Hello again. Obviously i did not keep my promise to post the What Next. Had a good reason. Our internet crashed straight after, and finally 3 weeks later i am back on air. The run around was bad for Spark. Firstly i rang the 123 number told the lady the prob. I and  my brother in law a telecom engineer  had both been through the process to determine the prob. Sparks. No she wanted me to go back just for her. I stood my ground ,stated what the fault process had determined . Sparks prob. She stood her ground, so rather that have a verbal stoush, i said i would ring back tomorrow hoping to get somebody else. Went off and had a bitch to my wife. Next day Sharron rang. lady said straight up . Sparks copper connection is stuffed. I can tell from the interference on the line. Have to put you on wireless. Need a new modem. Be 2 weeks.???. What .So we waited 2 weeks and abit. No modem. Okey i said. I will ring. NO. My wife said. You will just lose your cool. She rang. Got a chap this time. Oh my god. The action was abandoned he said. Couldn’t say why. I’ll sought it he said take 4 day’s. 4 days later soughted. What on earth is going on. Bored operator, or just a nasty one? Had same experience some yrs ago when i changed the water supply around and want to get the electric pump connected. Real run around and finally arrived back at the original question. That’s when i realised the person was having me on and i asked to speak to her boss. Passed over and he wanted to no who i was talking to. Mary, (sic) i said. Nobody works here by that name was the response. So there we go. Happens. May be i should have given her a real verbal straight up. At least then she would have something to be nasty about.

To the post. How bad is the NZ economy  Do you really no?. Labour is running a $41billon deficit. There it is printed on my Jarden weekly update. Worst in the OECD. My Tax Payer webb page says Labour is currently borrowing $2 billion in fortnightly intervals. All the Party’s are making big promises to woo the voter, splashing the cash all over. Money they do not have. There is the evidence. It is only going to get worse. Yes much worse. Certainly going to have to be a lot more tax’s on every thing and anything. Why?. Because both labour and national are full on with the 100% carbon off setting provisions written into the climate change legislation. See pg 21 Farmers Weekly August 14th 2023 pg 21, 2nd last para. Big Forestry company’s or the Govt paying big $ for land for carbon. Yes bugger the assets and infrastructure captured as collateral damage in big storms.. There will not be the export income to sustain our economy. And there is the proof. Jarden’s document. Agricultural production hammered.. Balance of payments deficit ballooned. Only going to get worse. Much worse. Have you checked out the Milk Futures market 12 months out. Beef and Lamb are no better. Internal environmental and cultural policies  are destroying our wealth. External international world wide recession will contribute to a financial catastrophe for NZ. The result ,is predictable. Just as it has happened in other country’s where wealth tax’s have been introduced. The wealthy have left. What then.  See the pdf Barrow.

So  wondering what the trailer pic is. This and to my knowledge. 2 others have been built for MPI. Why.?. Well it seems that our Farmer reps and others have managed to prove using science that methane emitted from the rear end of cows is harmless . Meaningless to climate change. Thus NOW our powers that be are so driven to tax the hell out of our dairy farmers to save the planet, that they are determined to prove that cows belching whilst eating are emitting dangerous amounts of methane into the atmosphere. These trailers are placed in paddocks where cows are feeding. Yes tasty morsel’s  of feed are to be placed in the head bails on either side. The deck is to be chocka full of high tech measuring equipment and a table on the right hand side for a computer. Operator stands in middle running the show. There it is.  The very very dangerous people we have running the country.

The International Monetary Fund has just, in recent days, issued a dire warning for our economy.

I am starting to get the idea that all this “consumer demands” of our agricultural production is nothing but disinformation, misinformation and down right propaganda driven by our Governments, Industry good body’s and the media. As you no, i am a sceptic, and provided the reference to commentary to the opposite in this blog. Now it seems to me that this nonscience is engrained in free trade agreements, and is demanded by ,not the consumer but as a condition for a FREE TRADE DEAL BY THE country or trading block our Govt is negotiating with, and true to form our negotiators are chucking Agri under the bus. Why. because not only are the other party seeking to protect their own Farmers, yes a trade barrier,  but our Govt are using such deals to help seek the out comes (political) sought here at home. Face it we are not wanted. Radicle Māori claim their forbearers were ripped off , and they want it back. All of it or as much as they can get.. Think i am wrong. Did you watch the News. TV 1 Sunday night the 20th of August. Featured the Māori Kings celebration. There a person is . Demanding land returned. Return or  stay out of our road??. Next night again featured the kings celebration. The King him self quoting  the Treaty,, and stated .Māori will provide for all. Really. With this financial mess.

Sharron has just told me that the goss on face book (Mike Hosking) is that Labour passed 3 Waters in the dead of night under urgency August 16th. Must note that the Māori party voted against. Where was Act and National. Both have said they will repeal the legislation if? They had their chance on the night of the 16th. Māori, Act and the Nats . Why did they not????.

It is pretty obvious that politically  this country is up the creek with out a paddle and a tidal wave of filthy water full of trees ,misinformation, disinformation, and down right propaganda all driven out of central govt through every facet of  decision making body’s right through out the country, our financial system, our health, wealth, social and cultural well being, is bearing down on us. If the IMF is right and i think so. Next year is going to be a very very turbulent one. One that could well change the face and direction of politics in NZ big time.

Yes. More wild fires world wide. Trees. Trees for Africa. Environmental regulations world wide. Protecting the Environment? Adding cost and destroying wealth. You would think Govts would learn. Or is it part of the “Great Reset” that we are starting to hear about .

Will look into this trade barrier stuff. Probably said enough for now.