Morning or Good moaning as my friend John likes to open with. The Long Game. Various political academics ,the National party and my self have described, played out or allured to. The devolving of the Natural and Physical as described in the Resource Management Act. To Maoridom. Could it be that Jacinda and her evil team of commo,s have decided that they want to be the Govt that determines that the long game is too long and now is the time. Minister Parker was on the TV 3 morning show pre Xmas. Labour will win the next election. Indeed i am thinking that the white wash was in fact a rigged election. And i have given the example as the Otago Daily Times front page immediately after the last election. Statistically impossible.  my wife and i worked as electioneering officers for the previous elections going back along way. The MMP referendum held under John Key’s Govt. We did not count the votes. We could have easily. Instead were instructed to place in box x and seal. Who counted them? I say evil because a recent email attachment came through from Cam Slater. Comes from a man who and including his family, has been involved in the administrative and reporting side of politics for decades. He labeled Jacinda as pure evil.

I have picked up from my wife’s schools, staff room chatter, that banks are declining mortgage applications on the basis that applicants drink too much coffee at the coffee cart on the way to work. Stupid right. Well no. I have also picked up via the internet, that Jacinda and her ugly team are planning to call up all mortgages this year. Of course there is no way that most will be able find the $, Labour will pay out the banks which will crash, simply because they cannot exist with out charging a margin on loans. and associated charges. Blue collar workers are in for it as is farmers. Esp the dairy side. Jacinda is already on record as saying there is no future for dairy in NZ. A small block of land up the road. 23hec subdivided into 7, years ago. But only now on the market. The vendor all smiles 2 months ago. But then he started talking about one buyer asking for more time and now i see it advertised in the Local again. 23.6 hec. Could be a marketing ploy but there are no SOLD signs up yet. Now you can say Where are you coming from. But remember. You Read It Here First.

Oh my gosh. Now i do not want to be repetitive but there it is. Just as we all no when we go to the super market. Farmers Weekly Dec 6th 2021 pg 34. Price out ways carbon foot print. You will remember i quoted a Rabo Bank market commentator some time back as saying just this . Never heard from her again nor from the young chap Proudfoot who was regularly in the farming media. His thoughts were. Caution with Environmental Whole Farm Plans. Never heard from him again. I guess after this article we will never hear from UK Farmers Guardian either. Too few customers prepared to pay a premium for food that has a smaller carbon foot print. And the super markets are wary of promoting foods on this basis because it might under mine their own brands. Now you will remember me prattling on years ago whilst a councilor about the Resource Management Law Association conferences I attended. Stopped going in the finish ,i just could not put up with the utter Bull Shit these guys pushed down the audiences ears. Nick Smith. Paul Majeure. 2 that spring to mind or should I say cannot forget. Majeure for his Maori way with regards to environmental regulation. Most of the audience I concluded were councilors, council planners and hearings commissioners. Although i met 2 other farmer spies from Northland. No wonder our property rights have been decimated. And Beef and lamb, govt agencies, and the feds, including any other wanna be continue to push the consumer demands nonsense that simply is not true.

Recently a series audio presentations have come through, and no I have not listened to but it appears that the great reset is underway. And yes the United Nations and the World Health Organisation are sending the world back 200 years. The now time is NOW. You will have read in this blog that it is my view that that is the out come sought. Jacinda is recorded in her  address to the world economic forum recently, that NZ will be the first country to implement the Great Reset. It is obvious to me that the protestors protesting against covid lockdowns, vaccination , and the farmer lead protests against unworkable environmental regulation are, whilst not on the same page, are never the less protesting against the same out come sought. Once both recognize that covid and climate change are merely tools that big brother world wide are using to control peoples minds and thus implement the great reset with little resistance until now. What will happen? Down here in the Horowhenua we have HW57 bypassing Levin. Transit NZ are building a roundabout on it at the east end of Cambridge Street. 57 splits the nth bound traffic on HW1 exactly in 1/2 just south of Levin. Transit have just announced. Next week they are closing the south bound lane just north of the new round about for 6 months. On the 22 of January Ground Swell is planning the Mother of All protests in Wellington. This is going to be interesting. The goss on the internet is that another lock down is planned for January. Think i am being silly?. But my track record for being the first to make the right call has been pretty impressive. My interpretation of council plans ,the RMA and therefore Govt policy has been bang on. Now world wide social media is full of it and it is only time before all hell breaks lose. Will it be too late?