Hello people. I am writing this early ,14th of the month. I had to in case i forgot the subject matter later. The subject is same similar to the theme of this blog. It seems that NZ farmers are not the only ones being bullied into history. This last week ,11th of July ,as reported on the AM show , Dutch and French farmers have been protesting tough new land use restrictions based on Nitrogen Limits. In some districts as high as a 95% reduction in Nitrate leaching. They have been using their tractors to block the high ways and by ways and bumping large amounts of pooo here and there. . Siri Lanka farmers have suffered under similar policies with regard to their Agri based exports, look what has happened. The Govt ran out of money to buy fuel medicine and FOOD. Shutting down the country’s only oil refinery in the process, and no it was not only farmers protesting, the populous per say took to the streets, storming Parliamentary buildings, and refusing to leave ,resulting in the Govt capitulating .

Never happen here? Lets wait and see. I read in one of the Farming Mags, and may have quoted it in this blog. Fertilizers have enabled the worlds population to grow by an additional 48%. Could it be that the World Economic Forum wants to cut the world population by 48%?. Starvation. Disease, War. Read that out come predicted, in a Wealth Daily paper that pops up on the screen. Now that is the only out come that can be reached with how a lot of Govts are treating their producers of FOOD. Whether it be in out right land use restrictions or good horticultural land being gobbled up in urban sprawl because planners refuse to recognise the out come that will be caused. But then of course planners are driven by the various Local Govt acts that are particular to that country. Here in NZ it is the Local Govt Act. Enabling the RMA, and to implement. Clauses such as Out Comes and Wellbeing’s.  Along with clever wording written into District and Regional planning document’s that allow such people to achieve the out comes that many farmers world wide are now facing. That in future many urban populations are most certainly going to face. I have written in this blog some years ago of my efforts to expose such planning documents and methods of achieving, through the courts. It is the opening statements of the District and Regional Plans that must be attacked. Land Use Change. Unsustainable Land Use . Climate Change. Change the order of the wording of the Wellbeing’s to Economic, Social, Cultural, Environmental. As per the Local Government Act. Ensure that the Out Comes Associated with, re the Wellbeing’s in the LGA, are written in a manner that enables economic growth across all aspects of the economy to ensure that the above does not happen. Disease. Starvation. Social Unrest. War. It is all written in this blog. Horrendous what has, is going on within the council chambers across nations. Not only within Govt, but in every decision making body across the economic and educational land scape and including the media. These people have been very clever, playing the long game lasting decades. Started with a few, who worked their way into as described, opening doors to like minded who opened more doors and so on it went. Here we are today.

Groundswell sent a email last week asking for donations to fight the various West Coast District Councils and the Regional Council with regard to the Maori Cultural sights of significance and the SNA.s Sights of natural significance on private land. 1500 land owners affected. No consultation. Now i have a idea that the requirements for notifying the special consultative procedure with regard to items of significance has been dumbed down somewhat,(LGA) thus resource users have to almost pay somebody to scrutinize district and regional plans when released for submissions. What you say. What about Beef and lamb or the Feds. Well beef and lamb do do some work but it appears not all district plans, and the feds  .Well . You no my view on that organisation. Proof?. Read the Rural News July 5th 2022, front page. Out Going Feds leader, Karen Williams. Avalanche Warning. Lots of talk of environmentally sustainable Agri. Farm Plans, decreasing environmental foot print’s. States the feds are a broad -church of members and try’s to represent every one . can’t please all of the people all of the time. There is the problem. From my experience .with Federated farmers and Beef and lamb. They have been captured by the, trendy lefty minority. Think i am over the top. Need to green up a bit. All i can say is WAKE UP SMELL THE “SxxT” and do something about it. From Peru to Siri-Lanka, to Holland. France, and NZ. Farmers are being run into oblivion. That means big hungry problems for our urban communities. Not only that but Credit issues. $. Still not convinced. Read the farmers Weekly July 4th 2022. Front page .Feeding Frenzy. The World is facing a food crisis. The United nations stating that the war in Ukraine had compounded problems that have been brewing for years. Bit rich from a organisation running this One World Govt, I no.. But never the less. Can you believe this. The issue is so bad that the European Union will assist farmers to grow crops on 170,000 hec of land set aside as fallow to mitigate climate change. Just shows the stupidity of populous party’s policies. Has the Union dropped its Guts and is running against the world economic forums determinations. Will the next Govt here in NZ do a about face and spray out a few million hec,s of Pine and scrub. We will have to waite and see. But believe me. When the masses starve the crap will hit the fan. It will be a matter of just how bad the damage is  and the nations ability to recover from.

For gods sake start talking about it. But plant a garden. Veg