Hello again. After publishing Nick Smith Kyoto press release last month I remembered that the Feds are pushing Indigenous Bio-diversity tree,d land cover. It seems there is more than enough on private land to cover for the carbon and methane emissions NZ emits. In fact when the DoC land is included NZ could soak up somebody else,s liabilities and create another income stream for NZ. There certainly is enough health, infrastructure and social outcomes in dire need of funding not to mention paying off overseas debt.  Why will Govt of every persuasion not recognize?. Our NZ plant breeders have breed a ryegrass cultivar that is being trialed in America. ERMA will not allow its release here for field trials. It soaks up heaps of carbon from the atmosphere. Why? Our sheep breeds of the wooly kind, all clean and green grow a re new-able fiber called Wool. All carbon soaked up from the atmosphere. Why will Govt,s not recognize its properties as a carbon soak. Thus you must all be getting my drift. All this garbage about climate change is just a cover for something else. I have printed the evidence. Treaty Settlements. Are our elected leaders just as bad as Fonterra’s management. My guess is both are of the same elk. Mc Gullicuddy Party members pushing for the giant leap backwards. It is all about adding cost and destroying wealth.

Sorry for the delay again in getting this post out. Been out of the country. Yep. I would bugger off for good, immigrate but my wife will not go. We have 3 grand children in Australia and our son and his daughter in NZ. Our hands are tied. Well you would have seen my last post heading. Now 14300 malicious attempts to login to the sight. Somebody is really determined to stop the truth. I have come to the conclusion that people by and large have had a guts full of all this climate change nonsecence. On both sides of the Tasman. The last straw seems to be this young silly girl taking center stage at the United Nations meeting 2 weeks ago. Telling us all off for not doing enough. Here in NZ we have teachers using school children to march in protest at lack of action, all getting up peoples noses. Now I do not need to say anything , but people I associate with are all pixxed off  with the garbage. Over in Aussi, talk back is full on. The written media have it plastered over the front page (sic) Road Kill. Speed bumps. Leave them glued to the road. On and on they go. Sco Mo, Scott Morrison PM of Australia told the UN delegates to butt out of Australia’s affairs. WE are a sovereign nation and will not be pushed around by the UN. There you have it. ( The Australian. Friday 4th Oct 2019 pg 1. Dangers of Global Agenda.) . Our Leaders past and present are falling head over heels to satisfy the UN’s directives.

Took us 3 hrs to fly from Aus. to Wellington. 3hrs to get from the Airport to home just north of Levin.  The roading infrastructure. It is an absolute disgrace getting out of the parking and up to Levin. Pathetic 2 lanes, heaps of turns and traffic lights continued by a 2 lane road called state highway one. Maybe a slight exaggeration there is the odd piece slightly better. But my point is that a world class economy needs better transport routes, and that stretch is 3rd world, a shocking introduction to NZ for any over sea’s visitor driving or traveling that stretch of Highway.

I see the conservation group 50 shades of Green is planning a march on the Bee Hive in November. That will be interesting. I wonder what MP(s) will great us and what they are likely to say. My guess is that it will be meaningless. Simon Bridges might front and say give us 2 ticks next election and we will look after you. Winston could front and say “Well you bumb arxx’s keep voting for National”. and Jacinda just might step out and talk about the need for well beings and mention suicide.

Thus you have got my drift. But man oh man somebody really wants to get into my webb sight. 1000 attempts in 1 month. 333 a day, 14 a hr.  Now that is somebody from a specific sight ,work place, Govt Ministry. Last time my man traced the hack to ….. Yes Massy University. Gave me the IP address of the computer and his  business card, no not the hacker, and told me to give it to the Police when I laid a complaint. Yes the Police after a month declined to act.

There you go guys. GO SCO MO. There is the odd drop kick in Aus who wants to swap Sco Mo for Jacinda. My guess is the majority here would jump at the opportunity.

Hopefully before the end of the month. Catch ya.