Here we are. The 24th Nov and we have a new coalition Govt. Certainly dosn,t look like for every 1 new regulation Labour Greens introduced ,National would get rid of 2. Maybe the Fresh Waters and 3 what ever Waters  are on the back burner. Co-Governance seems to have gone the same way. Back Burner. Nationals persistence 2 ticks policy before the last election says alot. Of course they want to govern alone but, that is not how MMP works. We the voter decides. the out come. And to persist with the 2 ticks leaves me uneasy. And having seen first hand the outcomes sought by National during their previous terms leaves me in no doubt, that my assertion. A Leopard never changes it,s on the mark. Ground Swell is quick to voice their approval, as is David Seymore. But then of course he had to,, do not want to be seen to be settling for 3rd best. The Coalition needs  to dump the proposed Fresh Water NPS. In my neck of the woods. That insidious piece of work would have seen “All” the hill country from the Taranaki boundary to the Ruahines  go into treed vegetation of one sort or another. For confirmation just read the Highly Erodible Chapter of the One Plan. Or read Horizons web page. Or Ask the previous member of Parliament for Rangitikei, Ian McKelvie. i note that in Horizons Region, Ruapehu and Horowhenua have been left out. I no that “It is agreed” that Ruapehu is lead agency for Natural Hazards in the District, thus sediment. I am assuming then that Horowhenua District Council also is the lead agency for the same. My real concern is the Woke farmers who have found their way into Parliament. And they have been rewarded. Hmmm. It seems to me alot of dangerous people are now singing a different tune ,at least in public. Speaking of such people . Don Cameron, past District Councilor then Mayor of Ruapehu has retired back from whence  he came. The Wairarapa. Only took him 6 years to get the mayors job. Got straight into the Rural Support club. Got peoples attention, council, then Mayor. Very dangerous man. Spent alot of time in Wellington. Read back post from my days in council, the blog describing my debating skills in front of the Maori Council, re the District Plan and the Tangatawhenua opening statement that suddenly appeared as the opening statement of the District Plan. No Consultation. He called me Racist. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Another bitch i have is the AM Show. My wifes and my favourite morning brecky show. Well not mine any more. Pissed off with the blatant personal views expressed  by the presenters on this mornings show and previous. I put that (previous) down to balanced reporting. But i have become increasingly concerned with the media and the AM shows negative infatuation with Winston Peters. Then this mornings (1/12/23) transgender item. I Decided to do some digging and instead of watching a Center Right Breaky show. We are in fact watching a commo outfit pretending to be to the right of politics. It is all there if you goggle the show. Now i did not vote for NZ First, and I can maybe get a insight into Duncan Gardeners sudden exit. Now that was when the show was worth watching. Oh well. Just have to continue listening to the radio from now on.