Ministry of Primary Industry to the front bench of Nationals shadow cabinet. A move to appease Nationals rural voters?  If it is not the above then it must be a shift of real significance in terms of Nationals policy platform for the up and coming General Election due late next year. How will this effect the cross party consensus’s with regard to Treaty Settlements. My man says that Minister Finlayson has gone.

We have this Kai Ora- Homes and Communities Bill before the House  and has just passed its first reading. Short on detail but it appears it gives heaps of power to a few elite Maori or people who sympasise with the indigenous out comes sort. Maori will control the process from land to the house, and one must assume who lives in it, including infrastructure required. Who will pay?

On TV 1 tonight. Seven Sharp or what ever the programme is called from 7.00pm , the presenters made a fuss of a real economic terrorist, making him out to be the great biodiversity savior, when in fact he is nothing more than a economic terrorist. All those gorse seeds spreading all over the surrounding country causing adjoining land owners significant economic stress to control. The guy said he could not afford the property in the first instance but he had a helping hand from Whom? Environment Canty or Forest and Bird, or some other equally erroneous drop kick with too much money. Wants now to learn Maori.

I found a interesting paper on the internet written by one Bryon Leyland. Has a lot of titles after his name so one must assume he no’s what is what. He claims that global warming policies will only work if they result in a global reduction in emissions, but states instead that it is more likely that they will lead to a increase in global emissions, higher electricity prices, and do serious damage to industry.  Article 2 of the Paris agreement states . Policies Shall Not Effect Food Production. Thus he states our Govt is ignoring its obligations under the Agreement. This does not make sense. The Zero Carbon bill also seeks to  reduce NZ net emission’s to zero by  2050. This is impossible as water vapour is the most powerful green house gas  responsible for 70+ percent of the green house effect. If it was possible to reduce it to zero it would reduce the world to a lifeless desert.

Over the last 6 months wholesale electricity prices have doubled because there is not enough coal in reserve to sustain the market during dry years. Increasing tax on CO2 emissions will further increase the cost of power, and the perverse out come will be that generators have a strong $ incentive to keep Huntly burning coal.

Expensive policies to encourage and subsidise electric cars will only help to increase emissions as coal and gas will be required to supply the energy needed. If the Govt really wanted to reduce emissions it would go nuclear. Latest reactors produce safe reliable and cheap power. After all our geothermal power comes from a nuclear reactor in the center of the earth. So what is the problem?

Surely a huge step towards the goal would be to shut down the tourist industry world wide. Here in NZ jets account for 10% 0f our total emissions. So it looks to me as though our Govt is not only concerned about Treaty settlements but also the huge tax take or dividends it gets from operating Huntly. Shame it will have to import coal in the future, to run the plant but hey they do not care, the poor will pay, and hence one now gets a understanding on all this warm housing stuff they are pushing . People will not be able to afford heating, yet alone run a car. What about their mortgage. Who will own the house when they default. Might be a good question to ask the Kia Ora-Homes and Communities people.

Looks to me like there is to be a cost containment reserve written into the ETS bill, and including a reserve floor price so the bottom will not fall out of the market. Must have been reading my blog. So just how high will Govt let the market go?

Well June the 3rd and the June the 17th Farmers Weekly are full of it. Finally the shit has hit the fan. Every man and there dogs are up in arms about all the farms going to trees as a result of Govt policies and financial encouragements. Of course govt officials are denieghing this is the case but the evidence from real estate agent’s tells a different story. The 50 shades of green grouping has been holding meetings around the country, and I understand are well attended by our urban rural folks who are only now waking up to the fact that their secure little world does revolve around agriculture, is not so secure any more and that it is their homes, their business’s and their social services that are at risk. Some thing that I found immensely frustrating  trying to get across to Ruapehu District Councilors whilst a  elected rep. They just sat there blankly, took no interest, and if I did start to make some head way the CEO or senior staff member would seek to question my credibility.

I should write to the Farmers Weekly with my view and ask a question of one of those quoted. A Mr. Muller. June the 17th, pg 10. Muller says Shaw ignored advice. Quote. If he only listens to advice that suits a political purpose.(Shaw). My question to Muller is just what political purpose is he referring too?

There in the same mag is the evidence supporting my assertion that you claim carbon to yr 25. One commentator states to yr 30, another yr 28 and yet another to yr 20. My point is thus, how obscene is that. For going agricultural out put for ever, just for 25 yrs of carbon production that has generated $11,000/hec of income. And a oncer. You have all heard me refer to these idiot’s as the Mc Gullicuddy Party members(MGP) who transformed them selves from the dope smoking hippy, advocating for the giant leap backwards to a well dressed, likable and very convincing MGP members still advocating for race based political and environmental reform leading to the giant leap backwards. My view is agriculture will be deliberately scaled back to a  local trade operation. It is the logical conclusion when you come to understand the out comes sort.

Of course it could all go away tomorrow if these idiots would recognize indigenous forest lands on private property. There it is on pg A6 NZ Herald Tuesday 28th July some time past as I did not include the yr. BUT I will try to scan to this site.

Kyoto debt wiped out by trees. Nick Smith. Climate Change Minister of the time. More than enough to meet our obligations under the Kyoto obligations.This article is post 2012.  So what happened ?

Fed Farmers continue to whimper away about all the indigenous tree cover on private land that would the job and make millionaires out of land owners over night and ensure the protection of our bio-diversity estate. But then as I have described in the past . This is not the out come sort.

Please find my registration form for the RMLA seminar held in Wellington. I and my man Don Coles were the only ones who attended.  and apart from the speakers. The rest were the crown law officers.

Sorry for the delay in this post, I have a bad shoulder and it has/is uncomfortable to lift my arm up to the key board.