Hi de hi readers. After publishing last months post, I had a reminder as to what else I wished to comment on. As you have probably guessed I am not a global warming believer. Climate change is not being used to save the planet, but rather as a means to financially empower indigenous peoples, and in NZ it is Maoridom. Now lets get it clear, not all Maori are happy with the political aspirations and objectives sought by Govt members and officials. and to prove the point just look at where Mana Motuhake and the Maori Party are now. I am also reluctant to get involved in carbon farming as I have described the method in which carbon is to be used to achieve land use change and thus change of ownership and to Maori ,not the Chinese. he he,as in a previous post. Climate change in NZ is all about Treaty Settlements. $ 2 billion trees, across 2 million hec and that is just the start. Maoridom have been gifted control of Local Govt as I too have described in previous posts to achieve this.  

News Flash. Jacinda has just announced a $100, million fund to develop undeveloped Maori land. 04th/02. Now this is not new news having read or listened to previous news flashes on this subject. BUT if this method or policy results in large numbers of trees being planted on Maori land ,,most of the 2 billion trees, then I am all for it. Political party’s want to increase the bio-diversity estate from 34% approximately of NZ,s land mass, to nearly 50%. then if most of it is from the above, then it is good news. I got ahold of the Taumarunui Bulletin recently and it had as its front page story, Grt economic times ahead for the district, and Maori and their social and economic aspirations for all the districts population was expressed within.

Lets waite and see.  John and I spent, at iwis request, some time with them discussing the in and out of Horizons plans, and the financial and social implications for the catchment as we saw it. I have commented on this in previous posts. If they have managed to get concessions via the Treaty process as a consequence then great. But Horizons have held 3 meetings across the Ruapehu District encouraging farmers to up take financial grants and the SLUI programme including tree planting . Read the One Plan and it refers to such encouragement, and if the uptake is not deemed to be sufficient ,then regulation will be used. No I will not give you the page or plan or which ever ,you must read the Plans your self to find. The Govt of which ever persuasion is laying the ground work for a new National Park joining the Whanganui with the Tongariro National Park. The boundary’s will be the Kia Wharite Blue Duck project. Already the District Council tried to capture 1/2 of the area with sec 4 of the Conservation Act. in a draft for consultation document for the long term District Plan. The Treaty of Waitangi. A heritage order. Read the RMA. From memory sec 168 onwards. Remember my opinion on Dianne Cringles paper for the MfE on ideas for implementing sec 8 of the RMA.             

Getting back to the heading subject.Thus I am pleasantly surprised to see the European Union in real strife politically with the Yellow Vest Brigade Marching most weekends across Europe leading up to Xmas. The reason for is excessive taxes and in particular the Carbon Tax. Now this is grt news for the world. As America continues to mine and export vast quanties of Coal and the Yellow Vest guys and girls protest across Europe the Carbon Market will in my view, heavens forbid, am I to make a dick of my self, Not survive. How is that. Lets waite and see. OMF Financial have floated a Carbon Trading company within house or are very shortly if there is not enough up take ,on the stock exchange. The objective is to buy and sell Carbon. So somebody else believes carbon is likely to go down. 

How long will it be before NZers take to the streets demanding a end to overly restrictive rules and regulations, and overly burdensome tax’s. At the moment they have their heads down and bums up working 24/6 just to keep the wolf from the door. This is tool communist Govts use to control the masses. Keep them hard out and they are to busy to take any notice of what is really going on, and I include using the media and activists such as fish and game, Pamu, forest and bird the environmental protection society, green peace and any other media savvy drop kick  to sway public opinion to toe the party line. 

Lets see just how good Air NZ travelers are at off setting their travel emissions . Not very. Only 5% opt for the voluntary scheme. A research poll (UMR) found that those that talk the loudest ,are not the best at carbon off setting.. Super travelers ,ones that travel the world, are responsible each for 3 tonnes of carbon emissions. For Air NZ this is 374 flights a year,. There is more. Read opinion by Rob Stock, Dominion Post, Dec 31 2018 pg 17. Lets hope he exists. Something some media are not good at determining before allowing air time.  

Now what is Horizons Regional Council Chair ,Bruce Gordon up to. There he is bold as brass in the Diary News 2 yrs ago saying that Horizons One Plan was a dogs breakfast. And blaming the Environment Court and Fish and Game for it. I do not no how the guy can lay straight in bed. But that is not all. Now it seems that Mr. Gordon and a couple of others have leased Dudding Lake off the Rangitiki District Council. It includes a popular camping ground and farm land which these gentlemen graze cattle. The issue is that the Regional Council has advised that the water quality is so poor that please do not swim in it. Mr. Gordon has taken issue with that notice saying the lake is secondary to the camping ground and is pee,d off because people have stopped using the facility. Surely in a year such as this with plenty of rain and cooler temp, there should not be a issue, and if there is. Why?.Mr. Gordon gets a good deal here, the lease is a $1 per year, grazing is included, no rates, the council payed for sealing the entrance drive way, and does the maintaince. Plus Mr. Gordon gets a grant. For what? Hmmm. My real concern is the water quality issue. What is Mr. Gordon really up to. Lets face it . He has no empathy for the Districts or for that matter the Regions Farmers. Is he deliberately trying to force Horizons hand by running to many cattle on limited land within the park environment thus causing a issue. Time will tell. Could it be that Chairman Gordons days are numbered?. He has enjoyed the sanctity of a supportive media in the past, but could that be about to change?

In previous posts I have used the heading ,Slipping into Anarchy. I some times now get a supposedly weekly political commentary from Dr Muriel News CPR web sight. This has become some what irregular. Last week she sends out a email requesting we (recipients) contact Spark and ask  that she  be taken off Sparks Black List, and the posts be reinstated to our email box. A brief email exchange with her ,she says that it is a form of censorship by the present Govt. Yes the one that promised to be the most open and transparent Government in NZ,s history. Yea Right. Read this weeks Rural News. Our local rag ,the Horowhenua Mail also ran a front page article Titled, Big Brother is Watching You. Jan 17th 2019, pg 2. It appears that the Ministry of Innovation and Employment awarded a contract to a security firm ZX to train its staff how to create and maintain false identities. Now this has real relevance to para 6. So when somebody appears in the media pushing a opinion how do we no if he she is for real. Surely the media must be responsible for this? how do they know?

A good example could be global warming. Been plenty in the news lately by both politicians and…. But we have generational coldest temps in the USA, and having met some British travelers out here for a wedding at the weekend, which we attended. It is the same in Britain. It appears the media is to engrossed in Brixit to comment on.

Trying to get away from global warming, but there are people getting media time for blaming over weight issues on global warming caused by farming. What next. Oh and the National Party has decided ,and this is after shafting ACT. That they need another coalition partner. TV1 News 6.00 pm 28th /01/ 2019. They are getting all cozy with a fledgling party, center green, but like minded, supposedly contesting the next election. Well the Nats have their Blue Green membership, which meets regularly ,thus it is my opinion that it will be their own membership that forms such a party. Oh my god. I wanted to speak to Shane Arden when he was the sitting member for Taranaki. Sure he said, having a meeting for the faithful at Ohura. Meet you there .So up I rock, abit early, sit down and listen and here he is encouraging the party faithful to give the Nats 2 ticks. One for the Party and 1 for him. Only way to get us over the line. Are we to see the MMP party listing requirements drop to 2% of the eligible voters? Good way of getting the Maori Party back. 

I have lots more nonsense such as this but more likely much worse tucked away. But alas to date, nobody wants to know.

Well it is our wedding anniversy in 2 days, so better go and get a card or something. My family was something I was determined not to let Horizons destroy.