Discusses the topic. AgriZeroNZ. North Otago farmer Jane Smith is questioning the modus operandi of AgriZeroNZ. The industry and govt partnership working to find a solution to reducing farm methane emissions. Smith is a founding member of the Methane Science Accord, and claims the joint venture between Govt and the industry reps, including Anzco, Rabo Bank, Ravensdown, Silver Fern Farms, Synlait and Fonterra are all signing checks that farming can’t cash. While a focus on global research tools in commendable, her concern is that these companies may have blindly signed up to an expensive, tick the box, in terms of methane reduction goals. There appears to be no modeling, no scientific rational behind why and how a 30% methane reduction became their goal. There is no economic modeling of the implications that such a blunt reduction would have on our livestock sector by 2030. She believes the $165 million programme is a costly investment for tax payers and agribusiness. But the real cost to the sector and the NZ economy may be the loss of livestock and a continued landslide of farms to mass afforestation. The AgriZero Partners are adamant they have no interest or involvement in the regulatory space, nor believe that the target will influence Govt policy??. Smith questions this, saying that such a ambitious goal will undermine current advocacy within the sector, aimed at achieving more moderate science based targets. Sounds familiar, in that this is exactly what we the resource users/submitters, of the region and indeed the country have had to battle since the first Regional Plan was notified way back in the early 2000,s. Just now we have our own farmer owned company’s doing it to us. Bad directors, and chairs of. Heard me write of this and produce the proof often enough. Yes it is all here.

Speaking of science . Global warming. Fantasy v Reality. You have read of my thermometer challenge with  my wife only a blog or 2 back. Yes it cracked 48 degrees C march 1999. Fact. Just to prove  my point as being correct. I was reading through the then local Kaitieke School cook book, recently. Page 2 ,Jottings from Kaitieke School Log Book. Notable happenings over the years from 1910. 1935. Blinds fitted to the school windows as temperatures exceeded 110 degrees F.(43.3degrees C) See Download.  Really. I thought global warming was a recent happening. That’s what the Greens and every other politician including Mr Luxton want us to believe. Yes it is all written into local Govt Plans. .