Well well. I am sitting here comtemplating the election result. I have this gut feeling that those of us who speak out should be careful. WE have absolute nutters on public platforms such as Facebook rubbishing farmers,. We have some in the media conducting themselves in a disgraceful manner when interviewing particpants to the election process and I referr to the TV3 presenter interviewing Advance NZ candidate Jami Lee Ross yesterday. Was it because they dared to stand up and ppoint the finger at the United Nations One World Govt intentions, and agenda 21 that they seem to no so much about?

Kelvin Davis, the New Labour Party Deputy  made a particularly nasty speech/poem to the party faithful after the election result became known. So bad that the TV3 election result front man Duncan Garner switched Davis off. Commenting that he, Davis was a disgrace to the process.

Last election 3 yrs ago Labour lied during  TV interviews and on the campagne trail about water quality and the cause of . percieved  how ever subjective that was.

This years effort was not alot better. The truth is that in no other democratic and free country, would any govt dare to interfer with the productive compacity of the industry( agriculture)  based on blatant lies that this Govt has is. No other govt in the free world would deniegrate the agricultural industry to the urban population to the extent that this govt has.

Where is the media? I hear of large donations to media, church,s marae and green schools amoungst others leading up to the election. Then there was covid. $ millions thrown about aside from the employment subsiidy

But what really concerns me is acts of parliament such as the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. Sec 8 of the RMA. Indeed the act its self. The nonscensical decisions of courts destroying the property rights of land owners. and ultimately desisting them of their land. We have not seen that yet ,but you will remember these words in decades to come. Subjective interpretations of the acts of parliament to achieve the outcomes sought seeking to add cost and destroy wealth. The interference in the consultative process by political activists and affected party,s complaining of the goal posts always shifting.

We have the infultration of industry boards and body,s by party hacks seeking to achieve outcomes not condusive to creating good governance and wealth, destroying  financial resources.I Have seen it all. And you have read it in this blog.

People in positions of power on both sides of the house have abused the democratic process , the public and industry.

One political rally I attended, a immigrant from Zimbabway stood up and likened the above to what happened in that country. WHY she said are they doing that here.

The people driving the above are very dangerous. If they will stoop to such unethical behaviour and blatant as it is, will have no respect for people or the law. Time too be careful.

Start looking over your shoulder and be careful with what you say about everything.