Going to publish this Nxt. This cost of living payment of yours and my tax money which we have not got ,but is printed by dear Adriene Orr,  primarily TO get your Bank ACCT number. Will be called social credit. Step out of line and cut. NO money. Our daughter came up against it in Aussi. Applied to get their bond back .And Whammo. Had to supply the State Govt with their bank acct no. China uses it to keep the populous in line.

Not a Biden fan, but have to say. Go Guys. Lets get on with it (WW3). At the end of it we will no whether we are all subjected to the commos or the the free world and democracy. All this diplomacy is utter bullshit, whilst the bad guys sneakily carry on. Mind you does any body no what democracy used to be like.?

Sad to say it like it is. But it is inevitable.

Looks like the end of this blog. My administrator is almost certainly going to be told to shut it down in the near future. Who ? Jacinda. Cam Slater in a face book post some time ago described her as PURE EVIL !!!!!