Hello readers. I got behind with this /last months blog and then found a 502 Bad what ever attached to the sight and could not access. Fortunately that went by the by its self and here i am. I was going to forgo this blog but watched the AM Show this morning. Probably the last timeĀ  for I discovered that this blog is about disseminating MISINFORMATION. You can read but do not believe a word. I am a conspiratory theorist and a right wing one at that who subscribes to Trump’s tweets. All i can say about the AM show is the heading. It has become a disseminator of Government Propaganda. Bring back Mark Richardson. I have said for years that NZ is a communist state, the abuse of Law and the democratic process has been horrendous. It is all well documented here in this blog. Past and this present govt have set in place polices that have/will push people to the brink of financial ruin. Most are working 24/7 just to keep their noses financially above water, thus are too busy to take any notice of what is really going on. Again all those reasons are well documented in this blog.

The Govts attack on those of us who are awake, via the Media, this morning, and those who are waking up to the above is unprecedented in my time. Never before have i seen the like. Past and present Govts need a ignorant and there for compliant population to implement its racial and undemocratic policies on the unsuspecting public. One must there for recognize a Govt in panic mode. For the population is waking up. More and more peopleĀ  all the time are starting to think about Govt policies esp the likes of 3 waters, covid and unfortunately climate change. All are recognized in that all are linked, including the Foreshore and Sea Bed legislation. Maori only schools totally immersed in maori language. We are being racially divided. What a joke it makes of the 1984 Springbok tour.

No i did not travel to Wellington to support or protest with the mandate protestors, but I certainly support them, Yes i am a supporter and protestor for 50 shades of Green and the Ground Swell movement. Yes i have had my photo taken and number plate noted. So i have become a activist.

What Past and this present Govt are terrified of is prisons full of political activists. It is either that or shelving their communist aka Great Rebalancing policies and therefore a return to what used to be the norm. I suspect we will see instead a foot off the throttle, the other on the brake, and a return to Nationals steady as it goes ,not to fast implementation of the above and other contenous policies so as not to unsettle the populous. Might be decades before a Govt starts “reprogramming/rebalancing society”. It is timely at this point to travel back through previous posts and read what i wrote at those times. Guaranteed to provoke thought. Recognition of. The dangerous times we now live in.

What do you think?