Hello people. Here is the appeal i have been trying to embed detailing Property Rights in NZ appeal to the High Court on the Provisions of Horizons Regional Councils Bio-diversity Provisions.

PRINZ 008 Appeal DOC pages 1-4
r url=”https://www.mikeplowman.com/wp-[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.mikeplowman.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/PRINZ-008-Appeal-DOC-pages-5-17.pdf” title=”PRINZ 008 Appeal DOC pages 5- 17″

Here is fingers crossed, that this month i get to publish Property Rights in NZ inc appeal to the High Court way back in 2013. I have discussed this appeal at some length in previous post but have only learn,t how to upload in recent times. To all the pages go to bottom of page 1 left hand corner and a panel of icons shows forth. Click on down arrow to read next page and so on. Only just figured this out sorry if i appear a bit dumb . learn something every day.

You will wonder how Lawyers and council planners can have got away with such nonsensical interpretations of the relevant sections of the Act. Then, how the courts allowed  the subjective interpretations of the same in their decision making. With regard to above appeal on the Bio-diversity provisions of the One Plan, the Environment Court had 2 Hearings Commissioners supporting the Judge. AND with no time being allowed by the court, made its decision at that moment telling the appellants at the end of the hearing .Sorry boys tough luck ,better chance some other time. This is for real.

Of course the Federated Farmers Lawyer never went as deep as John and i into the relevant sections of the Act. Have to wonder why?. Yes Mr Gardener was himself  in a conflicting situation ,he should never have been the Feds Council. I see Mr Le Muier is now their legal spokesmen.

My assertion is that that shadowy Act. The Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi had been used by Govt of the time ,yes John Key’s National Party, to ensure the right out come. For as i have unveiled month by month via this blog, that all this sustainable stuff is all about Treaty Settlements. Enhancing Linking Expanding. All this carbon farming land is going back to indigenous in time as the pine and other species of trees deteriorate and collapse into the indigenous undergrowth. The seeds of which will have come from protected areas of bio-d carried by BIRDS.

The Aquatic Bio-d  will be transferred from protected wetland around public places (schools) to the waterways wonce the water has returned to a higher ph and is able to support aquatic life. PINE,s especially acidify the water and Aquatic Bio-d cannot survive. So bye bye trout, that i do not mind but included will be, aquatic biodiversity of all types. I include the Blue Duck project Kia Wharite in the Ruapehu District. How much money has the regions Ratepayer’s chucked at this. Poor ducks. I guess the Govt can export a few more to London Town. Think i am being silly?. Think again.

My wife and i traveled over to Dannevirke last weekend to listen to parliamentary hopeful Billy Te Kahika. He is the public face of the NZ Public Party. Once a rock star, his dad was even more famous. Billy did his time in the NZ Army and spent his time there working in Intelligence operations. Learn,t how to gather and interpretant documents. No fool. I said to Sharron afterwards. My God he has been reading my blog. I have to say i was shocked to hear it being said in a public meeting in front of a hall FULL of people. People of all walks of life, and cultures.

Not so sure about the Party front man. Jami Lee Ross that he is using for the purpose of the election campaign. he also stated that the Feds were on board and active within the party. Rang alarm bells for me and i told the party chair just so. But i guess i may well chance my arm for this election and give him a tick, plus ACT. Remember somebody voted in MMP so have to split your vote, do not allow big brother to decided for you.

His webb page is www.nzpp.org. May be uppercase. Face book. http://www.facebook.com/pg/NewZealandPublicParty/events/

He is trying to be all things to ALL people to get the votes, so expect a BIG cull of many stated policies, if the party attracts enough votes to get into parliament. The media are ignoring him which will play right into his hands for the time being.

Good luck Billy.