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Government proposals for foreshore and seabed trampled democracy says 




30 Apnl2010

Proposals for iwi planning documents and activities which would overide the Resource Management and Local Government Acts trample on democracy, says Local Government New Zealand. 
In its submission to the review of the Foreshore and Sea bed Act, LGNZ says iwi planning documents will create tensions for councils and their communities.
“We are glade regional councils role” in coastal planning is confirmed, but they must be able to work under laws that protect democracy. The rights of communities to have their say over how their natural resources are used or protected is vital.
To create mechanisms which walk over due process beggars belief.
“Not only do these proposed iwi planning documents rub out community rights, they bring additional costs to councils, and of course ultimately, rate payers,” said LGNZ spokesperson John Cronin.
Mr Cronon says an example would be that councils would have to include an iwi planning document in its regional coastal plan.
The coastal plan might set aside space for recreational use, or for commercial aquaculture activities. The iwi planning document could have different ways of managing thoes coastal areas and the councils would have to adopt that into the coastal plan
What is worse, is councils then have to take the iwi plan approach to the public, ultimately defending it in court if some one disagrees.
This simply doesn’t make sense, adds more burecratic burden to councils and is inconsistant with democracy.
“LGNZ is also urging the review to enshrine the protection of community assets.
There are are extensive community facilities, infrastructure and land in the foreshore and seabed area including port infrastructure. These community assets must be protected”.
Finally Mr Cronin urges the Government not to rush through changes to the Act for the sake of political expiency.
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My take on the above is that the Act again sits out side of the Local Government Act and the Resource Management Act, meaning rate payers have no recourse to the Enviroment Court for redress. Sec,s 6,(e) Maori, and 7,(a) Kaitiakitanga, of the RMA enshine it in practice.
That these iwi planning documents whilist originally may not seem to be overly restrictive, never the less as plan reviews come and go, will become ever more restrictive. 
Overly restrictive rules and regulations adding cost and destroying wealth.
LGNZ submission to the Foreshore and Sea Bed amendment is available on line. go to the above link.