Hi People. I started this blog pretty well straight after  posting the last. But true to form, I got lazy with my fingers and pushed the edit button, thus the machine would not let me go any further until I had de edited what I did not want to edit. Of course  I emailed my moderator only to have it bounce back. Yes wrong email address, and of course when I got back to the saved post only to find it has disappeared. If it has happened to you. Do you find that frustrating. Oh my god it bought back horror memory’s of  John and my efforts typing up our Bio-d appeal to the High Court. At times it seemed like 1 para forward 2 back. had to get my wife to come and sought it. That in it’s self was a stressful exercise.

Well I was flicking through trade me vehicles 3 or so days ago, and there under the EV section. Yes 10,500 EV,s for sale. Ranged in Kms from 18,000km to 130,000km. It struck me that that was alot of EV’s. How many of them are there in NZ? Plus i think there must be alot for sale aside from Trademe. Why? I met a lady some time ago. Just moved up from Wellington. Had a EV. Bought 2nd hand. Wouldn’t go any faster than 40km/hr. Okey in and around town but useless for any further needs. Reason . battery on way out. $ cost of replacement. Now I am not against clean air, but I reason there is a better alternative in the form of hydrogen. Only thing that comes out its exhaust is clean water. I note the Govt along with Toyota and at least one other heavy truck company are investing in such technology. for heavy transport. Why not Cars. Me thinks alot of people are going to be waiting on public transport in years to come.

Recently I found my self taking a interest in a Discovery Channel programme on Black holes in the universe. It appears there are 2 such holes competing for space, and bouncing off each other. Those experts studying such things also determined that such competition was having a negative effect, or stress on the rest of the universe as we no it. Could this be the reason for our changing climate? and are the worlds politician’s using such a happening for the political and environmental out comes desired?. Lets face it . Climate change has happened before, leading to the extinction of species, and changing sea levels. I reported some blogs ago that experts have determined that the planet has moved 4 degrees on it axe’s.

Surprised. I am. Recent TV poll found 54% of NZers are opposed this Govts “Fart Tax”. By the time groundswell have finished 100% will be opposed. Bold prediction. We will see. Shame these chaps had to take up the fight that farmers pay levy’s to organization’s to do for them .Disgraceful. And. Still buy Pam’s products? I see where New World has issued a recall on all sprouts bought at that time. Not long  ago it was berry’s, More food contamination. The farming industry is waiting with baited breath hoping that Foot and Mouth will not find its way into the country via imported pork products. Huge risk. THAT is where our Govts past and present are taking us. CHEAP imported food and food products from 3rd world country’s.

Okey, at the risk of putting my foot in mouth . The latest NPS to be released ,came out last week with little fan fare, although the proposed model got a bit of stick from land owners still wanting to subdivide highly productive land. Been thinking about Horowhenua and all the houses going in on the real good productive land ,East and South of Levin. Will that stop?. I note that there is a lot of infill housing happening ,which must be a good thing. Seems to be a nation wide phenomena. Our property has been captured. 8 hec and not economic, but of course it pays the bills, rates and insurance, with if I am lucky buys me a beer at the end. Stock does very well here and quickly, given that it is very difficult to farm. Very wet soil in winter, and gets dry quick later in the year. Not at all like that very productive Mairoa ash and pumice soils I no so well further up the country. Of course it is very good veggie country, and man do they grow quick.

Strawberry’s. Not to bad this year, managing to grow some reasonable fruit in our garden. Been some very indifferent crops in previous years. I note that Lewis Farms up on SH1 have alot of hot house’s , full of plants grown hydroponically. Lots of big red fruit on them. Strange . I remember  as a child  and young teenager, the huge juicy strawberry’s that just grew. What has happened?. I suspect alot of farmers around here are wondering the same. Poor spring growth. Poor silage crops. Stressed industry. I suspect milk production is behind the average. All this talk of climate change and the year 2050. Carbon neutral economy’s. This also coincides with the peak of this current up swing in the commodity cycle. All down hill from there for the next 30 years. And I no from experience that this can be brutal. Carbon one of the pillars of life. And Govts world wide are going hard out to limit it. That will almost certainly mean hungry people. Starvation, Disease, War. I read some time ago that the UN wants to cut the world’s population. Tooo many people. Somebody else talked of test tube meat. Underground hydroponic factory’s churning out limited variety’s of veggies. What next. But as I have stated before. Govt’s world wide do not care. But you should. Well China is in the grip of a social revolution. The masses are revolting. Iran . Same. Russia next? Seems to me that supposedly democratic nations world wide are going hard out the opposite way pushing their people and economy’s into communist states. Just how all this is going to play out is quite confusing.

Reading the Farmers Weekly. November 28 2022. Pg2. Farm bid withdrawn. A big consortium of investors were hoping to buy one of NZ Heritage farms.. Mangaohane Station on the Taihape Hastings road. Seems a proper search of the title found sec 4 of the conservation act. Seems local maori has a claim on it. This was not identified on the sale information memorandum. I have presented evidence of such in previous blogs. Private land. Sorry to say . But destined for pine trees. This 3 waters legislation has now become 5 waters  and most certainly total control of Water by Maori. That is control of the natural physical. Communism. Been saying it for years. Ignored. But here we are. Remember my blog covering Mana O te Wai. Every body else was spanking themselves over the NPS Fresh Water. People and organizations who should have recognised and acted . So sad. But the labour party still clings to the same old same old. It is all misinformation, hate speech and propaganda. NZ farmers are struggling with the proposal for N Limits. Methane emission’s and still to come Bio-diversity regulation. Be careful what you plant where and what area. Read the regional plans. All plans are recognised. In that they all seek the same outcome. Land Use Change. Do not believe me. Read a past Farmers Weekly dated the 17th December 2017. Pg 3. More Plants Fewer Animals. For gods sake ignore the whook farmers , past and current Industry good reps who preach all this climate enviro and market nonscience. Do what is right for your industry and fight all this ,for it is our country’s economy that is at stake. Our communities, our health, social, and essential service’s and infrastructure that is at risk.

Merry Xmas.?          .