Hi readers.

Well I have done it again , In trouble for giving Mr Greer Sustainable Farming MAF a hard time 2 weeks ago. Seems Chairman Guy asked for questions of, but instead got a debate.

I remember that Catchments Chair Mr Barrow fired a number of shots himself . I wonder if he got a ticking off. Also I got a  bad mark for the forceful nature of my debating manner. For Gods sake when your investment is on the line and the future of your community, would you speak nicely. This is no more emphsised than a email to me from John Chumins asking how is it that Horizons have been able to get away to date, trying to control Land and Biodiversity by quite literaly subjectively interpreting the Local Govt Act and the Resource Management Act. This is only because Councillors themselves do not know/understand the acts quoted themselves. One prominent coucillor when asked this question last term stated quite bluntly . That is not my concern. I leave that stuff to Staff. So now you know how Horizons coucillors have come to find themselves in this position. The newbys have not got a clue either. I had to put one councillor right last week when she stated that the RMA gives maoridom control over the natural and physical. Nearly but not quite. The RMA states , Must Consider. Not have regard or give effect.

Last week the 23rd Nov we had Regional C. The agenda had a number of items of interest. The ist was the One Plan appeals . there are 20. I still have to read each appeal. There was a item on the Land and Water Forum. It would seem to me and others that this has been a exercise in futility. After all the Local Govt Act spells out clearly that ,we , our communities decide the level of enviromental degradation we are prepared to accept and that is the way it must stay.

There was another on water takes, and the need to measure measure and measure. This is okey , with science fixated by dairy, but what about pine trees. These things really drink it. Just as much as dairy . I got a fabulous response from the staff presenter who agreed. She stated that this was a work in progress.

Last, a brief update on the Retaruke slip. There is a presentation and update coming to the next catchment operations meeting. Thanks to Bob Walker who stole my thunder. I do not have voting rights on this commitee so was waiting to raise it at the Enviroment meeting in Dec. I know that the Enviro meeting is concerned with regulatory matters, but I have voting rights there and lets face it , if it was not for the slip, the catchments land use was to be regulated in yrs to come.

Bob is riding on abit of a high here at the moment. I do not know what his long term objective is as he seems to be very busy influencing people. Certainly a good salesman.

Same week I had my first Regional Animal Health Board meeting. I had already met some of the members, and met people that I new from decades past. TB free NZ is under threat from extremists, esp from within the Treaty Settlement Process and I was able to provide evidence of this to the Animal Health Board CEO.

On another subject . The Standard and Poors credit down grade has come at at a opportune time. Poor old Bill English is at a loss to understand why. It should be obvious. We are not paying our way, and Why. Because we are not exporting enough. Why are we not exporting enough. Because successive extremist govts have screwed the export sector espeacially agriculture , sheep and beef into the ground. Standard and Poors said so. it is time to stop this Aotearoa crap, and put our economy back on track . Most Maori do not support what is going on and want to move forward. Most Europeans have not got a clue what is going on , being blissfully ignorant.

I have been active raising awareness of late of the consequences of too strict a water quality standard for the up grades of Ruapehu,s 5 sewage schemes. Principly 3 of them Rangiatua, National Park and Hikumutu. The District C is to spend approx $23 million on these over the next 10 yrs. At the end of it virtually pure water will flow from. Great . Then Agriculture will be asked to achieve similar. Will we be able to. If the Dairy industry is a example down country the answer is no. So our urban community will pay twice. Once through their rates and then through their assets/bussiness as these towns are reduced to ghost towns. Our industry is in no shape to handle overly restrictive rules and regulations imposed to create some sort of  Naverna world were we all dance around fields of daisys wearing white robes, making love and God providing for our health wealth and social needs, whilist Maoridom return to  living in Punga Huts back in the Bush.

I have written to 4 MP,s with my concerns and by and large recieved a good hearing. Of course Horizons CEO has attempted to put me down by stating that the up grade this yr is of no consequence and basically I am wrong. I have requested a sec 77 of the Local Govt Act, a cost benefit analysis. It is also of concern that the consultative process is not adequate, with Maoridom ,Fish and Game, Waikato Health Board and one farmer who leases the site of the Hikumutu scheme off council . This is no bussiness of Horizons who are bullying the District Council aided and abetted by sympathetic staff with in the District Council. Horizons role is limited to monituring. It is our community who decides. See for your self. Go to www.ruapehudc.govt.nz look up sewage, go to asset management plan. Buy a copy of the Local Govt Act 2002, It is all there. Whilist there buy a copy for each of the District Council Councillors.