Hi people. We have a new chair, councillor Gordon, runs a good meeting . No change in direction. Has done a flip flop on his inaugril speech.Totally devoted to the cause . Land Use Change. 2 councillors challenged his authority when he requested they wear a tye to Coucil meetings. A third was asked to with draw and apologise for a comment he made, where upon he told the chair, No. I notice that the CEO turned up to the next council meeting not wearing a tye.

Me I always wear a tye , has not done me any good, as I ,m still in the dog box. It appears senior staff and THOES councillors responsible for THAT Plan have long memories.  Do not know how the rate payer is going to pay for the cost of.  I notice that the term “intergenerational equity” is used alot more.On this note ,we were told lst yr that Horizons posted a $2.7 mill surplus as a result of efficiences of,  or underdelievery of services?. Was this the case? Rate payers should start taking a far grter interst in the Annual Plans esp the finances. Just what is going on.

Well well Cr Barrow has found him self in trouble, appears that  staff do not want to shake hands and have a cup of tea. may be he was premiture toasting the Feds success with a glass of wine in his hand as reported in the Palmerston Rag last yr.

The Annual Plan process has already run into trouble with a high profile casualty ,That Rig. causing deep divisions with in council and some councillors have thrown their toys out of the cot. One particular councillor seems to have a subjective memory, making rash statements and pointing the finger at me. Oh well thats life. Cheeky beggers are trying to reincorporate the old Green Rig themes in the Council web pages through the Communications dept. Also the Manawatu museum is putting together a feature which could well incorporate alot of noncense..

I see that the Horizons Regional Council is being sued ,pg9 catchments Ops 9th Feb.For failure to protect from flooding . The Council will vigourisly defend the charge.

The Manawatu River Accord has been signed. The Feds put their moniker on it in the finish. This accord covers the whole catchment and my concern is that, as we have seen up here in Ruapehu. Create a speacial project and in come the potental for buffer zones, and protected area zones etc, all appear to be based on spureous enviromental and cultural concerns. These are very serious and the underhand devious manner in which the District Council has tried to push these through in Ruapehu is unbelievable. So to the Manawatu Catchment Farmers , Its the District Councils you have to watch. What a shocker of a state we have found our selves in .Local Govt Officals and sypathetic councillors/ mayors are driving this having No Respect for Property Rights, which are the corner stone of Democracy. I note that    Coucillor Barrows water management zone that he farms in has taken a real hammering with regard to water takes. What for ,Trout?

On this subject, thoes of you that have followed my blog sight over the yr or 2 will have noticed that I reffer to the sec 31 roles and functions of the Resource Management Act. I had a item in the Stratagy and Policy committee meeting last week. Sewage schemes and the role and functions of Regional and Territorial Authorities, secs 30 and 31 0f the RMA. I have been telling council since I first arrived that the TA’s control the effects of the use and development of Land, Biodiversity etc. meaning that the Regional Council is no more than a toothless tiger. This has incenced councillors and staff so much, that last week in they wheeled Council Lawyer John Maassen. Staff set the scene by a subjective statement stating that Regional Council was the lead agency with regard to the sec 30 and 31 roles and functions of the RMA. Mr Maassen started a rather subjective interpretation of the sec’s at which point  I asked Mr McCartney where was the printed proof that the District Councils had transferred thoes functions(sec 31) to the Regional Council . I also reminded Mr Maassen that his own evidence to the Biodiversity and Heritage hearings stated quite clearly that it was Unlawful for Regional Council to attempt to Control the “Effects’ of Land use with regard to Historical Heritage. That it was a Territorial Authority Role and function. Sec 31 RMA. Silence. The Chairs face went bright red, his jaw dropping. Cr Barrow fummed as he had been told a lie when he asked staff if Taurarua had transferred those functions. probably why he is under the hammer now. Watch this space. Who is going to be on the council advisory committee to sit in on the One Plan preliminary Appeals. Currently it is Cr Barrow amongst others.

I have got the idea that there has been a concerted campaign by staff and other councillors sypathetic to the process, making out I am a idiot ,dip stick  brain dead arse hole. A bit of a joke who is ineffective. On that day I proved what a shocker of a place Horizons is and just how dangerous a fair percentage of councillors are.   

 I have reffered to the sec 31 RMA functions for a number of times I have been vindicated. The problem is that Staff are now using their sypathetic people in the District Councils to implement thoes shockingly distructive policys.  Please see this weeks Regional Council, Monday 21st, agenda for a subjective record of the minutes with regard to Maassen and I.

The Animal Health Board is frustrated that they are finding it difficult with regard to the uncertainty of funding as a result of a unsympathetic council  determined to make life as miserable as possible. The AHB cannot tender the ist 1/4’s of the financial yrs works programme because of the councils submission process. The AHB has to tender the proposed works in April May for the works programme for July, August, Sept. Horizons staff are gleefuly stating that the AHB is so inefficient that they cannot complete their works programme and are cutting the next yrs request as a result. Meaning that the AHB cannot use the unused funding to fund July ,August Sept again this yr or if they do there will be short fall at the other end creating even grter problems   as a result of the funding cuts , run out of     dosh to complete thier works programme there fore their stratagy.

I hope you are getting the idea.