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Taking Into Account the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi by Diane Crengle LLB January 1991 (View here) 

Speech by Rodney Hide to NZ Society of Local Government Managers Local Conference November 2011 (View here)

Hi Di Hi. A very wet morning, made my lunch and headed off out the door, and down it came. Looks like a longer weekend for me this Queens Birthday. Well I have some worrying news for my regular readers, some a— -hole has got off with my Domain name. Seems I was to slow paying to renew it from Word Press and they let some one else have it. Can you believe it. I for the life of me cannot understand why anybody would want it, unless they intend to sit on it and waite till I cease blogging then carry on. I do not no if they can access the site to edit it, have checked back this morning on one contentious blog to see if it has been edited, and would seem not.

I do not no why Word Press would want to sell it on. Surely they would stop and think. But then whilst they ran the site for me I had no end of trouble. I got shifted around from one god only no’s what, to another and ended up being run by a lady in London. Oh yes. That is for real. I got hacked while in her company, and got the local cop from National Park involved . Not that he did anything, but I emailed this lady in London and ccd the policeman. That was enough to sought that prob. I found my self back at WordPress only to be really cleaned out in recent times. many of you will no that. A very damaging virus was inserted into my and every one else’s computer’s.  I had to dump Word Press and now use a chap who shall be nameless, although I am worried about just how reliable he is. It seemed from my experience with WordPress  that they are only to willing to do the dirty on any blogger that somebody in a privileged position does not like. I for one have had a real BAD experience with them and certainly would not recommend WordPress to any aspiring blogger.

Now I removed my blog domain name from WordPress, got a bill for renewing it which did not get payed, and WordPress sold the domain name to Who? How does that work. WordPress. YOU SUCK.

My readers will be starting to get the idea that I am really annoyed. Just as annoyed as when Andrew Morrison Beef and Lamb Chair sent that ridiculous email out to all farmers berating the Labour coalition for its horrendous methane target for the farming industry to meet. I sent him a email back making it plain just what I thought of that outfit. I will publish it, once I get this cut and paste soughted. Works some times and not other. Has me wondering if Horizons are not still intercepting my computer. Yes that happened. Councilors new but did nothing about it. Just more careful with the heading.

On to the title of this blog. Taking into account the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. I have discussed this in previous blogs and referred to Dianne Cringles work to do with interpreting sec 8 of the RMA. I also refer to sec 5 of same in one post ,that should be sec 7. Cringle sudjests  that in order to interpret sec 8 of the RMA that it should be thus. Now I will say this interpretation is my view, and the document is longer that 1 page. But I take from it that she is saying that when Maori signed the Treaty of Waitangi, and when it came to the Lands bit they interpreted that bit to mean that they never agreed to sell land only that it be a long term lease arrangement and that they never for went the right to determine how that land was to be used. Those of you who have a good grip on the argument will realise that that is a VERY subjective interpretation of the Treaty ,and I have 3 of them stashed away. It is also at odds with what the claimants to the Waitangi tribunal are saying. They are saying that the land got sold  because of the financial burden of a foreign requirement(s), (rates and such like) and both Crown mischief and tribal or hapu members greed or betrayal.

You will also start to think about the cultural stuff that is appearing in the environmental argument.  Honestly. Why should it be that I have to reach this conclusion. Surely there are politicians who no that this is for real, and that the RMA is a act of parliament designed  for political outcomes, but do not agree with that. Rodney Hide. I guess I am still free because nobody in the media has the balls to stand up and print what I give them. Remember the editor of the NZ Farmers Weekly. Jon somebody. He said you write it and I will print it . Yea right. A chap Leggett, used to be with the Farmers Weekly back in  2008 days, now with Country Wide, told me one day after a field day over at Waihi Pukawa, Lake Taupo. Mike. Your problem is your mouth. But here we are. There is no problem with me or my mouth. But there sure as hell, a problem with the people like those I mention above and a hell of a lot of others in every form of governance there is in NZ where the nonsense I write of is being enabled. I also think the same of people who no what is going on but for what ever reason chose to sit back and say nothing.

The 2nd attachment  above. The Resource Management Law Association seminar or meeting I payed to attend was one where only I attended. No other members of which there are several 100 NZ wide. I took Property Rights in NZ president Don Coles along. Only 2 of us. Called for me and me alone. The RMLA in my view is a real commo out fit that is quite literal brainwashing seminar participants’ into accepting the need for the incorporation of RMA instruments in Treaty Settlements. In short as I have already stated , the RMA is “The” Instrument being used by extremist political religious and environmental advocates on both sides of the political spectrum, to allow Maori to control the natural and physical. Remember Minister Finlayson stating upon the end of his term as Minister Treaty Negotiation’s when asked by a reporter. There is broad  cross party consensus. The process will carry on as is. I have published the reference to a letter written by a crown participant in a previous blog in which he writes to Andrew Little expressing his concern as how the process is being conducted.

The 3 speakers. Katie Mayes. Environment Waikato Local Govt Officer. What a shocker. The farmers in the Environment Waikato plans sights are gone burgers with her there.

                        . Bronwyn Arthur. Crown Law Office, RMA specialist involved in the Waikato river settlement negotiations. Okay person. Said all the right things. But as you may not no, the crown law office involved in the treaty settlements may as well not be there.

                      . Paul Majurey. Activist. One of the young guns seeking utu. Wore a nice suit, Certainly better than the flax cloth he would have worn in the bad old days, and most certainly looked in pretty good health.

We are in trouble as a state. These Land issues are flying under the radar, hidden under climate change policies, the foreshore and sea bed is out in the open. Who owns Water is simmering away out of sight.

This weeks Farmers Weekly, May the 27th has some real good reading. PCfE Upton. pg 3. Zero Carbon Costs v Income pg 16. Sediment pg 23. Wellbeing,s pg 12 of the Field days special. Opinion pg 25. Agriculture committed too. Seems the traitors will not give up. pg 27. and Treason also pg 27. But as I have said before. No good preaching to the informed. It is the masses that live off us that need to be informed.

On pg 25 I will comment. Opinion. Julie Collins.Head of Forestry NZ. Trees Target is poor land. And not being susidised by Govt.   I have given you a example of sec 4 of the Conservation Act on a property on Ngapururu Road Dannevirke. 17 km from town. Not poor land. Out at Pongaroa on the Coast Road a 500 hec block ,part of a larger block is/was advertised by ForFarms NZ Ltd Jerome Pitt. Property listing GGT217. Recently planted over last 2 yrs. Has MPI covenants in place. ie Horizons would have subsidized planting, using Govts SLUI grant monies, MPI takes first 5 yrs worth of carbon then rest is yours. ( Ministry of Primary Industry’s.) The propaganda never stops.   

This morning or was it yesterday, ZB Radio Host, Mike Hosking’s took to his face book page. Did a Falau and informed those who follow his political comments, of this Govts failings. His job must be on the line. The next election will be very interesting. BUT do not expect any thing to change. The Nats are just as bad.