Hi people. Sorry for my absence. We have shifted. Yes I have run away from all this environmental stuff, putting it all behind me. Well reading the latest Waitangi tribunal documents, I went 2 years to soon. But never mind. Who knows what the International markets have in store for us. The world is awash with printed monies, and inflation remains doggedly low. It seems to me that the worlds population is hording cash, thus my thoughts are a tough time coming.

Back to our shift. You would not believe the bad luck that dogged us as we shifted. My brother and brother in law plus a good friend from up the way turned up the last weekend before take over to help pack and shift most belongings to the new property. my good friend had to rush off abit early as a good friend of his suddenly died.

Next I was running back and forwards between with car and trailer, when I went to sleep and wrote the car off getting home. 2 days later we shifted proper, Mum, me, 5 horses, 2 cats, 4 dogs and a bit of other stuff, when Saturday morning just south of Waioru, bang went the front tyre of the truck and veered across the center line. I thought oh my god here we go again. Fortunately I was able to get a hold of it and get to the side of the road. You guessed it bugger all dosh on the cell phone, had to text our son and ask him to organize help. 2 days later  we were getting back up to pick up more belongings from friends ,had borrowed my sisters Ford Exploder when yes it exploded. leaving us stranded at Horopito.

Well we have made it here safely, but the problems had/have not stopped. No stock water, dodgy sewage systems, and the power line failed. 2 days later and the Power company decided to go over head. 3 days with out power. Can you imagine the bill.

Back to reality. Sharron and I are fans of Master Chief, Australia. Early in July they were on the road around Australia, cooking to environmental thymes. One was the beautiful and mighty Murry river. God god. What a filthy horrible sight it was. Mud. It looked like all the mud in Aus flowed down it. Yet the presenter waxed lyrics over its beauty. It made the Manawatu and Waikato rivers pristine in the quality of their waters. And no crocodiles. I pointed this out to my then member of parliament some time ago. His response was that Australia was not a significant exporter of food thus the markets did not demand such environmental standards. What a load of codswhoolip.. Can you believe it.

To me and this is more than a educated guess, it is politically driven. Nothing to do with environmental out comes. And driven from off shore. International money lenders, or one large money lender, bank, driving socialist outcomes that its leaders desire. Yes no guns or violence ,just threats of economic anniallation from  the Mc Gulicuddy oops Green Party.

The out come sort, “control of the Natural and Physical by Maori”. The people within who are captured participants are really concerned about it, but of course want their claims settled. They are taking the money.

The news is full of Jacinda Adearn. Her party’s policy seems to have nothing new ,just more farmer bashing. Lets look at some of the highlights in the news in recent times. July 24th. One News, Avon River , most polluted river in NZ. Followed coming weeks by One News reports of highways and byways closed by slips. All by treed cover. This not supposed to happen. Slips only occur on farm land. The Selwyn river in full flood, untold damage. Only months ago it was a polluted dry death trap caused by farming. The hypocrisy of it all.

A slightly different theme but still relevant. The Auditor General resigned. Mr Mathews, did not do his job. Must have liked the pretty lady, Joanne Harrison, just as he allowed his personal beliefs to interfere with my complaint to his office re Horizons Regional Councils activities in the Environment Court. Told me that a council committee approved the activity. Every body in a governance position knows a committee cannot approve policy. 

This last week Materia Turia  the Green /Mc Gulicuddy Party co leader admits to electoral and benefit fraud as a young solo mother. Benefit fraud to feed her child, electoral fraud by living with her then partner in her mates electorate as a Mc Gilicuddy Party Candidate. He got a 100 votes. To night she fell on her sword.

The issue is she has owned up to belonging to such a party, yet there are many many more in all forms of governance across NZ, carrying out their masters bidding, “Political Change” and destroying NZ’s economy. For Agriculture it is ridiculous rules surrounding land use and water quality, take Waikato for instance, their plan is estimated to cost the local economy up to $2 billion. (Country Wide, August  2017 page 40) and it will not achieve the out comes sought.

Most Nitrogen and phosphate come from Urban centers. Fact. Including rubbish dumps. Point Source discharges. None of their sewage and waste water plants are up to scratch. Just populous policies designed to capture weak peoples attention. Example . To night Nick Smith stating Agriculture will fence every stream and river in the country.

But it is not just Agriculture in the gun but Aquiculture too. Just look at what has happened to the oyster industry in the South Island. Wiped out. A disease that has been deliberately imported into NZ. Who would do such a thing?. ( AM Show Monday or Tuesday this week). one cannot help but think that Foot and Mouth disease will suddenly appear should agriculture prove more resilient than anticipated.

Should YOU vote for this bunch of Mc Gilicuddy Party Poops.?

Until next time