Hi people. Abit shorter today, Raining cats and dogs, but over due for such a event. Had just enough rain to keep the grass growing and that is all. I feel the above title is very suitable for todays political climate. Even the heading cut off the propaganda would be suitable. I am talking about Alan Emerson’s view in November 19ths Farmers Weekly pg 30. He is talking about Fish and Game. And the legislation before Parliament. \The Conservation Amendment Bill , gives the Dept. of Conservation wide powers to protect indigenous fish. From in particular predator fish. Kio carp, salmon and trout. You can understand that Fish and Game are running around like headless chooks, saying it is not us, but farmers who are the prob. Since trout are written into the RMA for protection, from??? I do not like Alans assertions chances, unless there of course is a amendment to the Act. National has said they will support the proposed legislation.

Next is all this climate change global warming propaganda that both Govts are force feeding us with. All it is about is the financial empowerment of Maori. Thus Govt needs a reason to interfere in the market, creating a reason for land use change ,thus the need for 2+ billion trees  over 2 million hec of NZ, which will mostly be for carbon sequestration. I have explained the process previously. Lifting NZ,s bio-diversity estate from the current 33% to 50% of NZ land mass. Fact. Not counting production forestry. The policy is to reduce agriculture in NZ to a local trade industry.

We have had, as you no, 2 very cold months. Poor strawberry crops, Heaps of snow. Not so many yrs ago we had the coldest March since 1938. Propaganda?

The carbon market is stalled at $25 per ton. My OMF newsletter 7/11/18 says that generators need $75 per ton to fund lower emission generation. The last 15% will substantial investment, and it will not get built at $25 per ton. Plenty of news and media comment about the struggles of the average NZer to balance their finances, yet what about this?

Did you no that Coal is the cheapest form of energy generation  there is. Both in the raw material and cost to build the generation stations. NZ has plenty. The US of A, billions of tons of it, 1,004 billion to be exact, and enough to last them for 500 years. Thus they are exporting millions of tons per yr. To South Africa., Kazakhistan, Morroco, Poland, India, Greece, China, Isreal, Australia, Czech Republic, Germany.  All these nations rely on coal to keep the lights on for 44- 93% of the energy for generation. South Africa, China, India and Australia , 70% or more . So lets get real here. There is no way that NZ is going to lead the world in saving its self. Dream on. So my assertion is that NZ is to become the carbon dump to the world, our $ will plummet over time as the agricultural economy winds down thus pushing carbon up in foreign currency exchange rates. Back in late July early August, Stuff .co .nz  reported that Maori are back at the board room  table demanding ownership of water, and my inside gossiper, says that a water tax is coming. Maori are going to court to get their tonga recognized. It seems Minister for the Environment Mr. Parker is trying to differentiate between “rights to and ownership of”. Is there a difference?

You have read it first here. In this blog. Next will be toll roads conveniently placed between the boundary’s of Iwi authorities. All got out of hand really. Get your money off shore. . You will make heaps bringing it back in as you need it. Quick before the govt reads this blog and imposes capital controls.

I sent this to Duncan Garner  and the breakfast team on TV3. Said it was about time they put James Shaw and Minister Parker to sword and asked the tough questions .After all there is plenty of concern expressed from the breakfast team for the health and well being of the nation. To date no response. Probably got binned as soon as the email and attachments hit the screen.

Promised this would be short(er). Merry Xmas.  I do not think there is going to be tooo many more.