Okey, so in my last post i made some observations re RMA reform, the treaty referendum, and Regional Council reform. Very next day i read in the NZFarmer , RMA Changes End War on Farmers. Says Fed Farmers. (pg 11 Regional Round up May 2024.) Aim is to reduce regulatory burden on councils and thus consent applications. Included are amendments to stock exclusion regulations, a repeal of winter grazing regulations, 3 year suspension on identifying new significant Natural Areas, and streamlining of mining consenting and changes to the consenting requirements under the NPS for Freshwater. Grt. Go back a couple of pages in the same mag pg 8 ,Opinion, and  Hort NZ boss Nadine Tunley says Amendment’s to proposed reforms needed to protect highly productive land. If the RMA changes do not prioritize food supply, it will worsen our food security, and increase the cost of living for NZers. Far bigger than thus, Building laws and cost of, to  Agriculture. Opinion, pg8 same mag. The Pork industry also fears misinterpreted policy wording threatens its future. pg 8 Farmers Weekly May 20th 2024.  My thoughts are . Wait to see what amendments come out of District and Regional Plans. To my knowledge no body is attacking the opening statements of such long term plans. Climate change. Land Use Change. And the Well Beings and Outcomes of the LGA. All this is covered in this Blog. Changes are essential to all, for this is what drives council planners and thus policy and Plans. Who drives the planners.? Govt. AND we have Dairy NZ Working to establish a low Nitrogen future for dairy farmers. Natural N grows grass. Grass grows $. Only way to look at it. N is also one of the pillars of life. The future of Fertilizers. Soil scientist Doug Edmeades observes. Quotes Gulliver’s Travel’s. Who ever could make 2 ears of corn or 2 blades of grass to grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before, would deserve better of man kind, and do more essential service to his country, than the whole race of politicians put together. How true is that. He says that with out fertilizer NZ would go broke, and the manufacturing industry needs to fight for its existence. Pg 7 of same mag. Crickey. Not often this paper turns up in the mail box. Almost if it is timely think twice people edition. Read the whole article. For next it will be us. Of course if you really understand the environmental out comes sought, then that is the logical conclusion. pg 29 of same Mag. On the same issue. Page 10. Farmers Weekly May 20th 2024. You can,t have the Gas, nor the $. Regenerative Ag. Beef and lamb say conscious foodies prepared to a premium for produce from. At odds with a Rabo Bank  economist report quoted in this blog. A survey funded by Our Land and Water carried out by Ag First Consultancy in the Nth Is found that it comes down to the farmers personal priorities. And it is all bad. Lower production. and on the face of it lower GHG out puts 3.9 tonnes per yr, but not so the feed conversion efficiency which played into higher GHG emissions, beinging 25% higher than conventional farming. Profitability also being lower , by $340 per hec.

Another bitch i have is Beef and Lamb chair. pg 3 same mag, Diversify to mitigate risks. I farmed for 40 odd years. A wise old head said . Do not chase the market. For when you get there it will long past its best. How true is that. Just look at the Honey job. Farm Tourism. Odd success, particularly close to major population centers,  But by and large, most have been a costly struggle. The honey farming industry with regard to RMA changes and local Govt Plans. Most councils have now enforced the no clearance of Manuka, thus there it is stuck in a no use zone. A classic example of Govt interfering in the economy for What Out Come. Land Use Change. Climate Change. Interesting what you find when looking for info. Dialed up Titanium. A stock pick on the Australian stock exchange. Found one. Its blurb also made the statement. Sea levels world wide have been stable for the last 6000 years.??. Put a cube or more of ice in a glass of water.  Mark the level. Wait for ice to melt. I rest my case.

NZ First Winston Peters really put it to radicle maori this last week. Sec 8 RMA. I have discussed this previously.  ACT want a referendum on the wording of the Treaty Document. Radicles both in and out of Govt want to rewrite it giving absolute authority to Maori. Yes i stand by that. Think about it. National sitting back in the side lines saying bugger all and looking to the future with out its 2 partners. Laughing?. Here in the local paper, Horowhenua chronical, pg 3  May 24th. Remember National Party. Auditor General promotes better links with Hapu, Iwi. Regional Councils urged work on relationships? to support better Fresh Water management. Go back along way in this blog and you will read some interesting stuff that Iwi and Hapu are seeking. And the Nats were in Govt. Remember. A leopard never changes its spots.

So wondering where all the above and dramatic negative environmental out comes from Central Govt interfering in the economy for delusionary outcomes, political and otherwise have led NZ. Billions of $ in costs. How is this Govt addressing its self. Swinging the axe at Scion. The Crown forestry research institute will lose 10% of its staff. My thoughts are that maybe the whole unite needed to go and the Crown also needs to look closer to home in offices of the halls of power.

Productivity at our ports. Moving containers onto and off ships. Productivity slides. Why.? I say all part of the plan. Shipping company’s will  either demand more and more $ to come ,which is only reasonable, or not come at all. The tenticles of the disease strangling Agriculture are many and varied, all seeking the outcomes desired. Have you thought about rural roading. All here in the Farmers Weekly May 20th 2024.

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