Hi readers.

Sorry to say i did not get this out end of last month. I have had no end of prob tryin. The machine will not remember my password. And not being a expert with it ,it has taken me a while to figure out how to get around the problem.

To those of you who are obviously reading and wanting to communicate, grt, but again am not good at working the reply, and those of you persisting with the viagra bit ,well what can i say.

I was thinking of that Rural Party that canvassed for members after the last election. You must remember. I wondered how it would get on. Federated Farmers as I recall got a high profile member in there . True to form I have not heard another word of it. On this subject National are pushing into the Rural Party’s territory with John Keys announcement last week of it ‘s intention to amend the RMA to place more emphasis on economic outcomes instead of a long list of other outcomes. Sec 6 Matters of National Importance. Go National. I will say that the Govt has been made to be a bunch of wallys with regard to it’s intention to create economic growth using Agricultural as the engine to treble economic growth. The Mc Gilly Cuddy Party has the upper hand, no doubt about it. They are achieving their election promise. That being a Giant Leap Backwards

See NZ Herald Monday May 26th, A24.

Waikato University Agribussiness professor Jacqueline Rowarth summed it up , as reported in last weeks NZ Farmer Weekly. Front Page. Science Logic loses out to emotion. NZ Farmers are suffering in an era of illogic. I would go further and express the view  that science has been corrupted. Last week I made a note at the bottom of the article. Just What does the NZ Govt want. It is making huge funding available as start up capital for irrigation schemes up and down the nation. Yet the Mc Gilli Cuddy party is stiffeling all and any initatives with overly restrictive rules and regulation which are or have the potential to add cost and destroy wealth.

Lets look at these all in one feed pad milking platforms that the cows live in all year or close to it. Horizons Regional Council are definitely pushing the dairy industry towards this form of factory farming, and are ably supported ,again my view ,by federated farmers, fish and game and including Fontera. It will be the only way the industry can meet the overly restrictive rules around Nitrogen to water.

Yet now the debate is about,”hey thats great”. Double milk production. Yes. Very costly in terms of feed. Yes. But what about what is going on in America. As I reported last month. Thousands of cows and hundreds of workers on one site, in fact multiple sites all gearing up to export to our markets. Guess what. Our dairy industry has not got a bolters show of competing. The shear scale will beat us. We must differentate our product. Our clean and, Yes, green pasture based production systems will maintain existing markets and open new doors. Well here’s hoping. Now what did I say. Overly restrictive rules and regulation adding cost and destroying wealth. These barns have the potential to cause financial misery. See Rural News May 20th pg 12..

On pg 18 Farmers Weekly May 26th pg 18. The heading “strong case  for food and beverage spending”. The report reffered to states that NZ was a stable democracy with strong economic freedom, excellent investor protection, and low corruption. Well I  have to say just what planet does the author live on. Think back to Horizons Advisory Group Project that I reported on in previous posts. The article states that regulation is generally light handed, untapped potential to export more with ample capacity  to increase or intensify. This hogwash must have the Mc Gilly Cuddy party laughing their heads off.

Think i am to negative. I say you are living in a fantasy world.