Good evening people, Thought I would get this out tonight.

Towards the end of the month I have a submission to speak to at Horizons Ann Plan process. Pretty simple one, as I am speaking against the Out comes to the Well Beings as described in the Local Govt Act, clause 14, and the RMA. Social, Economic, Cultural, Environmental. Horizons have already done a shifty and have environmental before cultural, wonder if they used the special consultative procedure, and its requirements? You will remember that I took the Ruapehu District Council to the Environment Court. I reported on it way back in my 2nd term in council. Yes I got struck out, but still  achieved the outcome sought. That was the reinstatement of the Well Beings in the order as described in the Local Govt Act. But next time round, here are these outcomes sought from the above Well Beings. All green and trendy touristy things.. Yes the economic growth Ruapehu can only experience from the physical environment, is as described. True the District Plan has farming as a permitted activity, but remember, Council allowed Horizons to assume that function, and now as described last month Ngati Rangi will control that. And as stated, they aim to financially benefit from that. Well of course just how is still to become apparent. Like I have said could be positive or negative. But the Well Beings described in the Settlement Document have “economic” last in the order. I challenge any of you to find the reference to “out comes ” in the legislation described above.

It is a way of circumventing the requirements of the Acts.

There it was on the News this morning and tonight. Dis-Honorable David Parker  Minister for the Environment, saying it will be his legacy to the political scene. No more dirty dairying in certain catchments, which he did not name. Farmers will be incentivized to plant trees, crops, veg’s, berry’s, flowers, fruits, weeds and seeds, hopefully medical pot, and god only knows what else. There will be no compensation. Well he cannot do that in law but as we know the last Govt did just that, as did the previous Govt, and ignored the requirements of the Acts that Local Govt must work under. No financial cost benefit. No consultation of any relevance. No nothing. All just a sham. Even Ngati Rangi have promised consultation not that it may do any good. Do any of you remember my appeal to Ombudsmen’s Office seeking documents pertaining to preliminary meetings for the treaty settlement negotiations. Her reply was posted on the Ombudsmen’s web sight and under my name on Google, describing the reasons why she could not release the documents. Now I have not searched Google for that for awhile but it may still be there. Definitely worth a look. 

Are we not a democracy? Sorry to say guys. NO. We have our own Putin’s running around.

I will leave it there to-night. Plenty to impart but will leave it for next time.