Hi readers. I just want to clarify what I meant to say in my last post, but got carried away writing and forgot.
During my whole time in Horizons Regional Council, staff and the Catchment Op chair insisted that tree’d cover of land was the only method of stopping significant erosion. Of course they were supported by the Chair of Council, chair of the Environment Committee, and one or 2 other puppy dogs, that liked to lap up the spoils that came from being subservient to the top dogs. Most councilors were totally ignorant of the argument and just went along with the status quo, because they did not want to be seen as not being part of the team.
Well I had this piece of science by one A Dons, that was carried out in the Kaiangaroa Catchment. I mean “had” as it strangely disappeared, along with Rodney Hides speech notes to the Local Government Conference in Wellington, July 2011.But of course that is another story, if I haven’t already covered it in a post at that time. Yep gone. Bit of a bugger. Mr Dons research covered sediment loads from a forested catchment (indigenous), a pine catchment, and a pasture based catchment all within a greater area. He got a bit frustrated and pulled the pin after 18 months or so but never the less he reported on his findings.  That was that sediment loads from the pasture catchment were less than for either of the tree’d catchments, so much so that he doubled the size of the pasture catchment because he reasoned that sediment was some how disappearing down a hole in the middle of it. The Indigenous catchment had the highest sediment load of all, being heavy particles of, I presume clay, which he reasoned was as a consequence of greater stream flows from, as opposed to either of the other 2. Did you notice “GREATER”. Well I took notice and started searching for science that supported his observation. What caused the greater stream flows. Higher precipitation. That’s my view, or was it that there was a bigger source of water flow from the indigenous sight? Lets face it. Around here it is always raining in that bush. Anyway there is no science to support my theory, or is there.? If there is, nobody is trying to find it.

So 3 weeks ago I rang up Landcare  and got put onto a scientist there, who said no problem I knew Mr Dons well, great guy, and I know of the paper you want. Well bugger me dead, Back he comes 2 days later. Mike. It is strangely missing from the Journal archives. He emailed a copy of a request to another colleague for help. Last week I got back to him via email. You guessed it, at the time of writing I have had no response. Silence. Maybe he has been threatened with dismissal. Any way there is the Ombudsmen’s Office. Although that seems to be effected by the same disease. But I will report on my effort to track down this bit of science in a future post. You can be sure of that. You guys can have ago. It is report 17:161-178, from the NZJForestry Science. 

Last year I made a submission to the Horizons Community Plan. I reported on it at the time and I submitted that all this retirement stuff was just going to add cost to our already over burdened rate payers and the Regions economy. It would not work and in fact only make matters worse. I quoted another bit of research that I had. This time titled Impacts of Agricultural Land Use. By Stephanie Parkyn and Bob Wilcock. It describes the form of streams in indigenous state and in that what happens when agricultural practices are introduced. And what will happen when stream bank fencing or land retirement are introduced. Over the page there is a descriptive section dealing with indigenous fish. It concludes with the observation that Eels thrive under the warm grassy banks of the streams.

There it is guys. Pines are really bad for  water quality. More science tucked away. Pines acidify water. Pines acidify soil. So much so that I am reliably told that the reconversions of pines to dairy, 6 tonnes of lime per hec is applied. Up here at the local Kaitieke School. Horizons have done their educational bit and encouraged the kids to build a wetland and conservation area, supplying plants etc. The aquatic bio-diversity is flourishing in the school wetland. But in the creek underneath it . ” Zilch”  Yep. You guessed it  there are heaps of pine trees up that catchment.

Big problem is what does this mean for the Blue Duck. Remember Horizons and DoC have this Kia Wharite project going here, and if Pines are acidifying the water, destroying the aquatic Bio-d that the Blue Dick depends on, well one can only surmise the out come. Any way may be Horizons are waking up to that now and I understand that Manuka is now the flavour of the time. It seems that there is a new variety of Manuka out that has a lot more flowers that yields 3 times as much honey as the native variety. Apparently Horizons are offering large environmental grants to land owners to plant this model, taking the first 5yrs carbon and then it’s all yours. 6 farms have been sold in the district to Bee’s. I understand more are to go. The money is reasonable so cannot begrudge the owners taking it. It is as one land owner I talked to said. “Mike I would have had to have had rocks in my head not accept it.” Government Valuation $800K. v $3 million. I would too. Not good for the community of Ruapehu. No wonder the hopeful mayoral candidate Mr Till is using tourism as his election platform. 

What is all this about. Well my theory is that the Ministry of Justice is wanting to create a new National Park incorporating both the Tongariro and Whanganui National parks. Again document from the Waitangi tribunal which described the boundaries and the reasoning behind. Again I have lost this doc, being that it was hacked from my computer, God I have really upset somebody. Sometimes I think that somebody is devoting a  life’s work to preventing me from being effective. Anyway it is part of the Wai 575 Ngati Tuwharetoa Te Hue Hue Claim.

I have thought a lot about this of late, given that the abbreviated version of the One Plan issued when the hearings panels had finished their work described the Bio-diversity provisions as seeking to enhance, expand and link. Yes most certainly that is the only outcome that I can see for southern Ruapehu.  To go with that there was a big hui down at Whakahoro, May 2012, I think pretty sure it was 2012. And it was not the Hui on the matter. Had one in the town hall in Taumarunui preceeding that, and the projector broke. Caused a bit of consternation given the material that was to be presented.

As a consequence of that a chap I knew well rang me and expressed real concern as to the out come sought. Mike they want, (meaning Government officials) , to create a new National Park and the area is huge. I went through the official information act and yes again after abit of argy bargy obtained a map that identified all the sites of what is considered sights of significant indigenous bio-diversity. That’s me. I will have to dig it out and have a closer look at it to determine the exact area to be included.  But I believe it takes in all the Kia Wharite project mentioned above and probably abit more.180,000 hec.

Since I and my friend John stuffed the Nitrogen leaching values by exposing Horizons unlawful activities in the environment court, Chapter 5 Discharges and Nutrient Limits,(I have reported on this in previous posts) the Ministry of Justice and their lackies in Local Government, yes I say local Government as this is far bigger than just Horizons, have had to invent new ways of achieving the out come sought. Carbon and Manuka Honey. Well It looks as I have already stated that to be paid a fair price for the property is far better than  being regulated off it by some dodgy science using a tool that is even more dodgy (Overseer). Shame that the industry harvesting Manuka honey will find that their investment is not sustainable in that Manuka is recognised as the first stage of reversion back to Indigenous forested lands. It does not take long, 2 decades or so, and it is well on the way. Of course they will have claimed some carbon, probably quite abit, and hopefully made more than enough $ to have paid for the investment. Once the carbon has been claimed on this land I do not believe anybody will pay the penalty to clear it again.

Carbon. Where to from here. The new British Prime Minister is a climate change sceptic. Theresa May. She has appointed Boris Johnson as her Foreign Secretary, and between them the first thing they did was abolish the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Source is a British news paper   the Journal July the 11th. In the same paper, July the 13th, it reports on a solar experts prediction of a mini Ice Age developing from 2020 lasting for 50 years. Something to do with sunspots on the sun. The Straights Times, July the 9th reports. Carbon markets facing a black hole. I do not really understand the argument but it seems that the value of carbon in Europe is not worth a lot and in danger of obliteration. Investor confidence destroyed. Well our market has boomed from $2 to $18 today. Is it a flash in the pan stuff before the European mood hits here. What does this mean for NZ. Is it a burden on consumers/industry shoulders that our major trading partners are already turning their backs on. 

I had plenty to talk about but I have probably said enough for now.

Bye for now.