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Some time ago Chairman Murfiff asked me to write a paper for Council on the implications of  Treaty Settlements for my district, Ruapehu. I have to base this on the Waikato River Claim by Tainui, as if it gets the go ahead will provide the model or pretty close to it for the rest of NZ. We are next in line here in Ruapehu with the Whanganui River Claim. I will give a overview of the Waikato River Claim as it is the most public. The Local Goverment Submission to the Maori Affairs Select Committee on the Waikato-Tainui Raupatu claims  settlement bill 2008 appears to state that the bill is unconstitutional,because the Bill fails to protect and promote the interest of all communities present and for the future, thus is outside of the intent of the Resource Management Act and the local Govt Act. The Bill gives too much decision making power to one small ethnic minority group, Maoridom. I have a number of documents, which I will reference for you to obtain ,some of which no doubt will only be made available through the Offical Information Act.Essentially my belief is that the Treaty of Waitangi especially  is being deliberatly subjectively interpreted by political extremists, to say effectively that Maoridom did not sign away there sovereignty,nor did they sign away their full and undisturbed use of, when they sold  their Lands only that such transactions were no more than lease arrangements in which Maoridom retained the right to impose their worldly view on the management of that resource. Again my view is, The Resource Management Act is being used by Political Extremists to change the Ownership of Land, by using overly restrictive rules and regulations. This has and is doing immence harm to our economy. It is unconstitutional and undemocratic.Start demanding answers of our elected decision makers.

References,Treaty of Waitangi. Submission to the Maori Select Committee on the Waikato-Tainui Raupatu Claims {Waikato River} Settlement Bill.2008 by Local Government New Zealand.9th feb. www.lgnz.co.nz .New Start for Fresh Water.Office of the Minister for the Enviroment or the Office of the Minister of Agriculture. Assessment of the Ground water Resources and the effects from the Development on Groundwater in the Whanganui Inquiry District,report no HO8OO6/I, August 2008. Taking into Account the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi by Dianne Cringle LLB January 1993,Ministry of the Enviroment.

Wake up NZ.

Well I have been given another reprimand by Chairman Murfitt, this week .It appears that after the workshop on Wed 26th Councillors ,unbeknown to me held a meeting in Mr Murfitts Office complaining about my finger waving, raised voice, downward forcefull motion of my right hand on to the Council table. And I plead guilty.Yes I did so ,the reason is that Council is trying to stop the Independent Chairperson  from releasing a Hearings Commissioners Minority Decision.Item 14 pg 79, Regional Council Agenda, Tuesday the 25th August. Note Independent. Is she Independent, or is she another of  Councils Puppy Dogs. We shall see. It is becoming apparent my assertions are hitting home, I am saying that Horizons have made assertions, deliberately creating a perception that the use of our hill country is unsustainable and using the need for ever increasing upgrades of or the need for Flood Protection Schemes. This is a lie, yes a lie and I am saying so. Making Assertions Creating a Perception. Keep saying it over and over and over and hopfully people will start to beleive it. And unfortunately some do. My Evidence, Jon Roygards item to the Enviroment Committee 12th August 2009 pg 9, Fluvial Science, sadly lacking.  Horizons own report,Review Fluvial Science, by Greame Smart, CHC2008-o18, March 2008. Slugs of gravel compromising Flood Protection. Clay Particles Flushed straight out to Sea.It is all there and alot more. I am seeing the same tactics being used by the anti 1080 protestors. Somebody is doing a great job of training these people and or organisations representatives. I have had complaints regarding Lines Charges, with our Tourist Operators hard hit in the off season. I understand the Lines Company is sympathetic but only if you kick up a stink, Geremy Stubbs is the Man to see, at  work ph o7 895 7164. Great to see Horizons has set up and has the Clean Air Monitoring Equipment operating at the Baptist Church, lets hope that it proves that the original assessment was wrong.

You should have all recieved your rate demands by now some have had a decrease , some I suspect our urban residents have taken another hit. I asked you all to submit to the LTCCP. No Urban Ruapehu Residents did.Cr Walker stated in a recent press release that he is the only Cr to vote against the adoption of the LTCCP. Bullshit I say. Here I am recorded in the Regional Council Agenda 25th August pg 6,the only councillor to do so. Its all there in black and white. See for yourself.

Horizons Regional Council has released its sites of possible Hazardous substances. Interesting to see at least one site is missing which is identified on the District Councils schedule at Symonds Road. I have done all I can on this issue as I did not receive a complaint from the owners  of . And I do not want to get sued. Bye for now.