The election been and gone. I have to say i voted for the main stream party’s this time. Billy T is in jail. Got 3 years for leading the anti vaccine march through Auckland. Govt then turned around and canned the mandate. Chippy,s gone to ground. Sulking in his fantasy world. And a fantasy it was. Lets face it even Maori dumped Ms Mahuta, the face behind the Co-governance escapade. Our overseas debit trebled, all that $ piled into the economy caused huge inflationary pressures and now the interest rates are sky high. I no of farmers whos’ interest bill has doubled, and home owners who are about to face the same. 100,000,s hec of good farmland went into pine trees, mostly owned by overseas investors.  My view Jacinda and chippy new exactly what they were doing. Not to say that national would not have done the same. You just have to understand the out comes sought. Most people just cannot get their heads around that. NZ First is back. Good old Winston ,Not so sure about Shane. Winston talks scence. On the money. No bull shit. And remember it was not till the 2nd term that Labour really showed their hand with regard to anti Agricultural and Co-Governance legislation. Shane spoke honestly in the minor party,s TV1 debate, with regard to the treaty. The rest of them, all younger, mostly maori, only wanted to recognise a interpretation that suited the outcomes they seek. But he will not support a referendum on the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi as per the RMA. A meaningless sec of the RMA . It is my view that it allows the Govt Ministers of the day intervine in the judicial decision making process o the courts. I have experienced this. I write of this in Property Rights Appeal to the High Court Bio-D provisions One Plan.

So yes i have to say that I am happy with the out come of the election. Still 600,000 votes to be counted. Some candidates, could go, and new ones arrive. Winny might still be the PM. I have no time for the Greens.13 seats in Parliament. It is a party made up of 18 – 25 yr olds, whose woolley  thinking cannot be comprehended. They live in a fantasy world that is the greatest degradation of the environment you can get, yet refuse to acknowledge their own environmental foot print. Are they being encouraged, manipulated and used by another force hidden in the shadows, to achieve the outcomes sought. Of course i am talking of the great reset that is starting to be spoken of via the internet.

I also read via farming papers  and adverts with in in the past month. Beef and Lamb, and some dangerous people all singing a different song with the possibility of a change of govt. I dare say many of them are hoping to pick up cosey jobs as a change of Govt could well provide. I note the Feds have gone very quite. Been that way for a while. Must have recognised that heaps of them are disappearing. Remember it is voluntary organisation whos’ members pay a sub.

Bye for now