Well with regard to my last post. Titled Lets get on with it. it seems NZ,s Defence Force is just that, Defence. And will not be going any where. Probably a bit of a relief  for them. All those bullets and bombs. Why do you say that?. Driving home some time ago just after 5pm a radio commentator was playing a recording of a radio interview with Comrade Jacinda. he asked. What is the labour Govts position with regard to Taiwan. One China. Jacinda did not hesitate. Bugger democracy. Jack The pratt Tane has finally grown some balls and cornered Jacinda  a week or so ago on Democracy.(Q&A) One person one vote. he was of course pointing the finger at Co-governance. Jacinda replied, refusing to answer, saying the question was TOOO simplistic.. The Radio media are giving Labour heaps, and it will only get worse (better). Now the TV presenters appear to be chucking off their muzzles and starting to do their job. Could it be that the partner at home is getting sick of the crap.?

Now these response’s  could pose some questions. And they would need to be answered.

  1. Assuming that Labour,s One China stance is driven solely by trade, given that China is by far and away our biggest trading partner, and has invested enormously in dairy and the meat industry.  Lets face it NZ,s income would shrink horrendously thus the govts accts.
  2.  If this is the case and NZ,s total Agri cultural exports amount to $52 billion. Why is this and the previous National Govts focus been on the demise of our agricultural based export economy, focusing instead on a Local trade agricultural industry servicing just NZ.? and encouraging Carbon Farming.
  3. What will replace that $52 billion export income.?
  4. What will become of degenerating carbon pine forests rotting on the stump and costing the owners .
  5. WHO will ultimately own these carbon farms.? After all it is all about Off Sets and when they become a liability under the emission’s trading scheme the owners certainly are not going to want to persist with them.

Could it be that they will fall into the hands of DoC. Then What?? A full and final treaty settlement.? A big circle. Bush to bush. Maori back to Maori.

Well the All blacks Had a good win over the inform Pumas last night. Cheika should no better than open his mouth too wide. (Puma,s assist coach). being an awesomestralian, he cannot help himself. But i stand by my assessment of the games the All Blacks lost this year and one thing in common. Northern hemisphere refs making up the rules as the game goes on. my view is the IRB has instructed the refs to even the game up abit. You cannot deniege the evidence. When the penalty’s aren’t flowing and the break down is policed correctly the All Blacks are just toooo good. Shame the NZ media have to make life miserable for a good coach.

Back to the blog. I read some confusing crap in the Farmers Weekly this last month and again in another, re carbon farming . Seems somebody is confused or is the misinformation term is now spreading to the print media. Carbon Farming is for real , for off sets , and speculation. Sure some will be harvested. (trees) probably a lot. But owners of the unites can certainly claim either in Off Sets or Cash. It is a good deal for all and sundry , the Carbon farmers are paying huge money for most land , up to $20,000 per hec and getting good $ for carbon and in anticipation of alot more. $214/t .(Farmers Weekly 8/8/22 pg 33) The sheep and beef seller is a multi millionaire over night. Something he/she could only dream of in days gone by. Such activity is encouraged by us the Tax and Rate payer. Horizons Regional Council and I am sure all other Councils encourage such Land Use Change with direct establishment grants of 50% of the establishment costs. We are paying to destroy our NZ Economy. There is nothing to take its place. The flow on effect to the consumer will be horrendous and not just limited to food. How are we to pay for imports? Our lives are going to be totally different. Thus now you can come to understand the phrase Jacinda termed. Be poor but happy. Or words to that effect. With Maori controlling the Natural Physical by way of the 3 Waters Legislation  it would seem they will be happy but as for the rest of us?

Shame of it all is that it is the inevitable destruction of the economic base of the country. Dairy is under the pump with a number of rules and regulation with regard to on farm activities including Bobby calves. These will not be allowed to be killed for veal, in yrs to come. Apparently the market for is going to disappear.

The flow on effect will not just be limited to as described above but infrastructure and property. We are just starting to see evidence of this. Fire and storm event damage. The misinformation media is in full swing during such crisis. Climate change it shrills. But the reality is trees. They burn, they fall over, they slide down hills, and float away, blocking and destroying all in their path. Look closely. Insurance company’s are talking un-insurance. Jacinda is talking about highways and by ways never being open again. Oh my god. Most people just do not recognise.

This Farmers Weekly article I refer above is tooo big with to much info for me to communicate in this blog but is well worth the read. Opinion by Keith Woodford. Mega Change’s on their way. Pg 33 08/08/2022. It would seem that this and including the previous Govt have been caught out by the unintended consequences of poor advice from ministry officials and others with regard to the current emissions trading scheme. I also note that Groundswell had a face Book Post up this last week saying that the Govt was going to can the current emissions trading scheme in favour of a Cap and Trade option.. Heavens forbid. What if it also covered Urbanisation, That would certainly capture urban NZ,s attention if  they had to account for annual emissions and pay for additional unites as and when needed. Bring it on.

I see McDonalds in America has quietly ended its brief and underwhelming plant based burgers range. It was launched as the chains savior to the impending climate disaster. It seems it was a PR disaster costing big $  even radicle vegans shunned them

The Hound’s opinion piece ,Rural News 30/08 2022 pg 14. reports that Beef and Lamb has also quietly exited its much publised lease on a station down south, where they were going to prove that Future Farming’s regenerative ag works . Seems it doesn’t  with Sam McIvor and Andrew Morrison deciding that it would take more money than their mouths could handle. I have reported on this shadowy Future farming group in a previous blog.

There we go people. Enough for today. There is heaps of material i could prattle on about but there would have to be blog a week. Remember. All this is referenced in Regional and District Plans. Those are the plans you have to submit against. Unsustainable Land use. Climate Change. The Well Beings . And the Outcomes sought to the Well Beings. LGA 2001. Need to be written in this order. Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental. With out comes to support economic growth in ALL its forms but particularly that providing FOOD. But remember you have to get past Big brother. That may well take alot more Mandate type protests.