Hello again readers. As I said above i have gotten to the bottom of hearsay as described in last months post. The land for sale 23.6 hec has all been sold. But much to the amusement of the vendor , some of it has been sold twice even before title was given, mere days after the first sale. The vendor was not aware the whole property has been re advertised, and i sudjested that the agent was trying to sell the others again to. I do not no why i got involved in commenting on such drama as it has nothing to do with the objective of this blog. But maybe to point out how the rules can be “Subjectively” interpreted.

Covid. Well i will says it has every thing to do with the objective of this blog although most of you will not recognize. Quite recently i had the opportunity to socialize with 2 quite separate groups of people. All had the same location in common. Both were from Auckland and were visiting friends and family here in the Horowhenua. I could not resist asking both about Covid. Specifically if they new anybody who had had Covid. NO. Not a sole. One person ventured that the goss was that Covid was centered more in the southern areas of Auckland and Out West. Interesting in that this is the same/similar response i got from a relative living in New South Wales and also our close rele in Brisbane. Plenty in the media. But they no of 3 people  who has or is suffering from. These people say it is no more than or no worse than a runny nose. Hmmmm.

Kiwi Saver. What is to become of Kiwi Saver. Been mulling this over in my mind for a while. Last Dec i reported on Jacinda’s speech to the World Economic Forum. NZ to be the first country in the world to implement the Great RESET. Sending NZ back 200 yrs. The great leveler of society. if the world is to be shunted back 200 yrs. What is to become of Kiwi Saver. There was no World Equity markets to rival that of today. Will Govt simply step in and say sorry guys but we are taking over . Govt has sponsored 1/2 the funds thus pee off. Moan to much and Govt will stop the eft post card. What has Kiwi Saver got in common with Climate Change. Climate change is written into Local Govt Plans. It is all about cutting Food production. You cannot deign that. Just look at all the hill country of NZ going into Pines for CARBON. All the house’s and high ways going through good Vegi growing land. Then there is the N Limits for Dairy and Irrigated property’s. What. Are you blind????.    The devolving of the Natural Physical to Maoridom. Righting the wrongs of the past?. Rural. Covid/ Kiwi Saver is about continuing that theme into our Urban Environment. Destitute business’s. A mortgage crisis . Think on.

How god dammed stupid is this Green Party poncing around Parliament. A person in the no tells me all this EV revolution is their doing. For Gods sake before buying one think on. There has been a significant number of serious accidents involving these vehicles. At the first opportunity post accident they burst into flames. Over the last 2 weeks here in the Whenua, there has been 2 accidents involving 3 EV,s . ALL burst to flames. In the first up at Shannon 2 weeks ago the lady driver was unable to be freed before. She was incinerated alive. Would be rescuers had to watch helplessly. Last week a 2 car EV crash at Foxton. Fortunately the first on the scene had fire extinguishers and were able to keep the flames at bay whilst the lady driver  of the worst affected car was freed. But only just. Both vehicles exploded. The commentary within the vehicle repair industry and the Fire Service is all BAD,,,. Did/Do you hear any thing in the media????????????.