Hi Di Hi every body. I would love to say that my blog has caused all this fuss that was happening middle of July the 16th . Ground Swell. But not enough of you readers to make such a difference ,unless of course you all are prolific Face Bookers and are handing my blog on. But wasn’t it great to see. I cannot wait to be involved in the next one. Need to get the NZ Truckers Association behind it as well.

Minister Parker was interviewed on the AM Show that morning the 16th July ,and dismissed the event as nothing to be bothered about. Quote. I have many farmers and farmer groups telling me to forge ahead. I bet your bottom $ that those groups are Land Corps environmental Corps. Beef and Lamb, the Feds and any other individual regenerative drop kick Minister Parker wants to listen to. All nothing but a bunch of Cxxk Sxxkxx,x that have been carefully groomed and manipulated and infliltrated into positions of influence.

Whilst on that date, the 16th. did you take notice the flooding in parts of Germany. TV One News. Whole villages flooded away. Monsoon like rainfall. Blaming Climate change ,man made. But did you notice the clips of the real reason. Trees. Yes Trees. And did you notice all of those hill sides covered for now in TREES. Yep. Here in NZ we have seen the same issue, Tolaga Bay, Tasman. to name but a few. Trees grow. They grow big. And when they get to big and a decent storm comes along they act as a giant dam. They hold the water up there until they can no more and man do they let it go. Every thing goes , soil, trees water, any thing in its way, and the cycle starts gain. Moss, shrubs, and finally tree’d cover. Then. Did you see Seven Sharp Friday 30/ 07. 15 million pine tree seedlings and a bunch of maori chaps making $600 a day plucking and bagging them in prep for planting. Next yr 17 million. You work it out at a 1000 per hec. How many jobs will be lost to the agricultural economy a  consequence. And I think mostly Maori. The clip made this out to be big deal. I thought it was more about the Labour Govt and the minister of broadcasting  giving the finger to Rural NZ. Really really sad times. Next will be the looming mortgage crisis. What will our urban cousins think when they find that the Govts bail out of stressed home owners winds up with their  sections land value privatized and then sold out from under them. Who will own that section?

Tonight Tv One. Tu Wharetoa win a land mark court decision, enabling the tribe to issue and charge a licence fee for users of the surface of lake Taupo. 10 yr terms. My view. I wondered how given that the District Council under sec 31 (1)(e) RMA controls the actual, potential effects of the activities in relation to the surface of water in rivers and lakes. If they are the legal entity for the surface , then surely they are the entity for which fees must be paid to if such a charge is required? Could it be that the Taupo District Council quietly transferred that function with out using the special consultative procedure as required by both the RMA and the Local Govt Act.  Well you have read before how the RMA allows the relevant Minister of the day to interfere in the decision making process using sec 8 of the RMA. The Treaty of Waitangi. There is going to be a lot more of this just as there has been a lot in the past. The abuse of law has been horrendous. Over the years my loyal readers will have been given a real insight into just where successive govts on both sides of the house are taking NZ. Heard of that once prosperous country in Africa . Rhodesia. Look at it now. South Africa. Worse off. Here in NZ with our vastly better education system the UN has had to be more subtle going about seeking the out come sought. National went about in a quite steady as it goes manner. hardly new what was really going on, sure plenty of dodgy court decisions making a mockery of the law and appellants. But Labour under the youth communist Party leader are going for broke. It is so bloody obvious now that I wonder when the population at large are going to come out of their shells.

Again my view. All school children must learn Maori. Ministry of Education directive? I cannot help but wonder if it is as a consequence of Maori children being made to learn English 100 and something yrs ago. If it is, then it is all really petty and gives me a idea of what is to come. UTU. Revenge. Thus one must fear for the loss of  a once grt little country. The loss of a politically, socially  and economically  stable country. And as one person with a inside view said. When the crap hits the fan. Do not expect the Army to come to Majority’s aid. No I am definitely not racist. Many would say so and I expect that. But those who no me will say no. I am merely stating the obvious from a informed perspective. It is not pretty. NZ is being deliberately segregated racially. No good will come of it.