Well Well. 2 ticks. Yes there it was on TV 1 some time back. . Luxton and his side kick, Forgot her name. She  concluded the interview. Give National 2 Ticks. That’s it. Just who is National going to form a coalition Govt with? Remember last months post. A Leopard “NEVER” changes its spots.

There we have it. Wednesday nite 07 th July. Item on TV1 news. New Science Curriculum out for 2ndry Schools. based on Gender bending and Climate Change.. Meow. Gender stuff will make young people afraid to open their mouths and voice a alternative view. Climate change will be used to prepare our children for the inevitable degradation of their standard of living, that they are now used to. Yes right across the financial divide. Not many will be spared. Only the chosen ones. This is as sure as, as subsequent Govts continue to suppress economic growth and our export led economy based on Agriculture. Another concern that i have is that most TV 1 evening news at 6, feature one or more items concerning Racism, and Climate change. Govt propaganda machine is in over drive on these subjects, and one has to wonder what the above will look like under a center right Govt, should the Nats just happen to sneak past. I just cannot help but wonder what the voting turn out will be. And i keep thinking about the front page Otago Times feature the day after the last election. Statistically impossible. Yes it is featured in my blog subsequent to the last election. Tax is certainly going to be the big one going forward. And as David Seymour is saying to the Green Party faithful. Tax, Tax and more Tax. From trusts to death. And every thing in between. Govts desperate to plug the holes in a sinking ship will certainly tax foreign currency transfer’s as people try to get their wealth out of the country. . Sad really. Have you seen those social media pics of Russian highways and buy ways.. Full of pot holes. Have you traveled far here. NZ is not far behind. Noticed that every major weather event featured on the News, where torrential wet weather events have happened causing sever damage to assets and infrastructure World wide What is the common factor?. Trees. Think i am to negative? Just reading the narrative. I see Peed off maori are heading off to the United nations once again.(17th July) Seems they have been speculating in Carbon. The market has crashed , back $42 at one point from the yrly high of $80. You have read my previous thoughts on this speculative venture some time ago. I said there would be blood on the floor. Seems like it is Maoridom’s. Are they hoping to double dip, getting the UN to pressure Labour to front up with the $16 billion they claim, and there then profit when the market again climes to previous heights.? We will never no. Housing. There it is on TV1 news tonite.(17th July) Labour to negotiate with home owners of property’s for sale in Culturally sensitive urban areas. Then return to Maori. A slightly different take on  my assertion some months ago. But they must have been reading my blog. Language. Heard from  very reliable source some months ago.  By 2030 the official  and only spoken primary language in NZ will be Maori. NZ,s 2nd language will be Chinese. Have you switched the Telly on 6.30 am to the kids channel. And tonite again the 17th of July and the TV1 news is full of news regarding Te Reo. Yes it is coming and fast. Health. You have read in my blog. Population control. Laughed at me?. Think health. Who has priority access.? heard of a elderly person needing a hip replacement Already waited  6 months. Just been told . Sorry another 6 months. How many hundreds for the same, similar or other, are there out there being told the same. That is just the start. Health.  Yes electioneering is in full swing and oh my god . Are the printing presses’ going to be going flat out.

$41 billion. That’s our balance of payments deficit. See below. and my old Horizons mate John Barrow (Taurarua) has flown the coup. Yep immigrated to Awesomestralia . His email to me is a must read. See below.

To nite 19th July, Chippy announces a borstal type holding for juvenile delinquents who are persistent ram raiders. Got to no a lady in the meat industry. $1 million worth of meat shoplifted from super markets each week. NO body is talking about this. WHY ????

Horizons Regional Council; has called for submissions via face book ??? for water takes. Yes, the consultative process has been dumbed down and any old method of quietly calling for submissions will pass. Seems all the fresh water is concentrated on the poles, and every body else is using far to much. Water takes are featured in the notified version and must of course be a feature of the One Plan. All water takes are being or have been re worked towards a common expiry date being 2030. The plan also states these will be reviewed with a emphasis on “conservative”. My view. $ 1 million  worth of meat shop lifting will be “conservative”.

Yep. Chippys Govt is going flat out ramming through nonsensical legislation imposing extra regulatory $ regression on farmers. The latest is the NPS Bio-Diversity. I will be brief. It is all about quite simply. Protecting, Enhancing, Growing, Linking. Starts at .5 of a hec. All this hype about planting areas in Bio-d will come back to haunt  woke farmers big time. The Feds, Beef and Lamb, Regional Councils are promising all sorts of incentives including carbon credits. Dream on.. The cost of accessing will blow that idea away. Yep rare snails, spiders, slugs, wetter’s will all suddenly appear. Think. 3 trees in a .5 hec area can also become a area of significant bio-d. Am surprised that Luxton is promising farmers. “For every  regulatory impediment imposed on farming National will remove 2”.? Not what departing Rangitikei rep, Ian McKelvie told me 2 years ago. Remember. 43% 0f NZ,s land mass is in the conservation estate. To be even thinking about bio-d on private land is lunacy. Thus once you get your head around that you start to understand. This is not about conservation. But the destruction of NZ,s economy. Think 41$ billon in deficit. No amount of woke,ism or technology exports are going to help turn that around.

Month ago it was slope over 16 degrees. Try stocking that with live stock.. Thank goodness for Ground Swell. But be sure . NZ needs a Rural Party in Wellington. How bad has it got to get before Rural NZ deserts both Labour and National and runs with its own political representation. Of course it will be far 2 late. To get sane fiscal govt is all but gone. The politicians all want to get elected again. And another term of this crowd will be the end of us. Why even Eddy Jones, the Wallaby Rugby coach is cucking off at our economy. All the world no,s how bad it is here. That is all but the NZ voter. And who is holding up the $NZD. You have heard me prattle on about this before. Lamb, Beef and Dairy product prices have hit the wall big time, meaning there is going to be a even bigger balance of payments deficit at the end of this financial year. As the NZ Rabo Bank man said at the bank conference in Sydney earlier this year. NZ needs to produce and export more “FOOD. NOT LESS”. All 4 Plans that make up the ONE PLAN are recognised. In that they all lead to one out come. Unsustainable land use. Land Use Change. Carbon Sinks. And it is those words that need to be challenged by the Feds, Beef and Lamb, Dairy NZ. They no alright, but for some reason will not. Why???

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