Hi Di HI. Oh well the Govt report into the climate change mitigation required for the East Coast as a consequence of the cyclone Gabriele is out. Seems the forestry guys have won the day and trees will stay. No new plantings for timber except where deemed appropriate. (Flat land.?). Forestry company’s will have to remove the slash, and to help with the cost Govt will use it at Huntly power station instead of coal. Yea Right. Knowing abit about such cost of removal that’s not going to happen with out huge consumer subsidy. Yes you read it right. The consumer will pay.  Electricity is about to get really expensive. Electric cars pine slash. That is if they get it to the furnace in time. Pine soaks up moisture and after awhile is only good for the tip. (Months). But Govt will still encourage Pine for carbon soaks. Great. In 30 yrs or less instead of slash it will be whole trees. Imagine the carnage that will cause. Good god. We are being governed by , well you no. directors dictated to by out side governance structure including the UN indigenous rights arm. Yes radicle maori want it back or as much as they can get. Only trouble is they thought it would all be farmable but most will be in regenerating bush. Our low land ag will pummeled into oblivion by over lea restrictive rules and regulation adding cost and destroying wealth. Do not believe me. I published the evidence some time ago. You will have to find for yourselves ,and you will learn as you read. scroll to the bottom of the page and push the button.

Hearing a whisper that HWEN is a gone burger. Jacinda’s pet project. She,s gone so. But will be replaced by a fertilizer tax. Yes it has been out there for a while so you can guess that it will be a hefty TAX. Already it is quite horrifying how many sheep and beef farmers have opted into, conned into, what ever for this regenerative ag nonscience. Heaps rank grass no cattle and pine trees to Africa. Yes even the Nat’s new candidate for Rangitikei. You can tell Horizons R C has their hooks into them. Another property out the back of Waituna. Steep hill. Same similar, but there is cattle ,male, set stocked on same feed , with sheep on crops on the easy country. Where is the breeding cow. Oh my god. I cannot believe how just plain dumb some idiots can be. Talk about adding cost, and destroying wealth.

Regenerative Ag will not work. You have read in this blog real time examples. During my time in Horizons, Agri-search started talking about “Natural Capital” ie farming pre solid fertilizer. Here is a example. My grandfathers property. Dannevirke. Weber Road. 480 hec. My father managed it . Very little solid fert. 2000 breeding ewes plus replacements. 50 breeding cows. And. After the property was split between family, my father finished up running 1200 ewes, replacements and 100 breeding cows plus replacement’s on 240 hec. That is the benefit of Phosphate/Sulphur.  Surely my readers must be coming to realise that no Govt in its right mind deliberately destroys it economy. It was to be carbon. Yes carbon. $52/t recently. It will go lower. Economy’s world wide are in the crap.. Believe me when i said that there will be blood on the floor over this. Or Govt of the day will step in, and when the political climate is right. Carbon farms will become the full and final settlement. Now it is the Tech Industry. In what form will this take and more importantly. WHERE is it. Surely it needs to be up and running full bore right NOW. NZ NEEDS $$$$$$$$. May be  it will be Re Gen practices or Fresh Water farm Plans. Labour is going full bore on the latter. Regional C,s have not the staff to implement. Seems Chippy is dead keen on getting it over the line so Labour can crow to the greeny/Maori Lefty’s come election time.

And if you think I am toooo tough on the Feds, well read the crap coming from the Gisborne/Wairoa Feds Chair, as reported on page 4 Farmers Weekly May 22 2023.

My wife and i went into Palmerston Nth to listen to the ACT Party Road Show recently. The Party Introduced another idiot ex Fed Chair Andrew Hoggard. Oh my god. All the Party is going to achieve will be more woke crap. When i challenged the party rep, with some choice words, very descriptive that I cannot repeat here. Said . Ah, but he no,s farming. And so do I, and my view is. The Feds are nothing but the Govt of the day puppy dogs.

Who do I vote for ?. Seems to me the 2 Party’s I could, are only interested  in Woke farmers views. As such we should all be really concerned .

Remember. The over arching theme of this blog is CLIMATE CHANGE. Unsustainable Land Use and policies coming out of Govt Ministry’s being pushed on to Regional Cs to implement. It is all there in the Regional/District Plans. Have you read them ? Yes even provision for Cultural this and that.

Had to have a little chuckle this morning. The AM show over the past day or 2, have been poking it at the Wellington City Council over its “Lets get Wellington Moving” election promise. Seems 8 independents from both sides of the political spectrum have had enough of council inaction. Traffic is still at a stand still. Public transport keeps breaking down, and now the population has had enough of all this climate change rhetoric and want to get Wellington moving. The Council on the back foot, issued a statement this morning stating. No it is not about transport, but getting people “Active”.

Till next time