The Worlds Economic Cycle

  1. Interest rates up
  2. Stocks collapse
  3. House prices collapse
  4. USD collapse
  5. Gold up
  6. WAR
  7. Alliance meat processor come’s forward. Multi Million $ loss. to be announced.(76mil. Talking to a meat worker . They were told 91mil) Blames drought and other issues, namely China, causing a flood of cheap sheep meat products out of Australia on to NZ,s markets. My research says that the Aussi PM banned live exports of sheep to overseas markets. 10s,of 000,s dumped on to the processed export market. Not only that but the down stream effect of alot more stock held on farm. Ewes being sold for a 1$ each. Why a concern of this blog. If you understand Regional, District and Central Govt plans policies and National Policy Statements you would quickly come to realise that It is all about cutting the production of FOOD. Yes seemingly more food dumped onto world markets NOW. But what about next year or the year after.? And why isn,t the media doing their job. If i can quickly figure it out surely they can????.
  8. This morning i opened up my ph to read the worlds financial goss on Apec,s ,San Francisco Principles on Sustainability. Inclusiveness. Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation members adopted new trade and investment principles that seek to boost environmental sustainability and social well being. The so called “Principles” with regard to Trade and Investment Policy are aimed at considering “Economic, Social and Environmental” dimensions in a balanced way Into Apec members policies. But the rest is about Environment and then social, inclusivity to support the development of trade and investment policies to support strong balanced, secure and inclusive economic growth. And fostering the use of open, transparent, predictable and participatory processes when developing policies. Holding public consultations, particularly with small businesses, woman, indigenous peoples and other groups. All to support Clean energy transition. Go’s on abit more about the challenges facing groups with untapped economic potential to access trade and investment opportunities  and strengthening data collection and research to monitor economic, environmental and social impacts of.. Finally. Decided that the principles to achieve economic inclusion and sustainability for each economy may differ depending on our societies and what our economy’s look like. Measures should consider economic, social and environmental dimensions in a balanced way. Okey.? Sounds good? Oh yea. Heard all this before. Remember the consultation for Horizons ONE PLAN. Before i came along with the 3 articles published in the the Farmers Weekly August/September 2007. Mostly school children via “That” educational tool. “The Green Rig”. Now what is happening to NZ,s  economic base. (Agriculture). The bit on indigenous peoples untapped economic potential. Thank God John and i came along with our “Advisory Group” report that Hort NZ used in their appeal to the High Court with regard to Discharges and N Limits. And even more fortunate was that non other than Justice Ko,s was the presiding judge. He had already heard Property Rights in NZ,s appeal with regard to Bio-Diversity. (on the day we won. But.) His remarks paragraph 20-21 or there abouts. This is not a matter that is before this court. But it would seem to me that the appellants and others have had their right to Natural Justice deigned them. That is all  it took. The Then Govt. Sir John Key,s National led and Horizons Regional Council abandoned the whole sale roll out of the N limits across NZ farm land. Instead of being regulated off hill country . The Govt introduced “Carbon Farming”. This has allowed many farmers right cross NZ to exit with dignity.  And my appeal to the Environment court detailing the nonsense the Ruapehu District Council got up to regarding consultation ,or rather lack of it , when they changed the order of the Wellbeing’s as detailed in the Local Govt Act. And what they did to achieve the desired out come. And boy have they paid for it these last few years.  No i am not going to detail it. It is ALL reported in back posts. Time you read some more. Thus you can now get a better insight into my writing in these blog’s. And why i wrote with regard to National. A leopard never changes its spots. I am watching and now i hope you are to.
  9. I am publishing this early , do not want Chris to steal my thunder. Still have alot to write about at the end of the month           .