Two days ago a partition from fed farmers arrived in the mail asking that I sign and gather more signatures and return. I am not going to do either. The preamble and the conclusion are commendable, but sadly the 4 bullit points are poorly thought out and written in a manner which is able to be interpreted by horizons staff as the GREEN LIGHT.

It reads as though fed farmers acknowledges that farming livestock is a significant problem to water quality.

But is it? We now know that ,heavens forbid, water rots the deeper and older it gets. That in Horizons Region, there is hardly, if any community sewage schemes that are compliant. [Dec enviroment comittee meeting agenda] and one only has to look at the Ruapehu long Term Community Council Plan 09-2019. It is all there and these schemes are all less than 15 yrs old.

A supporting document to  that …..plan detailing water quality, shows clealy that water quality is only a problem down stream of every sewage scheme out let in our region. Yes and including the Retaruke river confluence with the Whanganui. Whats right above , DoC public toilets.

So no ,I,m not signing and nor should any body else. Honestly did these people not learn any thing from the consultative process?