Well it seems my little hissy fit re the super 15 final was mirrored through out the country. Talking to several people from all over. They did the same. If they could they, turned the telly off at the 20min mark, or turned over to the League. All agreed. Shocking display by normally top refs. What happened?. Only the ref with the whistle no,s and while he admitted to mistakes . Not saying anything else.

Those of you who are long term readers will be thinking of my posts re Anarchy. Will we see such a social upheaval to bring about such a happening. Will lawlessness get any worse than ram raids and/or robbing the local Dairy? What about waiting lists at health providers, given that medical staff/professional’s are not shy at telling those seeking semi urgent/urgent medical treatment, that they are the wrong colour when it comes to waiting lists for surgery. Friends, work mates etc. are now quiet open about known experience’s since it was exposed on TV 1 news last week. Will this contribute to Anarchy. I have been following the ACT party , going to gatherings and advertised meetings. Found their addresses some what shallow.. Take the RMA reform for example. I am getting from the Tax Payer up date circulating on the internet, that David Parker is determined to to hand over control of the Natural and Physical to Radicle Maori via the RMA as soon as possible. ACT has stated for a while now ,their version will be the price the Nats will have to pay for a coalition. Now the Nats are saying the same. Repeal any version Parker signs into law. We will see. Remember last election the Nat’s were promising major changes to. What happened. Radicle Maori got subtle changes to the Act which quietly tightened the noose in their favour. John Key responded to media questions about the party’s election promise. We did not have the numbers. Good god. Did he ask ACT for help? Obviously not, or if he did ,they refused. Why? Back to ACT. Lots of promises. Going to have to run the printing press full time to pay for, and we all no what that means. Neither Party is open about their plans, if any for Carbon farms. Esp as Mr Luxton is a converted Climate Change advocate. I digress. All this Maori stuff we as NZers are bombarded with. IF the British Crown was so bad to early maori , why are we the locals paying the bill. Surely it is a matter for the British Crown aka the British Govt to deal with and pay. Am i not right.?

Back to ACT. The last meeting i went to in Palmerston North all this Maori stuff was bought up. Karen Chhour was the party spokesperson, and had to deal with some difficult statements. But one thing i paid particular attention to, was her assertion that ACT would adopt the Maori interpretation of the treaty. I do not want to be negative, but just what are we going to get. With the Nats. Well it seems to me that influential persons within the political scene are going hard out to get both National and Act over the line. But i have a warning. A leopard never changes its spots.

Anarchy.  I read somewhere in one of the farming mags that the feds have given the nod to a digital $. Yes you read it right. Seems Govt sold it to the woke feds on the basis that regardless of the severity of natural disasters , the industry would always be able to access capital via a digital $. Really. But nothing better than a disaster to introduce ???? This digital $ is already set to go, just think credit/debit card. A cashless society. It can be used for all sorts of things, heavens above, even to control people. Yep. Will we see digital jails in future? And just who will be in them.

Just what is going on with He Waka Eke Noa. The Rural News reported on the 20th June pg 12. Its Dead. But the front pg of “THAT” paper, no not the Herald, the Farmers Weekly ,23 June. Govt ,Feds say Waka still afloat. Seems the Feds, Dairy NZ and Biff and Bam all had a private high powered meeting with Chris the Hippy and 6 other ministers at the Field days, Mystery Creek. What on earth is going on. It was Just about a gone burger or at least till 2030 if the Nats get their way. Act will follow with the Ex Fed Chair Andrew Hoggard on board. Now my mind keeps going back to my conversation with Nathan Guy that morning on the fence line. His reply to my question. What is to replace Agriculture? Technology. The reply. Could it be that the 3 industry body’s representing Agriculture are so woke that they really believe that Methane inhibiter technology are are going to save the planet and NZ is going to make $$$ billions of $ selling the Technology to the world. Save the planet. Yea right.. All other country’s have no intention of killing the golden food goose. And the Kyoto protocol states clearly. Do not inhibit the production of FOOD. Recently and to date there is a huge amount of science, previously suppressed coming to the fore, stating that Methane is a none issue.

Couple of days ago a email came through from Biff and Bam re the low slope maps that the 3 industry groups described above are arguing with Minister Parker over the accuracy of the maps. Not against them.. 16% slope or worse. The issue is sediment. Cannot graze from May til October, unless it is at very low stocking rates. That is very ambiguous. Describe very low stocking rates. Many hill country farmers set stock a handful of breeding cows in hill paddocks over winter and shift the ewes through on a winter rotation. Crickey dick. This pales into insignificance when compared to what happen on the East Coast earlier. Further more, sediment carry’s minerals and nutrients vital to the life cycle of aquatic dio-diversity both in fresh water and the sea. No Food. No life. Simple really. Remember i reported on the issue found with Trout in Lake Taupo. To thin. No reason given. My assertion. Water quality to good with regard to nutrients and add all those pine trees to the mix. Water acidity.

Now surely the above industry body’s and Govt would be far better off reading Alan Emmerson’s view in the Farmers Weekly June 12 pg 30, Barn Fed Cow theory running out of Gas. And instead tell Govt Ministers on both side of the house to get their hand’s off it, get rid of those god damned trees, plant grass and feed the world. Double wammy. No damaged infrastructure. And export income pouring in. Instead we have woke industry reps every where encouraging overly restrictive rules and regulations adding cost and destroying wealth. When you recognise those words, you recognise the same outcomes being sort right through out the economy. Why? It is deliberate. Driven by determined people. Looking at TV 1 this lunch. Paddy Gower’s every thing show. The words “traitors” was bought up. Would it not be grt if our media would front up and do its job identifying the woke promotors through out the economy and identify the damage such policies regulation and practices are doing to NZ”s economy thus all our standards of living, health, education, and infrastructure. Think back to the financial “swap” debacle of the 1980,s when a few cocky,s got fleeced with rouge swap traders in NZ banks. Govt of the day’s answer. Sell the banks. Cricky dicks. Just imagine how much better off we all would be if those Billions $$$$$ in profits were paying its way here in NZ

I hope my readers are starting to recognise. NZ’s economy is being deliberately destroyed.

Electric vehicles. Alan Emmerson found something interesting on international media. No coverage here. Why not?.. Again pg30 Farmers Weekly June 12th. Last paragraph. Norwegian shipping giant Havila Kystruten has banned all electric, hybrid and hydrogen cars from its ships. Its giant vessel, Felicity Ace sank off the Azores earlier this year after a electric car caught fire . Catastrophic was the word used. What about our Cook Straight ferries. Too many dangerous people in all the wrong places.

Ah but some good news. That perennial drop kick anti farmer woke, Dr Mike (Kill) Joy has been made redundant. Victoria Uni head hunted him 5 yrs ago and now due to cost cutting needed . He has to go. “Gutted” was his response. The Hound. pg 12 June 20th

Ever wondered how Nadia Lim and her husband are getting on with their public experiment with woke farming. Remember they had their own TV show, supposedly showing NZ viewers how to farm, grow, cook wholesome food. The last showing reported problems with feeding their livestock. Then it quietly de-programmed. Start thinking “Natural Capital”