Hello people. I just had to comment on the election. I will say I predicted it . Certainly from last year when I attended the Lower Nth Is National party conference in Palmerston North. Remember I gave the organisers heaps ,saying that the party,s 2 tick policy would/could see the party consigned to the back benches for some considereable time. Seems the party still is in first past the post times, and whilist Labour appeared to power in with the same policy. I will stick to my statement. This morning we had the Feds past chair saying that it was farmers who switched their vote from National to Labour to keep the Greens out of power. My view it is hog wash, for a start there is only 15000 farmers, and most are as blue as. Yes depressed to but never the less give the Nats their misguided loyalty. My view is that it was the blue collar workers who deserted the Nats in their droves. Yes Covid was the reason and the Labour party cashed in big time. All that $ dosh they handed out. Get used to it. For we are going to see alot more of it. Govts do not borrow, just merely open up the printing press abit more.

The Nats have failed to promote ACT as its natural partner, Aparty full of top economic participants in the economy, instead promoted party hacks or should I say mercinarys, into what seemed to be safe blue seats. Candidates who will tow the party line ,nod their head and hold out their hand on Thursday. Very few who have the electorates interests at heart, and only interested in how many terms thay can get out of the party so as to collect retirement privilages.  As a consequence many good candidates have been lost. People who no right from wrong, thus honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour has gone out the window. For many. It is a game .Whats in it for me culture .

I found the same culture in Regional Council extending right down the line to District level. Some Members of Parliament, councilors Mayors ,yes mayors all getting paid well because they sold thier souls to the devil. And staff. No different. Well paid managers of depts, CEO,s . The excuse. Just doing their jobs.

Want evidence. Look no further than report no 2007/ext/790. May 2007. Past and Current Indigenous Vegetation Cover and the Justification for the Protection of Terrestrial Biodiversity withiin the Manawatu-Wanganui Region. ISBN: 1-877413-78-X. Executive summary. 2nd paragraph. Bla bla bla should the Territorial Authorities relinquish this role to Regional Councils. Then goes on to say that the TA,s have agreed that Regional Council is best suited to being the lead agency. Remember the courts found that either that the Regional Council was legally the lead agency (enviro court) or as was the case in the High Court ,An overlap of functions? Got crazier by the month. But my point. the law was circumvented. No minister stood up to the nonscence within Parliament and indeed supported it. You have all read the evidence in this blog. This report is a good read re bio-d and why the need? to convert farmland to pine then eventually the Bio-d estate.

Well Jacinda wheeled out the farmer bashing again all that dirty water crap. Yes she lied and got away with it. No media rep pulled her up nor the less than truthfull barometer gauge TV3 used, much less Judith Collins.

Think I am on the wrong page. Then look up this NIWA report  researched for Horizons Regional Council way back in March 2008. A report kept hidden from councilors until a Property Rights rep found it hidden away . Titled .Review of Fluvial Science. Author Greame Smart. Report CHC2008-010. NIWA Project  ELF07202. Whilist it is primarily written with regard to Horizons region it is top stuff exposing the subjective nonscence that Jacinda and her team have and will continue to push. Each District in terms of water quality is examined by this report, . All get the tick in terms of Agricutural use. Even Sewage waste, water and rubbish dumps (urban) fare okey. But for the Whanganui River water Quality drops in the Gorge section. Yes the National Park. I have covered this in a previous post(s). All that decaying bio-d. Nothing lives forever. And the lower Manawatu river. The issue is the Palmerston north sewage and waste water, exacubated by the tightly constrained nature of the flood protection schemes. stating that the heavy clay particles from the hill country is flushed straight through, whilist the fine sediments of the lowland plains is not helping.

No media rep bought up the fact that you cannot swim in most Auckland beaches. Most sights of poor water quality are below large urban sewage and waste water plants plus their rubbish dumps.

I think our urban cousins have become very selfish. All about mememe. Cannot blame them as most are to busy paying off the card, mortgage, rent, keeping the bussiness afloat and just trying to live. Covid response means the Nats are consigned to the opposition for along time. My view. Now we are in for 200 yrs of darkness, and you can see why Labour is keen to limit imports of whatever and limit big infrastructural projects for if you are printing money you do not want people spending it on imports. That would be super inflationary. far better to keep it in NZ. and limit consumer choice.

Food will become the biggy as time goes buy. Think it is expensive now. Just waite for when Carbon hits the big numbers, and exports of primary goods is deminished. Buy a new car now. Might be last one you own.

38,000 deliberate attempts to hack this sight. Am really getting up somebody,s nose.

Catch ya