Good afternoon all. What a morning. Rain rain and more rain. Told my sister yesterday I did not want to buy any baled silage off her. This morning my wife is giving me crap about La Nina. Saying I should buy the silage?. The experts on face book are saying so.
What has this to do with the heading. Not much in fact nothing. Just trying to point out the crap floating about in our community,s. Now it could be that come the end of Novmber it could fine up ,come out hot and 3 weeks later be in a drought. I have seen it before. Aka 1998/1999 yr.

My recent posts have mentioned the latest central Govt election. A week or 3 ago my man John sent me a link to It reports on a article the Otago Daily Times ran immeadiately after the election. Titled. Labour wins party vote in every South Island electorate. Sunday 18th October 2020. VERY VERY SUSPECT Election Results for the South Is. Claims that is highly statistically improbable in it,s own right for such a thing to happen. I will attach the front page for you to read.

Am I surprised. No. Why because at Billy Te Kahika NZ Public Party election rally in Dannevirke July of this yr, Billy T stated that Labour would “rig” the election result. Nor should you be surprised as long term readers of this blog. Central Govt has been sneeky in its abuse of the democratic process with regard to local body decision making for at least the 30 years I have been involved in local govt, whether as a elected member or a commentator. So it comes as no surprise that such a thing could happen. The surprise is that it was the print media that made the assertion. But there has been no more mention of. Then also consider the below.

I am moved to comment on the Farmers Weekly article pg 7 November 2 2020. DoC summary  reveals split views. The Govts proposed Bio-d stratgy to protect bio diversity on private land. The  Govt claims that it needs such a strategy because: for example. In the Auckland region 40% of indigenous ecosystyems are identified as criticaly endangered., with 68% of those, on private land?

Think back to my post on the 11th of October titled Sink or Swim. I added Derek Danials flyer he managed to circulate across the Nation, or most of it. How many people read it I do not no, but that is not the point. In it he describes the loss of farm land to Urbanisation and other uses over the decades from 68% to 37% of NZ,s land mass as of now. Surely that, (68%), number in the Auckland region must include housing estates and industrial areas. How then can the Govt claim that it needs the strategy, using the Auckland region as the reason. Espeacially as 47% of NZ,s land mass is in the Doc estate.  No wonder many councils through out NZ are talking of respecting property rights and taking industry with them as away of securing co-operation. Imagine getting all those home owners to co-operate. They will just give the finger. But then Auckland is being used as the excuse to develop the strategy across NZ. Farmers fear the strategy will restrict land use ,and quite rightly so. Just read the rules surrounding the Govt driven bio-d provisions of Horizons ONE PLAN. You will recognise this from reading Property Rights inc NZ inc appeal to the High Court published in this blog recently. Enhance, Expand, Link. The strategy submission process recieved 3000 submissions 2/3rds from Forest and Bird members and included submissions to include pine plantations . Because these areas included  Game animals, Salmon and Trout. What a bunch of nutters. So the described is a given with Horizons bio-d provisions already  in place and I suspect other councils have followed suit.

A must read. It is here and will soon be law within the National Policy Statement process, side stepping the RMA. And the unlawful use of Regional Council policy statements. No wonder the labour Govt sent a bunch of lawyers up to Horizons to study ways of getting around sec 31 RMA and the need for a respected consultative process. Good on you Property Rights, for the NPS pathway is full of legal pot holes. A good lawyer and a condusive political climate would pull the statements to pieces. The answer is there. No Iam not going there. it would appear that Property Rights is out of time for such a appeal being 30 days, BUT the RMA does appear to leave the door open with sec 2A. Successor’s.. But alas I am going down the road to preparing my self and my family for a future far removed from what we enjoy now.

Talk about corruption.