such as this need to be talking to Linzi and Jeff. Soils need to be feed PKS. End of story. Too many farmers are in naverna land and it WILL catch up with them.

Well the just out. News flash. Mahuta gone. The Chateau Tongariro shutting its doors. Something about not being safe. More likely it is broke and broken. A monument to Govts and councils determination to promote a alternative to Agriculture. Stayed there last year. February. Very run down. Food average, the building needed alot of maintenance.

You all would have been watching the flooding and devastation caused by the last couple of weeks heavy rain events. You should have noticed that in every case trees are every where causing even more damage to homes, farms and infrastructure. The Govt and the climate change propaganda machine are in full blown noise about climate change and the need for the current policies to be enhanced. Here on pg 18 farmers Weekly Jan 16th. Opinion. From the Ridge. Way back in Oct last yr. Australian Meteorologist, Rob Sharp for caste such events. The reason. The Tongan volcano eruption . Hunga Ha apai. It went off with the force of a 100 Hiroshima nuclear bombs, ejecting 50,000,000 tones of water into the atmosphere effecting winds and temperatures, But what goes up ,must come down. And that is what is happening now. Extremist propaganda. I also note that some people on face book are pointing the finger at Geo Engineering. Yes there is such a practice. Cloud seeding to enhance the intensity of predicted rain fall. Been in use since the 1960,s. Google it up. Reminds me of the Ruapehu District Council pumping out the effluent sediment from the sewage plant onto the maze flats right beside the Whanganui river just before predicted heavy rain fall events. The result .Enhancing the water nutrient readings at its Te Maire station. Used it to quantify the continuing needless upgrades to the award winning Hikamutu sewage plant costing urban ratepayers plenty. Believe me there are some very dangerous people out there.

Bye for now