It is with a heavy heart I write this post. Despite being intertwined with both sides of the story I feel for my Grandchildren here in NZ. What future are they to grow into. What will they think of their grand parents and their father despite the fact that he him self is of Tainui heritage. Whilst they are far to young yet to understand what was and what could have been. How will they grow into the new future. Will they be radicalized by their cultural piers . Will they be open about their European heritage or will they keep their thoughts to themselves.

Again those of you who are my persistent readers, good or bad, will recall my posts last year and before on this message. These headings, and others. Those of you who can put aside your negativity will realise recognize ,add the dots.(posts) and come to the conclusion of this blog. Where to from here for my words of years gone by.

What! those of you who are ignorant of , whether by deliberation or just plain dumb, you say. What am I on about.

Mana-o-te-Wai. This Govts 3 Waters proposal that Nania Mahuta is determined to ram through Parliament. Late last year the govt agreed to establish a working group to work through the 3 Waters proposal and make recommendations on how to improve the model making agreeable to councils and the public at large. In doing so they tied the  groups hands behind its back so as to make it impossible to come up with a solution much if any different to what is on the table. Control of Water by Maori radicles. In fact it would seem that infact that it is ownership ,how ever you read the words. Only ethnic group able to claim dividends . A 50% share holding ,decision making 50%, co governance , and if the layers of bureaucracy (5) cannot agree then only 75% of the voting rights determine the outcome. %50 are Maori. Add sympathetic councillors, Mayors and  Veto rights to every decision. Why the need for change. What is wrong with our water quality to deem such a radical change. The need for high quality water services we all deserve? The RMA gives the decision making to District level. Those most affected. If they say it is too much $ just now so be it. What RMA reforms are Labour contemplating as the 3 Waters must be consistent with. There is a provision being recommended for those feeling aggrieved  for a dispute resolution process, .A Water Services Ombudsmen with Tikanga based ideals?

The only out come I see is 3 sets of rate demands. Regional. District and Mana-o-te-Wai. 3 sets of administration cost, with Mana-o-te-Wai being the largest and deliberately so. The costs will be so horrendously expensive that any Govt in the future will be only to happy to shovel the mess off to private enterprise. WHO will that be?

My insider goss tells me that by 2030 Maori will be the  national language and Chinese the 2nd. Oh sorry I digressed. Must be the next blog. I am getting ahead of my self.

This whole horrible saga has been slowly played out over decades. Since 1975 by my reckoning with the enacted Legislation of that time .The Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. sec 8 of the RMA. Obviously since before that time . But now Jacinda is going for gold. it is to be her big moment, her swansong. Her catapult into the world of the One World Govt. The United Nations. How will the NZ public react to horrendous costs that are to be imposed on them. Labour is using Covid to destroy small business and industry so as to push as many citizens onto the benefit as possible hopping to capture their wallets, thus their allegiance. Both Govts are using Climate change to destroy the Agricultural economy that is the power house behind all NZers standard of living.  Add it all together and you will have Anarchy. It will make the Mandate protest in Wellington look like a Kindergarten birthday party. It will look like what is has happened in France, and now in Pakistan, and Siri Lanka, to name but few. What about Hong Kong. Will the suppression be as brutal or will the Govt of the day capitulate. Will it call out the Army once the police down battens and support the protest, what of the defence force. Most are Maori, but there was is and has been a hell of alot of Maori who have a different mindset to what is being exposed from Parliament.

But on the way to such a resolution I see a hell of a lot of unrepairable damage to our National economy. Pine Trees may be on the back burner for now ,but history has proven that they will be back in vouge. It is all about letting communities and the economy adjust, only now there is no tourism of any significance likely for decades to come? Dose the NZ public want to serve coffee for cents?

Mana-o-te-Wai will demand that the N limits for each class of land use be implemented across the Agricultural industry. SNA,s and Bio Diversity provisions will be enforced. Unrealistic water quality standards imposed upon Urban centers, all adding cost and destroying wealth. Our currency will plummet, inflation will become rampant as exports diminish and the cost of imports in all its forms flow through the economy.  All Hell will erupt. The only winners maybe, will be radical maori. They have played the long game. Or will they. For it has been my experience that even the best laid plans can go awry.

Fantasy? Only time will tell.

May God bless us all.