Hello Readers,

This week I would like to talk about a real good guy, doing a top job for the Environment and farmers too.

How many people write in to papers pushing something which  has a positive effect for the Environment especially our Indigenous Biodiversity and Farmers too.

Well 2/5ths of buggar all, but here it is printed on page 6 of the Ruapehu Bulletin. Not a 250 word column but a whole page. It is written by Wanganui Area Manager for the Department of Conservation, Dr Nic Pete.

I have met Nic a number of times  and  often wondered just where he is coming from but have had a pat on the back from some of his staff who it seems share my views on Trout.

But here we have it . Nic has really taken it too the Anti 1080 Brigade. And yes he puts in a punt for the Animal Health Board. What a wonderful job the AHB is doing protecting our National Economy.

You would not have heard DOC talking like this a few years ago. But then there is a new breed infiltrating DOC now, realists every one of them who realise where their dollar comes from. Might have something to do with funding cuts too, but I will give Nic the benefit of the doubt.

He rubbishes the Graf brothers DVD , ” The Anti 1080 DVD Poisoning Paradise,” describing it as one sided, making unsubstantiated claims and failing to acknowledge research data.

Nic gives examples of the benefits of 1080 use, eg Kiwi chick numbers in the Tongariro Forest climbed 60% after poisoning operations on preditors. He explains that 1080 is effectively the only tool we have for controlling multiple pests over large areas efficiently.

He points out that 1080 is also found naturally occuring in tea and puha. Well so much for cultural beliefs. Nic points out ERMA’s findings ( Environment Risk Management Authority) All good.

He comments on the misconceptions of 1080 and water ways, that very few pigs and deer are killed as a result of poisoning operations. He also points out the short comings of alternatives.

When I was campaigning for the Horizons job one Saturday morning in Ohakune, one group who stopped to talk was a bunch of anti 1080 activists. Well I am sure  I did not get their vote, but one thing  struck  me from one particular well dressed obviously  affluent female was that  her eyes glassed over, her brain disengaged from her mouth.

When I suggested her pretty little boots weren’t up to ground control operations and how many kms a day she would have to cover she appeared to gain some control over her mouth and decided to harrass sombody else. Probaly Nic.

Honestly Nic you put a smile on my face and thats been hard to do lately. A well written  factual article. Well done.


Centerport today announced an underlying profit before tax of $11.4 million for the year ended June 2009. Center Port CEO Blair O,Keeffe said that the result shows the benefits of Center Ports diversification stratergy and lower interest rates. Trading conditions have been extremely tough.While the Ist half of the year delievered strong results, the second half saw significant reductions in cargo movements through the port.

Never the less, on the back of a strong first half, Centerport grew container volumes by 4% overall, experienced record log volumes, welcomed 58  cruise vessels and increased Group revenue to $55.1 million through out the year.

Consistent with the property sector, unrealised changes in the fair value of assets and financial instruments dampened the final result, with a partial reversal of the previous years gains. However, in total the companys asset base grew by 14% through out the year.

Center Port remained well with in its banking covenents and continued to focus on stability on stability of earnings and prudent cost management.

O,Keeffe said that over the last year Center Port continued to invest in upgrading and refreshing assets to ensure that Wellingtons infrastructure retains its importance in New Zealand. Investments included multi-million dollar wharf upgrades and  new container straddles, including world=first voice recognition technology.

Center Port also completed construction of its new Green Star-5 star rated building-BNZ Harbour Quays.

O,Keeffe said that revenue growth in the current climate is a result that the company is proud of and growth remains a key objective. He said Center Port is better positioned than many to weather the economic storm, but he expects the current year to be particularly challenging as the effects of the recession continue to place significant pressura on profits.

Horizons Regional Council holds a shareholding of 23% in Center Port, and would like to increase this.