Hello again readers. I write this some what early, I cannot resist the comment. This last week PINE forest fires are engulfing the Tasman region. And Sharron tells me that scrub fires are threatening in a part of the Wellington Region. Bring It on. Horrible you say. NO. Already this last 12 months we have had the Tasman and Gisbourn districts hit hard by damage to infrastructure, homes and farms by PINE TREES as a result of heavy rain . Sure residents have complained bitterly to central Govt. But as I no. It ALL fell on death ears. Now we have a large PINE forest fire, again in the Nelson region ,houses have been lost including essential infrastructure.

We have this 2 billion tree planting programmes, Shayne Jones of the Coalition Govt is running around the country dishing out heaps of dosh for. I have heard that Nationals MP for Rangitikei, Ian Mc Kelvie is running to various members of the previous Nat administration waving a Map of all the land in his electorate that the Labour coalition wants to plant up in PINES. John and I are sitting back smiling. Yes a horrid way of putting it. For John and I along with several others from the Ruapehu District went to him with these very concerns whilst National was in Govt. He ignored us. Bit then what do you expect from a man who shagged over his District as Mayor and allowed Horizons to assume Manawatu,s sec 31 RMA functions. I see OMF,s carbon report is still bullish on carbon saying that it is going higher, in $,s, and buy Now. They are pushing Australian Unites saying that these unites are a very good buy, and come the election the new govt will implement a  carbon tax on heavy industry. Buy Buy and now.? Quite abit different from the status quo. My real concern for ordinary Mum and Dad with the kids struggling with day to day costs and a mortgage. A previous post 2 or so yrs ago about this time I discuss this in my blog. The costs that fall on each income bracket. It is my view any Govt that lifts the cap is merciless. Think people are struggling now just waite for the carbon tax to really hit. And I have given a insight into where the value could be headed.

I see that Nth America has just come through a horrible winter, with the lowest temperatures recorded in decades. Once in a generation low temps. Europe was no better, and having attended a family wedding in Auckland recently where relatives from Britain attended. It was for real. This summer in Horowhenua has been nothing to write into the record books, sure it is very dry, and we have had a lot of wind, but I have through Feb hardly lost a drop of sweat, there have been days when I wore a jersey ALL day.    

It is all coming to be, just as John and I have said from day 1. It is radical political, environmental and religious extremists ,I term the Mc Gullicuddy party, who are driving this. They are seeking the outcomes they and a handful of real sad Maori who long for the bad old days of the club, spear, punga huts, and all the aliments that went with it. No thought for the humongous benefits of European ways. JUST UTU. For what. I had a chap I got to no, who went around the world with the National Govt sponsored Indigenous forums group studying other indigenous cultures.. He said . You no Mike. Of all the indigenous peoples we meet, Maori have been treated the best. An other who is a step or 2 higher up, and who I have known for along time, said Mike. All I see coming out of all this carbon stuff is a lot of very wealthy people and a awful lot of very poor people.

Well lets look at pines and scrub for Carbon abit more closely. If you claim it ,it has to be there.  Lets guess the Dry Matter content of a pine tree. Say a stem weighs 1 ton. Lets guess the actual dry weight at 30%. = 300 kg per stem excluding all the slash. 1000 stems per hec planted for carbon = 300,000 kg per hec or 300 tons at $25/tonne = $7500/ hec. How many hec engulfed in the Nelson fires? guess for this exercise . 2000 hec. $ 15,000,000 dollars worth of carbon that has accrued that forests owners in liabilities. That is if it is replanted, no matter how you look at it. . If it is not then the liabilities could be several $1000 per hec greater. Now this is a exercise only, It could be that the forest is for timber production and no carbon has been claimed, all though I doubt it. Now you will be starting to get the idea how the Idiots driving all this are thinking. They are planning on all these examples happening to achieve the out comes they desire. The Forest owners will simply walk away ,an awful lot poorer. It will be left for the govt via the Dept of Conservation to pick up the mess ,allow to regenerate to its original form and Maori with their co-governance arrangement with DoC will be the benefactors. Will take decades to accrue any meaning full carbon income but these people do not care. It achieves the out come sought.

Just think of all the income generating livestock gone. All the employment across the spectrum that livestock supports. Where will  the people go? What will they do. No wonder Australia has made it tougher to live there for NZ,ers. And I note that a Australian web site is active now in NZ asking NZ,ers sigh petitions some of which are to do with NZ. Is it that the Australian Govt is getting concerned about where NZ is headed. After all they will most certainly be horrified to think they may have a failed state right on their back door step. Think I am a bit over the top? Give it a few years and lets see.  I watched the replay of the India NZ cricket to day. I noted that Aotearoa was printed on the kiwi’s shirts. So NZ cricket is afflicted with these people. Lets get the argument out in the open Aotearoa or New Zealand. Lets have a referendum. A national one . Not this change the country’s name by stealth. But then we have the Mc Gullicuddy Party running the country.

I do not no what Horizons Chair Bruce Gordon is up. But I see the Rangitikei District Council is about to release carp into lake Dudding. Bruce Gordon leases camping ground and lake from the council. Now I would be reluctant to allow Mr. Gordon any where near carp. Hmmm. 

Bye for now